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Top 100 Gifts For Men For Christmas And Birthdays In 2014

Updated on October 7, 2014
100 Gift Ideas for men ... check them all out below
100 Gift Ideas for men ... check them all out below

Gifts For Men He'll Love

The trick in finding good gifts for men is to know the person well and then give a present that he does not expect. Think about hobbies he seldom talks about or "secret" wants that his friend told you about or perhaps he has mentioned about how he liked something in passing?

The element of surprise is always a good thing. Of course, make sure it's going to be of some use to him too!

So, the first requirement -- Know your man. Once you know that, check out my suggestions of 100 gifts for men ideas below and see if there's one that fits your man's personality.

Hot Christmas Gifts For Men 2014

The bestselling most popular gifts for me this year

Since this page was up, I've noticed that the items below are the ones that people are most interested in.

So for you who are in a hurry and want to see the hot Christmas gifts for men in 2014 here they are. I hope you find one that you like to buy for the best man in your life.

Ecotones Sound And Sleep Machine

Sleepin like a baby

If you don't know about the Ecotones Sound and Sleep machine then it's about time you did. Think of this as a first-rate cream of the crop white noise machine. It's so good and so effective that the Stanford University Medical Center uses it as it greatly affects patients comfort and recovery.

What exactly does it do? Well, at home it's a machine that helps people have a good night's sleep. It gives out natural sounds that relaxes the body to a deep restorative sleep.

There are many of these machines out there, but the Ecotones sound and sleep machine is one that's very highly rated and has made many people's lives so much better.

Check it out for yourself and see what others are saying

Car Satellite Radio

Here's a very affordable snap-in car satellite radio. This is a great way to listen to SiriusXM.

Based on customer reviews, this is a good receiver for compatible cars. Easy to attach, install and operate.

Leisure Massage Reclining Chair

What man wouldn't like to own one of these massage reclining chair?

This Leisure Massage chair is heated and has 9 different massage modes -- who wouldn't appreciate this gift huh? I know my man would.

Golf At Home

So is your man the kind who likes to spend a long time in the bathroom?

With this potty putter, he will now have more than just books or a newspaper to entertain him! Now comes another toy -- a funny present and easy on the pocket too!

Intex Excursion 5 Boat Set

Bestselling Gift For Men!

This is probably not a present a lot of people would think about, but it is a pretty cool one to give especially for men who love sports. My husband got one last Christmas and the whole family had a blast the following day.

I love how unexpected this present usually is and I'm pretty sure that a lot of you readers out there feel the same way as this has always been a Christmas TOPSELLER. The one on the picture above is the all newly improved model.

Dollar Toilet Roll

And If you prefer giving something that would make someone smile, this money toilet roll will do just that.

Forget about the economic crisis, get money down the drain. And it's a pretty soft toilet paper to use!

Massage Seat Cushion

For your busy, stressed-out man, this massage cushion will come in very handy.

It gives out heat quickly and has a moving mechanism that easily relaxes the body. Can easily fit many different kinds of chairs.

This vibrating cushion relaxes the body, helps with sore muscles and relieves stress. It's portable too so can be easily used in the house, car or office.

Mr Beer Premium Kit

You know how kids get toys that recreate what scientists do in the lab? Well, this is the equivalent of that for older "boys". A beer kit for Christmas.

They'll sure have fun making their own beer at home. You might want to try it too. Hear it's supposed to turn out very good and not to mention, fun!

Kindle Fire Reader And All Around Entertainment Center

Not exactly the most original idea, but most modern men who love to read would love to own one of the Kindle readers.

Click the image above to see which Kindle best fits your man.

Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker

This often gets look during Christmas shopping because making ice cream is not exactly something you think about when chestnuts are roasting on the open fire and jackfrosts are nipping on your nose, but if you have a sweet tooth in the family, this Play and freeze Ice cream maker is going to be a big hit.

Forget about freezing bowls and waiting for ice cream to get ready in the Ice cream maker, this ball is going to make your ice cream for you. Play with it. Roll it, catch it, roll it again, let the baby play with it and voila! you get your own portable ice cream maker!

This one you gotta see to believe and everyone who's got it are raving about it. At only $20, your pocket will thank you for it too!

Gifts For the Man Who Loves Wines

Does your man love his wine and you're looking for something that's more fancy than a wine aerator (which by the way is a great Christmas gift too!)

Then check out this Thermo electric wine cooler. It's obviously more expensive than an aerator but it sure is going to come in very handy for the man who collects and drinks his wine.

Find One Find All Key Finder

He never has to lose any key again.

There are many different key finders out there but this 2-way Find One Find All Key Finder is truly unique. You find one key, you find them all. You can even put one finder in your wallet so that the keys can find the wallet too!

Bullet Flash Drive

Not sure if you can go through airport with this one, but the man in your life will find this flash drive pretty cool.

Ipod/Iphone Speaker Dock

At about $79, this Compact Ipod and Iphone speaker dock makes it easy to listen to music anywhere. This one delivers great crisp sound and can be synchronized with music from one's computer.

Remote Control Helicopter

Boys will be boys and believe you me, I have noticed that a lot of men would actually not mind receiving a toy for their Christmas present.

This Syma remote control toy helicopter is bound to keep that little boy inside every man come alive with giddy happiness as he plays with it inside your house during Christmas day.

Travel Bag For Suits

For the man who wears a suit and needs it all nicely pressed, this travel bag for suits will come in very handy. Good price too

Gorilla Pod Flexible Tripod

Now he never has to sheepishly ask another tourist to take a picture of him every time.

With this Gorilla flexible tripod, he can easily work his camera and his poses for mementos to send back home while travelling.

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

Well, this list is not complete without an Army knife, is it?

This Swiss knife has 30 stainless steel tools which includes a screwdriver, bottle opener, files, and saws. This is small enough to be carried in ones pocket. Great for the outdoors and just as useful in the house.

Red Cross Clip Ray Charger With Flashlight

A powerful led flashlight that will come in handy anytime.

And did I mention that this is a USB charger too? This is compact and very easy to carry.

Creative Live Headphones

This Creative Live Headphones are highly rated headphones with good quality build and sound quality. It's great for music and home entertainment.

This is portable and designed ergonomically.

Reviewers are particularly happy that this doesn't leak sound at all.

Gifts For Men Under $300 Dollars

gifts for men under $300 dollars
gifts for men under $300 dollars

1. Citizens Men Chronograph Watch

2. Google Nexus 7 FHD Tablet

3. Lego Creator Monster Dino

4. Pet & Allergy Automatic VAcuum

5. Hot air Balloon Flying experience

6. Brondell Automatic toilet

7. Nest Aut

8. Kindle Fire Hd

9. Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker

10. Samsung Led HDTV 720p

Gifts For Men Under $200 dollars

gifts for men under $200 dollars
gifts for men under $200 dollars

31. Delonghi Espresso & Cappuccino Machine

32. Nintendo Wii

33. XRocker Video Gaming Chair Wifi

34. Breville Juicer

35. Samsung Chromebook Wifi

36. Ipod Nano 7th Generation

37. Nike Sportswatch + GPS

38. Car Radio Receiver With Bluetooth

39. Marble Firepit

40. Sony Hi Definition Handycam

Gifts For Men Under $100 Dollars

gifts for men under $100 dollars
gifts for men under $100 dollars

41. Ginsu Steel Cutlery Set

Are you giving a present to a budding chef or one who takes up cooking as a hobby? Then this set of Japanse knives are the way to go. I know my husband will be very happy to have them. Japanese knives are considered one of the best industry. They're light weight and are great for chopping, dicing, slicing and whatever else the man in your life needs to do with that food in the kitchen. Great knives for this price range.

42. Wine Aerators

Here are two aerators for two different kinds of wine. Great for any wine enthusiast. This makes wine taste so much better and is highly rated by both enthusiasts and amateur wine drinkers alike.

43. Massage Seat Cushion

44. Vibram 5 Fingers

45. Fitbit Activity & Sleep Tracker

46. Inmotion Elliptical Trainer

47. Ugg Men'sSlippers

48. Solar Charger

49. Bushnell Waterproof Binoculars

50. Quest Bamboo Skateboard

Gifts For Men Under $50 Dollars

gifts for men under 50 dollars
gifts for men under 50 dollars

51. Presto Pizza Oven

Any man/boy from your toddler to your grandpa is going to love this pizza maker oven. Imagine that, Pizza every day in the comfort of your own home? Every man's dream dinner! :-)

52. Red Wine Aerator

Instant aeration for wines and help with enhancing the flavor of any wine. The taste of the wine becomes noticeably better when using this aerator.

53. Car Care Kit

54. Personalized Leather Flask

55. Personalized Ipad Tablet Case

56. Deer Stags Men Wherever

57. Duracell Powermat Portable Backup Battery

58. Fat Cat Holdém Dealer Poker Chip

59. Bristle Dartboard

60. Carrhart Men's Anvil Belt

Gifts For Men Under $25 Dollars

gifts for men under $25 dollars
gifts for men under $25 dollars

61. Hand warmer

62. Wool Blend trapper hat

He may not look very fashionable but he will be very warm wherever he goes this winter. This super soft bomber hat is great for the worst winter weather. The good thing is it's unisex so you can borrow it too if you want. :-)

63. Weatherman Wingman Tool

64. Bear Grylls - A survival Guide For life Book

65. Vacuum Ear, Nose and Facial trimmer

66. Multiple Wall Charging Station

67. La Paz Fabric Hammock

68. Mini Portable Speaker

69. Mozarella & Ricotta Cheese Making kit

70. Shot Flask

Gifts For Men Who Travel

Gifts for men going on a vacation

Here are some great gifts for men who love to travel or are going on a vacation of a lifetime.

Satellite Radio

  1. Spot Connect Smartphone Communicator >

    Now your man doesn't have to worry about traveling to a place without any signal. This device, connected to a Smartphone allows a person to send messages and emails even in the absence of a signal. This basically turns itself into its very own satellite device -- great for emergencies and you badly need to get in touch with someone!

  2. Highly-rated travel charger that can be used for many devices such as the Ipad, Kindle, Iphone, HTC, MP3 players and many more. This will come in handy for any traveller who is connected. About $9.99
  3. Now he never has to sheepishly ask another tourist to take a picture of him every time. With this flexible tripod, he can easily work his camera and his poses for mementos to send back home while travelling.

Gifts For Men Who Are Car Lovers

Christmas Gifts For Men Budget

Gifts For Men 2012
Gifts For Men 2012

How Much Do You Spend For A Gift?

See results

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Gifts For Men Made Of Steel

Usually when we think of gifts for men made of steel, the first thing that comes to mind are fashion accessories. I think there are a lot more interesting and cool steel-made items that can be great presents as well.

Here are some of them.

Gifts For Men Made Of Wood

Wood is traditionally the gift for the 5th wedding anniversary for couples. So for those of you celebrating your 5th, this might be of some interest to you.

Gifts For Men Made Of Cotton

For your second wedding anniversary, here are some ideas for gifts made of cotton. Clothes are always the go to item but don't you think the cotton backpack is pretty unique too?

Unique Valentines Gifts For Men

Great Valentine gift ideas perfect for the man in your life!

Valentines is just around the corner and it's about time to start thinking about the best Valentine gifts for men. During this time of the year, I think that men are a lot easier to please than women -- don't you think so?

However, just because it's easy to please men during Valentine's Day doesn't mean we should not give gift giving a good thought. Right? The romantic in each of us would always want to find a unique gift that shows just how special our man is.

Here are some great Valentines gift ideas to check out!

What do you think of this list? Is there something you want to add? Please comment below


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