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1000 Fine Events ideal for managing non-profit Fundraising Events

Updated on November 16, 2011

Beautiful decor for Non-profit fundraising events

Great ideas for Non-profit Fundraising Events by 1000 Fine Events
Great ideas for Non-profit Fundraising Events by 1000 Fine Events | Source

Non-profit fundraising events should benefit a special cause

Non-profit fundraising events are arranged to benefit a special cause. It requires professional help to ensure that the event is profitable for the non-profit and at the same time is a memorable event for participants. Many times this task is left over to a committee who have never planned or managed an event before.

Bring in professional help

It often is a perception in people's mind that bringing in a professional event management company will end up costing far more than if one organized the event oneself. Bring on the committee of an assortment of people who have never before attempted to plan and produce a special event and a disaster could be imminent.

Yet if one were to brief a company such as 1000 Fine Events, based in Fremont in California's Bay Area, it is without doubt that the cost will in fact be lower than one could arrange for oneself.

The reason for this cost saving is the fact that events organizers such as 1000 Fine Events actually know what they are doing. They know how to source cost-effective solutions to put together an event that is memorable without taking too much of the funds that are being collected for the good cause.

Event decor by 1000 Fine Events


Decorations can make an event sparkle


Fundraising events need to be managed well

Non-profit fundraising events could be Fashion Shows, Gala Dinners, Celebrity Auctions, Film or Theater Premiers or Dinners to mention but a few. In each instance the cost of holding the event could substantially eat into profits generated if one is not careful.

It requires experience to select the correct venue, add an exciting decorating concept and various technical aspects such as lighting and audio visual systems, stages or raised platforms and it is easy to see that a budget could be overspent very quickly.

It is therefore important to bring in the right professionals to plan, manage and arrange an event to minimize expense and maximize the amount of money that is raised to fund the special cause the event is supposed to support.

Clever use of linen, chargers, sashes and drapes, center pieces, canopies and lighting can transform a venue without incurring an exorbitant cost. But it does require expert assistance to make this happen. Companies such as 1000 Fine Events, based in Fremont California, can help. They have staged many events themselves for their favorite charity Friends of Hue Foundation which they have supported since its inception.

Event managed by 1000 Fine Events



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