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11th to 15th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Updated on September 17, 2013

Choosing her anniversary gift

Most husbands have probably become veterans in the gift-giving department by the time they get to their 10th wedding anniversary. But, are you men romantic enough? Have these last 10-plus anniversaries left you a little jaded? Creatively, are you a blank, a spent force? Do you even have a clue where to start with choosing her next anniversary present? Are you, for example, clued in to the specific gifts associated with each year, down to the gemstone and flower?

My previous two lenses covered all aspects of gift-giving from the 1st to the 10th anniversaries. This lens covers wedding anniversaries from the 11th to the 15th years.

Happy 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th or 15th anniversary year present shopping!

11th anniversary turquoise necklace
11th anniversary turquoise necklace

11th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

If you thought that after the fireworks of the tenth anniversary celebration, the 11th will be a bit of an anticlimax, think again. Each anniversary promises its own charm, and is always a reason to pop the bubbly. Look at it this way. It is the beginning of a fresh new decade, the first step towards the second major milestone!

So go ahead and surprise her with a romantic 11th anniversary gift and celebration - particularly when she has secretly resigned herself to a fairly quiet day!

This list here should be helpful:

Traditional Gift


Modern/ Contemporary Gift

Fashion Jewellery


Morning Glory


Turquoise and Hematite

Gift Ideas

Are you guilty of backtracking? Did you promise her the moon and the stars while you were dating her, but quickly reverted to being a boor once the 'I dos' were exchanged? Never mind, it is never too late to learn and mend one's ways! Just for your information, every wife - irrespective of her age (or that of her marriage) expects romance from her husband - it's as vital to her as breathing! Sweetly sentimental gestures mean far more to her than an expensive dress or bauble.

So, put on your romantic cap and floor her on your 11th wedding anniversary.

Some gift ideas for the 11th year include:

1. Attractive, durable and versatile steel is the appropriate traditional gift theme for this year. Why not glam up her morning cuppa in a smart steel cup that also has a personal message from you engraved on it? Or add panache to the dining table with some gleaming steel cutlery.

2. The modern gift for this year is fashion jewellery. But, be sure to keep her tastes in mind before you pick up some stunning necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings.

3. Turquoise and hematite jewellery would make excellent gifts because these are also the two gemstones for the 11th year.

4. Place a bunch of lovely Morning Glory flowers in a steel vase

5. Do you want to give her roses that will never wilt? Then, go for innovative steel roses - preferably eleven in number.

Incredible New Steel Anniversary Gift!

Children on Photo Memo Board
Children on Photo Memo Board

Did you read that the 11th anniversary year is steel and groan? You can't possibly buy her steel knives or steel saucepans (unless you want to end-up wearing one around your head!), so you're probably wondering what on earth you can buy that's steel and a suitable anniversary gift? Well, hey presto! Check out these dramatic magnetic memo boards made of, you guessed it, mild steel! Suddenly that traditional 11 year gift is looking like a breeze!

silk scarf for 12th anniversary gift
silk scarf for 12th anniversary gift

12th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Twelfth or the twentieth, each anniversary is an ode to the years of your commitment to one another. Celebrate your love, your togetherness and your shared experiences on your 12th wedding anniversary.

The 12th year anniversary gift is the perfect opportunity to tell your wife that no matter how many grey hairs she accumulates or pounds she puts on, she is still the princess who captured your heart!

Possible gift themes for the 12th anniversary year:

Traditional Gift

Silk and Linen

Modern/ Contemporary Gift

Colour Gems and Pearls





Gift Ideas

Make her 12th year a spectacular one! Shower her with gifts that reveal your soft and romantic side. After so many years of marriage, let her feel that she is still discovering your many facets.

Some gift ideas for the 12th year include:

1. Plan a red-hot evening as you give her some sensuous silk bed sheets, silk lingerie and silk bathrobes. She'll feel like the temptress of Nile!

2. High-quality linen bed sheets or even some erotic linen lingerie

3. Pearls, the modern gift theme, in the form of single or double strand pearl necklaces, stud or drop earrings are always an elegant fashion

accessory. Go for the real ones or cultured pearls which are equally gorgeous.

4. An exquisite jewellery box inlaid with mother-of-pearl with pearl jewellery or rings and necklaces set in agate gemstone inside it

5. Roses are such an inseparable part of any anniversary. Why not combine roses and peonies into a stunning bedside bouquet?

6. A potted peony plant with a pearl necklace wound around it

Alpaca for 13 year wedding anniversary
Alpaca for 13 year wedding anniversary

13th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Lay all the superstitions and dread associated with the number thirteen to rest, once and for all, with an anniversary celebration like no other. By the thirteenth year, a certain comfort level has been established, pinpricks thrashed out and creases ironed out. Kids are probably on the scene, making anniversary time also a family celebration time. But, make her feel like a woman first and foremost and this is how you set about doing it...

These are the possible gift themes for the 13th anniversary year:

Traditional Gift


Modern/ Contemporary Gift

Textiles and Furs




Moonstone, Malachite and Citrine

Gift Ideas

Treat each anniversary like it's your first, and you will never be guilty of letting the spark die or the romance lose its fizz. Soft and sensuous lace teams up with practical textiles this year, allowing you a wide range of gift possibilities. Happy anniversary shopping!

Some gift ideas for the 13th year include:

1. Take your pick from delicate lace tablecloths or curtains to naughty lace lingerie

2. Textiles and furs need not sound boring. They can translate into faux fur jackets and wraps or a delightful Persian rug to throw in front of a roaring fire

3. Hollyhock-themed curtains or tablecloths, or just a bunch of 13 hollyhocks filling a tall jar

4. Anything from curtains, tablecloths to dresses with hollyhock flower motifs

5. Jewellery set with the year's three gemstones - moonstone, malachite and citrine

14th Wedding Anniversary

Isn't this an exciting anniversary? You are one year short of yet another milestone anniversary! Fourteen years have just whizzed past, although it feels like just yesterday.

She is going to love this anniversary - the theme of jewellery runs strongly through it! Makes it easy for you as well to choose the perfect gift.

Team it with the appropriate gemstone and you have a winner on your hands.

Here's a handy list of what gift themes make up the 15th year:

Traditional Gift


Modern/ Contemporary Gift

Gold Jewellery




Moss Agate and Jewellery

Gift Ideas

Let jewellery do all the talking when it comes to choosing an ideal gift for your wife on her 14th wedding anniversary! Did you know? Since ancient times, the gemstone for the 14th year - moss agate - has been hailed as the most powerful of the agates? In crystal therapy, moss agate has been considered as the stone of abundance, filled with wealth-attracting properties. Since ivory is banned, you can opt for its lookalike, especially if she is an animal rights enthusiast (you don't want to offend her on this day of all days!)

Some gift ideas for the 14th anniversary year include:

1. Ivory-coloured bed sheets, tablecloths or dinner mats.

2. Gold symbolises permanence since this precious metal does not rust or corrode. Choose gold jewellery or gold-coloured accessories and artefacts such as vases, candle stands or even lamp shades.

3. A pot of dahlia or a gardening kit with dahlia seeds for the gardening enthusiast.

4. Moss agate-based necklaces, bracelets, ring or earrings

5. If money is no stumbling block, then surprise her with an African safari to see the elephants (ivory-related)!

6. A gold anniversary band

Crystal necklace for her 15th anniversary gift!
Crystal necklace for her 15th anniversary gift!

15th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Wow! Fifteen years of togetherness! No mean achievement by any standards, given the times that we are living in. The 15th anniversary year gift deserves all the fireworks and splurging because it is a big year for both of you.

Celebrate this milestone with your wife with a range of thoughtfully chosen gifts just for her!

Here's what you need to keep in mind to ensure a truly rocking 15-year celebrations.

Traditional Gift


Modern/ Contemporary Gift






Gift Ideas

A 15th wedding anniversary has to be more special than other years, although all anniversaries are special in their own way. Choose from the list of traditional and contemporary gift themes - each eloquently symbolic of the 15th milestone year. So, let your gifts reflect the enduring magic of your marriage - as lovely as crystal, as fragrant and romantic as a rose and as reliable as a watch!

Some gift ideas for the 15th anniversary year include:

1. If she is into collecting crystals, give her a set of exquisite crystals - bowls, vases, candle-holders or even photo frames. Make sure the photo frame is not empty but has a photograph of the two of you at a sentimental moment. A tin of gourmet chocolates or a 'tin cup' necklace made of black onyx

2. A designer watch or an exclusive wall clock that does more than just show the time

3. A gold or platinum anniversary ring, studded with rubies, the gemstone for the 15th year

4. Fifteen long-stemmed red roses in a crystal vase

5. Or, a crystal red rose that she can display on the lovely rosewood desk you made for her on your 5th wedding anniversary

I hope you enjoyed my lens about gifts for anniversary years 11-15. Please do tell me what you think and whether you have any ideas for improvement...

Your anniversary ideas and feedback - What do you think of the lens? What are your ideas for anniversary gifts?

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