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12 days of Christmas - Ideas

Updated on December 23, 2013

‘12 days of Christmas’ is a very well-known Christmas carol as well as a popular Christmas tradition that involves 12 days of festivities which commence on the 25th of December and last till the 5th of January. The 12 days of celebration are full of merriment and joys along with charity work, exchanging of gifts and socializing. The 13th day marks the end of the festivities with a big feast known as the Feast of Epiphany.

It is not known whether the carol or the tradition came first. However, it has become one of the most important and joyous aspects of Christmas celebrations. Different ideas for celebrating “12 days of Christmas” are discussed below.

The First day

The carol starts with:

“On the first day of Christmas,

My true love sent to me

A partridge in a pear tree.”

You can buy or make Christmas decorations that involves a partridge, preferably perched on a pear tree. You can prepare a gourmet partridge dish and delight your guests. You may also gift partridge quails, partridge soft toys, a pear gift basket, pear scented perfumes, etc.

The Second day

“On the second day of Christmas,

My true love sent to me

Two turtle doves.”

People may gift a pair of turtle doves on the second day. These Christmas ornaments are not easy to make but you buy glass or ceramic Christmas tree decorations shaped like turtle doves. If you have the budget, then you can gift a Swarovski turtledove.

The Third day

“On the third day of Christmas,

My true love sent to me

Three French hens.”

You can gift a set of 3 French hens. They can be made from paper or straw. You may also mold beaded or glass Christmas decorations as French hens. Chicken is the main dish for the day. You may also let some French hens run loose in your yard.

The Fourth day

“On the fourth day of Christmas,

My true love sent to me

Four calling birds.”

Calling birds are very pretty and you can buy them from a pet store. If you do not want live birds in the house or yard, then you may get photos of calling birds and hang them around the house and on the Christmas tree. You may also gift photos which make chirping sounds when touched.

The Fifth day

“On the fifth day of Christmas,

My true love sent to me

Five golden rings.”

Gifting real gold rings can be expensive. Instead you can gift sets of ornamental rings. You may also hang them as a set on the Christmas tree and around the house. You may buy five large golden rings, mold them onto a wreath and hang it on the door or windows.

The Sixth day

“On the sixth day of Christmas,

My true love sent to me

Six geese a-laying.”

Just like the French hens, you can get live geese and let them loose on your yard. You can opt for geese eggs for breakfast, or prepare other geese dishes. As for gifts, you have a large variety of options. You can gift a set of six geese made from smooth soft porcelain or crystal. You may also buy small geese ornaments and hang them on the Christmas tree.

The Seventh day

“On the seventh day of Christmas,

My true love sent to me

Seven swans a-swimming”

The love for birds continue on the seventh day. People who have a pool can get live swans and let them play around in the pool. You may also buy a large inflatable swan pool. Swans made of crystal or porcelain make excellent gifts. Moving swan figurines are also great, though they are hard to find.

The Eight day

“On the eighth day of Christmas,

My true love sent to me

Eight maids a-milking.”

You can make milkmaid dolls and decorate the Christmas tree. You may also buy antique milkmaid dolls and adorn the fireplace. Milk and milk products are the order of the day. You may gift a box of milk chocolates. Kids absolutely love this day.

The Ninth day

“On the ninth day of Christmas,

My true love sent to me

Nine ladies dancing.”

You can decorate the Christmas tree with figurines of nine dancing ladies. You may gift dancing video games, music DVDs, iPods, ballet slippers and more. It is the time to get creative.

The Tenth day

“On the tenth day of Christmas,

My true love sent to me

Ten lords a-leaping.”

Just like the dancing ladies, you can get figurines of lords and adorn the Christmas tree. You may also make them using fabrics, card paper, etc. The Lord of the Rings movie DVDs and books make excellent gifts.

The Eleventh day

“On the eleventh day of Christmas,

My true love sent to me

Eleven pipers piping.”

All of you can dress up as pipers. The house can be decorated in red black and white squares. You may hang tiny piper replicas on the Christmas tree.

The Twelfth day

“On the twelfth day of Christmas,

My true love sent to me

Twelve drummers drumming.”

Get drums and start marching. Have a great time and Merry Christmas.


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