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12 little luxuries you'll love

Updated on February 8, 2012

Easy, luxurious things you can do for yourself or someone else

In my forty-some-odd years, lol, I have learned to slow down a bit (or maybe I was slowed down), anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that I've learned to enjoy some of the little things in life.

Perhaps more importantly, I have learned to actually incorporate these things into a busy schedule that includes working full time as a nurse, operating an on line boutique, writing this and two other blogs, not to mention six children between my sweetheart, Daniel and I! Believe me, I have thoroughly enjoyed every single thing on this list. Am I an escapist? Nahhhh, these things are just for mental maintenance, a tune-up, if you will!

Valentine's Day is coming up and that is what got me thinking about my twelve favorite things that just make me feel pampered. Maybe the ladies that read this will get some ideas for themselves, maybe the men will get some ideas for their ladies. So here we go, Harper's twelve little luxuries:

1. French press coffee. If you've never tried it, do yourself a favor and hunt down a french press at a good discount store or order one online. The french press allows more oil from the coffee bean into your cup, magnifying the flavor that would otherwise be soaked up by a paper filter.

2. My oil bath spa. I wrote a hub on this. Exfoliate in the shower, run a nice warm bath with 1/8 cup of J & J cocoa shea butter baby oil, soak for 15 minutes. Your skin will stay soft for hours.

3. Breakfast outdoors. Even if you don't have a deck, etc. bring a blanket and make a breakfast picnic.

4. A pair of bright color shoes worn with cuffed/rolled up jeans.

5. A glass of red wine with a slice of chocolate cake, oh yeah.

6. Good smelling sheets. A great fabric softener and/or a nice linen spray. There's nothing like it at the end of the day. If you like to sleep in the buff, a fine dusting of powder on your sheets makes them feel like silk.

7. Flavored water, lemon or cucumber is my favorite. Try the real lemon packets, I love those! Then add slices of lemon.

8. An organized closet. I have to say, I feel a little like a princess when my things are well kept and easy to find. My best tips here are to invest in shoe organizers and to hang like items together.

9. Skinny hot chocolate. Whether you make it yourself with the sugar free packets or buy it at Starbucks, it's awesome hot or cold. I love a frozen, skinny hot chocolate that I make in the blender myself.

10. Bronzing cream or shimmer powder. I love that glow and I wear it all over, all year long. It helps me ward off the winter blues for sure.

11. Frozen yogurt berries. Take fresh, whole strawberries that you have already frozen in the freezer, dip them a couple of times in your favorite yogurt, place on wax paper on a cookie sheet and refreeze. Delicious.

12. Acrylic painting on canvas. I love this because I can be as abstract as I want to be and it looks great. The paints are extremely reasonable. I love to use and embossing using rubber stamps. I paint a base color on my canvas, let it dry, then layer another color over it and stamp the canvas while the second color is wet. You can see the first color peeking through an it's very cool. I like to seal my canvas with different kinds of glaze such pearlizing or crackling glaze

Here's how twilight actress, Ashley Greene does luxury

Find great little luxuries here or start your own little luxury's how

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