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12 Poems For Kids About Christmas

Updated on November 30, 2010


Christmas is one of the most favorite times of the year for our children. Attending parades, plays, dinners, Christmas programs and activities is so much fun and keeps us all in a festive holiday mood.

It is so nice to reminisce about past Christmas memories and fun to make new fond memories in this present year. If your looking for some enjoyable poems for kids for Christmas to read or recite at home or any Christmas event here are some great selections I'm sure will delight you at 12 poems for kids about Christmas:


Sing a song of mincemeat,

Currants, raisins, spice,

Apples, sugar, nutmeg,

Everything that's nice.

Stir in with a ladle,

Wish a lovely wish,

Drop it in the middle

Of your well-filled dish.

Stir again for good luck,

Pack it all away,

Tied in little jars and pots,

Until Christmas Day.

Elizabeth Gould



Cookies baking in the kitchen-

The smell floats through the air;

Mom is making Christmas

with her usual flair


The house she gaily decorated,

Each gift she stitched with love,

And we'll gather around the Christmas tree

for an evening of old fashioned fun

This evening she'll sing a carol for us

With her angel's voice.

Yes, Mom is making Christmas

Atrue season to rejoice.

Vicky A. Luong

Candle Glow

The candles give a gentle glow,

The room is nice and warm;

Outside there is a world of snow,

A muttering of storm.

An icicle hangs on the gate,

And frozen is the brook...

I'll stay up until half-past-eight

And read my favorite book!

Ivy O. Eastwick

SnowMan Recipie

Roll up a snowball,

Keep rolling don't you stop,

Keep rolling till the ball's

like a big round head

as big as yours and your Pop's.

Now roll up another,

as big and fat as you can,

this is for the stomach of your

big fat, fat snowman.

Put them both together

on top of a small snow mound,

Add two rocks for eyes

One nose of twig

One pipe for mouth


Top with a hat or a wig.


D. Alsup



Now not a window small or big

But wears a wreath of holly sprig;

Nor any shop too poor to show

It's spray of pine or mistletoe.

Now city airs are spicey-sweet

With Christmas trees along each street,

Green spruce and fir whose boughs will hold

Their tinselled balls and fruits of gold.

Now postmen pass in threes and fours

Like bent, blue-coated Santa Claus,

Now people hurray to and fro

With little girls and boys in tow,

And not a child but keeps some trace

Of Christmas secrets in his face.

                             Rachel Field



The Best Time Of All

Little fairy snow flakes

Dancing in the flue;

Old Mr. Santa Claus,

What is keeping you?

Twilight and firelight

Shadows come and go;

Merry chime of sleigh-bells

Twinkling through the snow.

Mother's knitting stockings,

Kitty's got the ball.

Don't you think that Christmas

Is pleasantest of all?

Author Unknown

Our Christmas Tree

Trees with bulbs so bright,

they twinkle in the light,

Candy canes and popcorn strings,

for us to sneak and eat at night,

Silver icicles hanging, glistening,

gently swaying with each breeze,

As we enter from the snowy cold

shivering to get warm

trying to hold back a sneeze,

Presents below,

so many in all sizes,

A gold star atop,

truly the best

of all presents and prizes.

D. Alsup



How will you your Christmas keep?

Feasting, fasting, or asleep?

Will you laugh or will you pray,

Or will you forget the day?


Be it kept with joy or prayer,

Keep of either some to spare;

Whatsoever brings the day,

Do not keep but give away.

                        Eleanor Farjeon

Our Old Fashioned Christmas

"I like an old fashioned Christmas",

I hear people say,

So let's make our Christmas

like an old memoried day,

Let's sing some old carols,

bake cookies and pies,

Let's run up the stairs

and hang mistletoe high,

Hang decorations

from end to end,

Invite all old cousins,

family and friends.

So when years come to past,

and old Christmas memories we seek,

Everyone will remember,

Christmas at our house,

that week.

D. Alsup

Red Poinsettias

Grandma loves poinsettias

during Christmastime,

when I am a Grandma

I'll have bright red poinsettias

of mine,

I'll place them in the windows

and on tables here and there,

I'll place them like Grandma,

going up the stairs,

I'll put them on the table

by the telephone,

I'll even leave the faded cards

and notes of love

sitting by a red poinsettia

of it's own.

D. Alsup

A Note for Santa Claus

How can a fuzzy, wiggly pup

Hang in my little sock,

With balls and trucks and aeroplanes,

And telephones that talk?

I've left a note for Santa that said,

"Please fill my sock to the brim;

Put my puppy in my warm bed...

I'll be waiting for him"

Mary E. Pool

Somehow, not only for Christmas

But all the long year through.

The joy that you give to others

Is the joy that comes back to you.

John Greenleaf Whittier


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    • BIGCSSHOP profile image

      BIGCSSHOP 6 years ago

      Sheila Beers, Thanks so much for stopping by. I enjoy reaching back in history and sharing some of the old favorites of poetry as well as introducing new poems to others. I'm so glad our hub was able to help you in your quest. Please come back again.

    • profile image

      Sheila Beers 7 years ago

      I have been looking for a copy of "For Christmas" by Rachel Field for a long time, and even the collections of her poems did not include it. I am glad you have found it and shared it with the public. I first had it in an elementary school literature anthology 50-plus years ago, and I recall the illustration that accompanied the poem was the scene of a storybook downtown district decorated for Christmas, just as the poem describes. Thank you again.