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13 Scarey Horror Avatars

Updated on May 11, 2011


In the Halloween spirit many Hubpages members have taken to editing their avatars, some such as I and FrogDropping have simply edited our usual avatar, while others have opted for a completely new one. Since I enjoyed this sense of festivity amongst the community I decided I would promote it further by writing my 13o article and I was not quite a member this time last year so didn't get to participate until now. I do however remember a few Christmas avatars but not as creative as this but we'll wait until Xmas 2010 now I have almost a year behind me.

I included frogdroppings avatar first because it was the one that stood out most to me. Her usual 'crazy' frog lunging is striking enough alone, but I really liked the way the dark background and iconic 'bat' and 'dangling spider' captured the season we are in. My profile picture always has a dark tint to it but the addition of the subtle 'the thing' from the Adams Family I thought gave it a stylish and fun spooky feel as though I am being crept upon.

IntimateEvolution & Mega1

No this is not a scene from Macbeth, just the wicked witches of Hubsville, keep your children indoors this Halloween since these two will surely be luring children to their gingerbread hubs and casting spells on anyone seen in the forums after midnight.

I thought Intimates avatar was particularly individual because it 'oozes' sex appeal and her profile is normally a flirtatious one as we all know, so well done on keeping your theme.

MightyMom & PrettyDarkHorse

Here we have two different styles of witch, these are more playful and probably more representative of their profile owners. The cartoon one gave first impressions to me of the cartoon style of the Jetsons and I don't know of this character but thanks to Mighty Mom for showing her unique Halloween mask.

She usually has a pretty self taken photo but for Halloween she has decided to show us a little of that Dark side. PrettyDarkHorse has opted for the eloquent Wiccan style character which is well suited to her mysterious side and I love the black cat hiding in the background.

Irohner & TamCor

These Pumpkin heads will be lighting up the forums on Halloween 2010 eve, but don't be fooled since all types of 'trolls' and 'marketing wizards' could be hiding in the darkest corners waiting to elude the Hubpages Halloween party hosts.

I particularly liked Irohner's Pumpkin photo because of the bold facial expressions and deep colours. TamCor should also get kudos for exhibiting her own family photos.

Xobliam & Mythbuster

Since I was unable to find more avatars uploaded particularly for this reason I decided to include some other Hubpages avatars as Halloween ideas.

Xobliam is fairly new to Hubpages but I thought this picture was particularly spooky, as was Mythbusters which I thought could be representative of Frankenstein's monster.

If you have uploaded a profile picture in the spirit of Halloween but I have missed you out, pleased don't feel neglected because I just didn't have time to search for everyone.

TheDarkendOne, Joe Badtoe & Sofs

What can I say about The Darkend One? his avatar is perfect for Halloween horror giving mental images of the shadowy knight who is feared amongst lowly hubpages newbies.

Joe is bad to the bone and his picture stood out straight away as a contender for Halloween spirit, I loved the simple stringy cartoon face and colours.

Finally another favourite of mine was Sofs, however I was unsure to what the image actually represented. It is definitely of mystic sorts and could be including an abstract bat shape in the distance.


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