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13 Things To Do On Halloween!

Updated on August 28, 2013

What To Do For Halloween This Year

Ah Halloween! My favorite holiday, forget Christmas lol. I love the ghosts and ghouls, witches and goblins! I love seeing the costumes and decorations. Even better, I love decorating my house on Halloween. It's always fun carving pumpkins, and putting up the fake spider webs and spiders.

But if you're tired of your old routine, and you want to try something new this year there are plenty of things to do. Whether you want to go out this year or stay at home, there are fun things to do either way. Here are some suggestions, you may find some you didn't think of:

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13 Things To Do This Halloween

1. Try going on a little cruise through your town and look at the Halloween decorations.

2. How about carving a pumpkin. There are templates and pumpkin carving kits to help you carve a great jack-o-lantern.

3. Maybe take your kids to a Halloween party.

4. Go trick or treating with your kids. Go with your kids and dress up with them if you're concerned for their safety.

5. You can also do an online search to see if your town has a Halloween Parade.

6. If you want to go on a ghost tour you can check online to see if your area has any. And if you live near a large city you have a better chance to find such a thing. Most cities and even towns have real haunted houses, and if they're interesting enough people usually host ghost tours! All you have to do is do an online search about your town and see if there are any ghost tours. This is very popular and there are many cities and towns that have haunted locations.

7. To spook yourself or your friends, visit a cemetery if you're brave, but do not vandalize any of the graves there!

8. Throw your own Halloween Party, or go to someone else's. Get out and join the fun activities whether you have kids or not.

9. Wear a costume.

10. Go to a "Haunted House". The kind that people set up to scare people. These days the haunted houses are pretty scary, so they often set an age limit so young children won't be traumatized. You can do an online search to find one in your area as well.

11. Scare people. Jump out of the bushes in your costume and scare people walking by!

12. Tell scary ghost stories to your kids.

13. Watch scary movies. Scary movies are always fun to watch with your friends or just by yourself!

What Do You Plan On Doing This Halloween?

Are you going out or staying in?

My First Ghost Tour

I usually stay in for Halloween, but I've grown tired of staying home and waiting for the trick-or-treaters that never show up. I'm tired of eating the candy myself that were meant for the kids. Maybe I live in the wrong area, or the kids these days don't trick-or-treat at all. It's sad, because I had so much fun trick-or-treating when I was a kid.

This year I want to get out of the house and do something I've never done before! I've always wanted to go on a ghost tour. I've heard about them and they sound like fun. I have even found some nearby that I can go on.

I just moved to Louisiana and all my life I've heard that the south has plenty of haunted places. So I thought that there must be some kind of ghost tours in my town. I looked it up, and I actually found some! This year I'm going on on one, or maybe more.

Now to figure out which one I want to go on. There are three so far that I've found and they all sound good. What do you think about these?

The Haunted Logan Mansion: And hour long tour in this beautiful, and supposedly haunted mansion. People say they see a girl and other people can be seen in the windows when it is vacant. Disembodied footsteps are heard, things go mysteriously missing and moved around, doors open and close by themselves, and many more strange stuff goes on there that will be shared on the tour.

Shreve Town Ghost Walk: This is 110 minute walk through all the buildings that are said to be haunted. This is a guided tour and they will be telling many ghost stories!

Oakland Cemetery: This is a 90 minute tour through an old cemetery that was established in 1847. Many say it's haunted, and there have been strange things caught on film.

Haunted Tour

Which tour should I go on?

See results

Silly Symphony - The Skeleton Dance - Enjoy this cute cartoon!

Growing up in the 80's I would watch this funny cartoon on T.V. every Halloween. I don't see it aired anymore so I thought I'd share it. I loved it, share with your kids they might love it too.

What do you think? I'm open to suggestions...


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    • profile image

      RuralFloridaLiving 4 years ago

      How fun! Always looking for ideas. Thanks for sharing!

    • aidenw profile image

      aidenw 4 years ago from USA

      Halloween is also my favorite holiday. My wife and I always do #1: cruise through different neighborhoods and look at Halloween decorations. It's our favorite pastime in October. I also like watching scary movies and going on ghost tours.

    • ghoststorylover profile image

      ghoststorylover 4 years ago

      @SamanthaHaupt: Thank you!

    • profile image

      SamanthaHaupt 4 years ago

      Great lens!

    • ghoststorylover profile image

      ghoststorylover 4 years ago

      @Boomer6 LM: Thank you so much, I've made it so much better. Yes I can't wait to go on them. I'm tempted to go before Halloween lol.

    • Boomer6 LM profile image

      Boomer6 LM 4 years ago

      Awesome Lens!!!! Going on a ghost tour would be pretty cool!

    • ghoststorylover profile image

      ghoststorylover 4 years ago

      @cdhops: Yes Halloween is awesome! I look forward to it every year. If there's one thing I do every year it's carving a jack-o-lantern. I just love the smell of the pumpkin while I'm carving it, and seeing the end result. ;)

    • cdhops profile image

      cdhops 4 years ago

      I love Halloween as well and I love going around the neighborhood to look at all the decorations.

    • ghoststorylover profile image

      ghoststorylover 4 years ago

      @Erin Mellor: Yes, I can't wait to see them this year!

    • Erin Mellor profile image

      Erin Mellor 4 years ago from Europe

      I love taking a cruise around the neighborhood to look at the decorations, some people really go to town.