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15 Must Do Things Before Getting Married

Updated on July 30, 2013
The Big I Do
The Big I Do

Marriage : The Big Commitment

Marriage is momentous event and has its own positives. However, when you tie a knot with someone, it also results in you having to compromise on certain things as then you have to consider the whims and fancies of your other half. Sometimes, during this process we tend to corner our likes, totally rejecting them even though we dearly want to pursue them.

Nonetheless, this does not mean that you have to quench all your desires. The best way is to accomplish all that before your marriage! Here is the list of 15 things which you should definitely tick off before saying the big ‘I do’:

1. Why Am I Getting Married now?

Sounds strange, nonetheless, ask yourself this question before you tick off the rest of the things in the list. Why are you getting married? Is it because all of your friends have married? Is it because you want to pool up your finances with your beloved? Get the most obvious reason for your marriage and then tread forward. Very often, people marry in hurry without even focussing on their needs and priorities. And, as expected most of these marriages end up in divorce. To save yourself this trouble, mark out the real reason behind your decision and weigh it carefully.

Solo Sojourn
Solo Sojourn

2. Go Travelling Alone

This remains one of the most desired adventures which everyone wants to plunge into. Go on a break on your own. If you do not find this comfortable, then go on a group travel to an adventurous place. You should be the one who plans the visit and other resources like accommodation and sightseeing. Experience the sense of undiluted freedom and relish your bachelorhood. Indulge into exciting activities like bungee-jumping, rafting and other adrenaline-fuelled drives. Savour your loneliness and your life that is free of commitment and confinement. Rest assured, you will never forget this ‘single travel’ fling.

If you feel slightly overwhelmed by the whole planning thing, that too alone, you can check website that offer exclusive travel tours for singles both for men and women.

3. Accomplish a Feat just for you

Life is full of obstacles and fears, however, confronting them alone and overpowering them gives an unparalleled joy. It can be anything like learning a complicated skill, mastering your genre of work, gifting yourself a lavish item that too with your own earnings and so on. Accomplishing something alone infuses a positive energy and fills you with supreme confidence.

Zooming Away
Zooming Away

4. Buy yourself an Expensive Car

Buying yourself an expensive car is something which we all want to do at some point or another. The freedom of selecting your favourite car is something that is totally indescribable. Just imagine that you have saved bucks from a long time and finally the day has arrived when you are at the showroom, laying your hands on the keys of your much desired car and that too with no one nagging you all the way! Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it?

Stamp Collection
Stamp Collection

5. Get a Hobby

Singlehood is the best time to culture a hobby and nurture it as it becomes difficult to sustain your hobbies after marriage. Take out time for something that always allured you, be it stamp collecting or painting or reading. Invest time in it and develop it. Hobby time is usually ‘me’ time, i.e. you go into your zone while you are doing something that interests you. Therefore, it can also lead to you becoming more aware of your potential.

6. Just Live out Loud

Live by yourself for few days and do all those things which were always in your mind but never materialised into reality. Wear the best clothes and watch your favourite movies as and when you feel the need. Sing out loud and sleep with you sprawling all over the bed (you cannot do this after you tie the knot!). Indulge your taste buds into the best meal experience and live like royalty! Admire your own company and love it to the fullest.

Relax and Rejuvenate
Relax and Rejuvenate

7. Pamper Yourself

Well, you would not find enough time to pamper yourself with goodies after you get hitched. Hit the best spa in the town and gift yourself the most luxurious treatment. In addition to this, hit the gym and sweat it out to get your desired body shape. This will boost your confidence like nothing else. Shop for the best brands for yourself and adorn the best accessories while out in the town. If possible, hire an exquisite hotel suite and immerse your senses into the world of royalty and magnificence.

Questions to Ask Before you Tie the Knot

8. Have your ‘Friends’ Time in Vegas

The thing which most of us miss the most after getting married is the ‘friends’ time, that rollicking time when everything seemed topsy-turvy and life was full of silly mistakes. Go out on a rowdy road trip with your friends with music blaring out loud off your car. Recreate the magic of ‘Hangover’ and go out on a bachelor trip to exotic Vegas. Las Vegas is the ultimate party hub of the world. Explore the varied alluring lanes of this sin city and treat you and your friends with the ‘best’ bachelor outing.

Being the Best Man
Being the Best Man

9. Be the Best Man or Maid of Honour

It is the ultimate honour for an unmarried person, to be the flag bearer for your friend and being the in-charge of blaring out speeches! Being the best man or maid of honour means that your friend trusts you immensely. Therefore, it is of prime importance that you carry out your duty with full commitment. Do not forget to bring the rings and rehearsing the speeches, it is an amazing experience altogether.

10. Settle Yourself

Getting yourself settled is not confined to securing financial agility. It is more than that. It is of utmost importance that you erase out the wrinkles settled on your professional career. Make sure that you have achieved stability not just financially but in terms of skills and efficiency as well. Get your thinking caps on and grab an enviable professional growth before you marry.

Friends Forever
Friends Forever

11. Establish a Strong Circle of Friends

It is vital that you have amazing friends standing by you all along the way. For that, you need to form reliable relationships before you marry. Thank each of your friends for his/her support and gift them something unique, which they will love. If possible, arrange a ‘friends’ only movie fling and afterwards head to the best restaurants in the city and order the ‘group’ favourite. This will ensure that your relationship with your dear mates remains potent forever.

Revving up the Fun
Revving up the Fun

12. Go Snowboarding or Hiking

If you are an adventure freak, then you should definitely try this out before getting hitched. Plunge into the snowy slopes of Alps and experience the adrenaline rush to its extreme. In addition to being a thrilling prospect, it is a good work out too. If you are not so adventurous as to go for snowboarding, then skiing can be an option for you.

Another activity which you should definitely try before getting married is hiking with your friends. Choose an exotic location and throw up this challenge to you. Apart from being a healthy workout, hiking with friends will also rejuvenate the bonds of your friendship with your friends.

13. Decide on your Life Goals and Chart them down

List down all your life goals and the approximate time which you would take to achieve them. Planning after marriage goes haywire as you have to divide your time between your priorities and your spouse’s. Planning life goals does not mean that you are charting down the goals till you reach 50. Just frame the imminent goals and available or potential resources that will help you in achieving the ends. The basic idea behind this exercise is to plan your life systematically before you say the big ‘I do’.

Planning your Life

14. Come out of the Whimsical Life

Shun all the unrealistic expectations about your life and learn to live in present, more specifically in reality. If you think that you will get fantasized love and career after you tie the knot, dissipate those idealistic thoughts. Life complicates after marriage and you should acknowledge this fact. Prepare yourself for a life that would be poles apart to your imaginations. It would be even better to have an advice from your married friends to get an idea of life. Not doing so would lead you to stress out after you get married. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

15. Lastly, Move out of the Shadows of your Parents

You should do this way before you have planned to get married. Learn to control your finances by your own without sneaking an earnest glance towards your parents. They have had enough of bothering now, don’t you think? Manage your balances and learn to keep a check on your finances.

Marrying someone is a huge step with far-reaching consequences. With the bucket list mentioned above, you would experience all the exciting and life-changing experiences. Take some time out to tick off all these 15 items before diving into the life of commitment.

The thing which you would definitely want to do before getting hitched:

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