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16 Best Greeting Cards for this New Year

Updated on April 7, 2015
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First of all, Happy New Year! Off course this a superb time of the year at what time we have a good time faith, relatives, and the custom of giving gifts as well as sending greeting cards. Sending out New Year greetings is a simple method to make family, friends, plus even old contacts by the warmth. The festival of Happy New Year Day has been observed until these days. However this does not mean traditions cannot be transformed above the years, the mode the Chinese New Year is famous has forever been changing whereas the clearest case is: We no longer light firecrackers. Anyhow, it is at rest celebrated as a time of new beginnings.

At the present time, there is great use of technology and thus mailing otherwise emailing New Year cards to your friends is a big way to explain them you concern and are thinking of them throughout this vital time of year. Purchase a set of cards, create a list, and confirm you post warm wishes to each person on your list. This is a huge occasion to allow people you now you care regarding them.


Role of greeting card:

  • Happily, there are numerous kinds of New Year cards for your preference that make your job of getting out to your loved ones simple, fun, and packed of excitement.
  • In the company of a bouquet of dissimilar types of Happy New Year Greeting Cards accessible, you will certainly find one which utters closely what you desire to say to your family, colleagues, friends, or other connections.
  • Happy New Year Cards will cheer up the New Year of the receiver or recipients as they take with them your genuine wishes of happiness, peace, good health and wealth.
  • New Year Greetings Cards are your most excellent gamble to widen the holiday cheer as well as spirit to the individuals.
  • In condition, you desire to stretch out to your family by means of an emotional message; there is a greeting card which articulates your feelings in style.
  • New Year Cards are in all the rage along with affordable mode to post something personalized plus a lot unique to your family as well as friends.
  • If you desire to entertain the funny bones of your friends, you can discover a New Year card in the company of a right jest of banter.
  • In condition, you crave to state your love; there are romantic cards to pursue your sweetheart.
  • Giving a greeting card is not only a popular but also a reasonable way to send a little personalized plus a lot unique to your family as well as friends.

Ring in the New Year Card - chimes on a blue string:
Ring in the New Year Card - chimes on a blue string: | Source

Top 15 greeting cards for this New Year:

A greeting card is for all time warming to the feeling. The little sweet lines it carry swells up the heart. Mainly of us would recognize what to place in a greeting card. Belo I have given a list of perfect card that are helpful to express your feeling in different way.

1. Ring in the New Year Card - chimes on a blue string:

This greeting card features a graphic designer of bells lying on a blue string. Crosswise the bottom it reads: Ring in the New Year. The inner side is blank. This is s printed on linen cardstock as well as measures concerning 4.25 x 5.5 as soon as folded and comes along with matching envelope.

2. A card formed in the shape of the number of your anniversary:

At the moment this is a little that might be very normally seen. You cover cards in shape of roughly all the years of your wedding. You can obtain such cards otherwise even obtain it custom made and fill up in few sweet lines to the one you love.

3. The Postcard:

The postcard greeting is a little that would for no reason go out of trend. A number of postcards bear fascinating pictures on the reverse. You can get hold of single of those which go well with the theme or single that is based on the taste of your spouse. Pack it up by a few nice quotes, as well as post your message.

E- card:
E- card:

4. E- card:

With the help of internet you can send different type of E cards to your loved ones. Copy your greeting cards in a variety of output files as you like, sending your friends as well as family members a digital e-card to ring in the New Year. You possibly will move these e-cards to different mobile devices resembling iPad, Android devices or iPhone and many more. Post by means of emails otherwise social website by simply an inspiring message to your loved ones to keep an eye on the coming of a New Year.

5. Message in a bottle: Bottle shape greeting card

Use of a glass bottle by a nice message is not only attractive and dissimilar, but also you would also want to keep it in safe hands for years together. The message via greeting card in the bottle even though an old thought of assigning messages from a missing island, has turn out to be a tool of conveying easy sweet messages.

6. New Year's Eve Cocktails greeting card:

This greeting card plays a double role as for New Year wish and for party invitation. At what time you want your holiday party to move up the gold standard, attempt appealing your guests with this stunning ensemble. Envelopments 5x7 Landscape Z-Card in a duplex stock which is gold on one side plus red on the other by a dynamic shimmery White Micah envelope.

A 3-D greeting card:
A 3-D greeting card: | Source

7. A 3-D greeting card:

This is a kind of New Year greeting card, which forms a 3D shape on opening. This has been about for a while. A number of of them possibly also modified to ensemble your need. It is frequent to see a card which can gives you an idea concerning a bride plus a groom jointly in a 3D form.

8. HD – Greeting card:

You can send the best HD Greeting Cards honestly from your Android device. The HD greeting cards assist you to post the most suitable, funny, caring e-cards as a note to your friends. There are vast collections of HD greeting card images plus photos you can select from. You can mail your greeting card via email otherwise gmail, Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook, or anything other. You can select from a big group of premade e-cards in lots of different categories otherwise make your own card by writing text plus choosing a background colour plus image to go by it.

9. Greeting in the appearance of a scroll:

Scrolls are in general use to put in writing scriptures in ancient China. You possibly will also perform the same at your awfully own home. Create a scroll by means of few rollers that you can stylise, to appear similar to a scroll. Your partner would have to turn over the scroll down to read that attractive greeting.

10. Video and Audio E-card:

A number of websites now contain the capability to present one card by the voice attachment option as well as plans to include the feature relevant to all its cards. The software program permits to attach your private messages along with video clips to facilitate you customize and plan the cards by your personal favourite style. It is also clever to type a new year wishes similar to a New Years poem or else quote on the in the interior of your card. There are certain audio cards and for this you have to upload a photo, a song, along with go through your email address of your friend.

Greeting cards through images:
Greeting cards through images: | Source

11. Greeting cards through images:

Made to order greeting cards have been in fashion for a while now. You could find your image printed on the greeting card in any design and structure you like. In condition, you are careful as well as creative enough, and then you possibly will modify your New Year photo greeting cards simply by inserting video clips of family gathering. Fill this with lovely new year messages.

12. Handmade greeting card:

You can easily make handmade Happy New Year card. This is a bright as well as modern Happy New Year card by die cut letters along with decoration accumulate on a pearlescent blue background. This is nothing but an original, typical handmade greetings card to commemorate the holiday season. Persons convey best wishes for the holidays in addition to joy all through the New Year by building custom-made Happy New Years greetings to celebrate the particular holiday. The card is completely priceless to the tradition to bring warm wishes to all who get it.

  • Make tiny prints on cards otherwise bold modern New Year cards work most excellent by means of toned down, straightforward photos. The difference is complementary as well as will create the whole card be noticeable.
  • Whimsical New Year card designs are perfect for honest, fun photos. The entire card will get on a separate personality that is clear to construct your recipient smile.
  • Typical patterns in soft colours work satisfactorily with official, posed photos by means of bright colons. The modest plan will operate as a pleasant casing for your energetic photo.

The Giant Size Greeting cards
The Giant Size Greeting cards | Source

13. The Giant Size Greeting cards:

A quantity of of the greeting card shops encompasses greeting cards which are roughly on condition that a person himself. You can get one of these and pen down the whole thing which come to your mind as soon as you think about the person you love. This is a little you can save for years to come.

14. Cheers Champagne Glasses Note Card:

This note card features a couple of champagne glasses toasting - huge for a New Year's party, best new year wishes, or else any particular event. This New Year greeting card is printed by means of an inkjet printer on a clear white cardstock note card through a white covering. The glasses started out like a pencil sketch that was then outline in sharpie marker, scanned, plus then digitally colour.

15. Recycled Holiday Cards:

This card offers Joy, Love, Peace, and Happiness that is in beautiful hanging style. The ornaments embellish this current recycled Holiday Card, enthused by paper lanterns which are ideal for New Year. This holiday card design has 4 ornaments in teal, amber, dark coral and moss green by the words Joy, Love, Peace, and Happiness in coordinate colours through gray, brown, as well as yellow inflection.

Ornaments droop from the fold over plus were stimulated by paper lanterns. They have stitch along with diamond patterned lines freely wrapped about each one in white. Card can also be positioned in a picture frame to demonstrate good wishes throughout the season, printed on good-looking textured plus spotted second-hand cardstock.

16. Set of New Year's Cards on 100% second-hand Paper:

Loop in the New Year by these elegant, current "Peace on Earth" cards. The frontage type a modest design of a white plus grey patterned peace dove by a stylized olive branch in its beak. This design wraps approximately to the rear of the card, everywhere you see a close-up of the dove. Furthermore, these cards are an easy as well as beautiful way to post non-religious season’s good wishes to the persons you loves. Otherwise the people you battle with.

So, these New Year greeting cards are professionally done plus look great. You can add audio as well as music to your cards to put in a little extra persona. You can easily share the warmth as well as love with the help of these greetings.

Finally, you have to know that, at what time it moves towards to greeting cards, there is no limit. You can create them yourself otherwise find them down as of a modified designer. Cards cover for all time been the best way to state ones good wishes. Regardless of how much technology might go forward, cards would for all time be here to live.


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