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16th Birthday Gift Idea Tips For Boys

Updated on May 3, 2013

Finding a 16th Birthday gift idea for a teenage boy can sometimes be difficult, especially if you want to get him something that he really likes!

And teenagers can be pretty blunt if they don't like a gift. If they love it, you'll possibly know. If they hate it, you'll know for sure ...

Here you'll find some of my suggestions for gifts he'll be more than happy to get.

If you need more ideas, you'll find them on my page of 16th Birthday gift ideas for both boys and girls.

Games & Music

The latest popular video game is always a great 16th Birthday gift idea.

If you don't know what he'd like, you can always check with his peers, do a bit of online research or ask at a store.

Games for consoles often require accessories, so that could be another idea for a gift.

Vouchers to download his favorite music would also be appreciated. Teenage boys love their music, and it doesn't have to be expensive. Music is an easy gift, and can be organized entirely online.

If you want to go a step further, you could buy him the latest games console or portable media player.

Sports Gear

Once a boy reaches sixteen, he'll want to have good quality gear for whatever sport he plays.

You could give him some professional equipment that will help his game and give him an edge.

For a thoughtful extra, you could personalize it by having his name engraved or printed on the inside of his gear. Sixteen year olds might be more mature, but they still lose stuff!

Alternatively, you could get merchandise from his favorite sports team, or even have something autographed for him by a player.


If he hasn't got one already, this is a great time to start building a tool kit.

Tools are the perfect 16th Birthday gift idea for any boy. You can choose how much or little you want to spend, and still get something good, no matter what he already has.

Teenage boys absolutely love their tools. It's the start of a beautiful, lifelong relationship!

A personalized toolbox along with a couple of quality tools would be a fantastic gift.

Clothes & Jewelry

Not all boys are into jewelry, and fashion changes frequently, so definitely make sure you are sure you know what he likes before you decide on this as a 16th Birthday gift idea.

Dog tags are a good choice, and can be personalized with an engraved name or a message.

Necklace and bracelet sets are popular too.

The latest look in clothes or shoes in his chosen style would also make a great gift, especially if it's something a bit special which he wouldn't normally buy but seriously wants. Again, I can't stress enough, be certain of what he likes before you buy. Just to be safe, it's worth checking the store's exchange policies.

Something that's always useful is a new wallet - get something in a cool design and put some cash in it ... he'll love it!

Fashion can be really important at this age, so the right clothes or jewelry for the right boy will be a big hit.

Camping Accessories

If he's into the great outdoors, camping gear is a functional 16th Birthday gift idea.

You could start with a torch - go either for something really small and compact to carry with him, or an enormous torch to give maximum light.

A quality tent is expensive but would be cool if your budget allows.

Alternatively a camping chair is something he can use everywhere, not just when he's camping.

Another gift idea for the outdoors teen is to have a good compass engraved with his name. This is something he'll keep and use for years to come.

Magazine Subscription

Pretty much any interest you can think of has a magazine dedicated to it.

A teenage boy would love a subscription to a magazine about his passion. I suggest you purchase the first copy and give it to him, along with a card explaining the details of the subscription.

If a subscription is out of your budget range, you could give him a single issue along with something else small relating to the subject.


Hope you've found some ideas you like here to say Happy 16th Birthday. For more suggestions, please have a look at my gift ideas to suit both boys and girls page.


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