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16th Birthday Gift Ideas

Updated on May 3, 2013

On this page you'll find 16th Birthday gift ideas to that both boys and girls would love to receive.

For sixteen year olds, I like to go for a personalized gift that says:

"I know you've grown up, are more independent, and are no longer a young teen."

If you notice and acknowledge a new level of maturity, they will love you for it!

These ideas are for gifts suitable for both boys and girls.

I also have a page full of 16th Birthday gift ideas just for girls, and another with ideas for presents especially for sixteen year old boys, if you need more suggestions.

Driving Gifts

As sixteen is the legal age to learn to drive in many areas, the ultimate present for a sixteen year old is a car.

That might be, well, just a bit beyond your budget ... but you could definitely give something related to driving to show your support.

Driving lessons are a great idea. Organize them with a local driving school or instructor, or give them yourself. Depending on legal requirements, you could even organize a lesson on the day of the birthday for a really memorable present.
Personalized keyrings come in all kinds of cool designs, and would be perfect for holding that car key, once the right to it has been earned!

Another considerate and practical present would be a gas card ... gas is expensive for a teen.

Computers & Phones

Teens love keeping up with technology, so the latest tablets or cell phones make perfect 16th Birthday gift ideas.

If you're not sure, check with their peers or other parents. It's best to know a bit about what you want before going to the store, particularly if you're a little out of the loop (like me!).

Make it unique by adding a personalized iPad or cell phone cover. You can add a personal message, choose a special design, or even add a photo.

What 16 year old wouldn't want to receive this?!


Learning about money and finance is one of the best ways to prepare for adult life.

A gift of shares is a wonderful personalized way to get a sixteen year old started. Actually owning shares will give a teenager a personal interest in the stockmarket, plus it's a real investment for the future. It doesn't have to be a huge amount - the idea is to plant the seed.

You could add a book about shares and investing aimed at the age group, and maybe some chocolate coins ... just for fun!


For 16th Birthday gift ideas to suit any teenager, you can't go past tickets if you know what they really enjoy.

Season tickets to a favorite sports game are a great idea, or season tickets to a local theater. Movie tickets are also good - especially if you throw in the cash for some treats to munch on during the show.

Tickets to see a popular band would be another winner - you could even offer to chaperone a group (if you think it's necessary).

Often television shows give away free tickets if they need a live studio audience. Organizing these for a sixteen year old's favorite tv show would be inexpensive and a huge surprise!


Would your teen like a ride in a helicoptor? Or maybe try a hand at sailing, or going behind the scenes at a zoo?

There are companies that specialize in exciting and unusual experiences - you can either purchase a specific experience, or alternatively give a voucher and let the recipient decide.

There are literally thousands of experiences to choose from.

You could arrange to go with your sixteen year old, or you could organize for a friend to go and share the day's excitement.

Talk about giving the personalized gift of a lifetime!

Get Behind a Passion

If your sixteen year old is showing a passion for an activity, why not show your support with your birthday present?

Whether it be dance, music, technology, collecting or a million other interests, your thoughtfulness will be appreciated!

You could purchase lessons, special clothing, equipment or books. You even let them experience the passion first hand by taking them to see professionals at work. This could be tickets to a show, exhibition or trade show.

Gift Cards

If all 16th Birthday gift ideas fall flat, you can always go with the good old reliable gift card.

Decide on a store, and perhaps even an idea for a gift, and then let them choose.

Some companies will personalize a gift card with a favorite photo, which can be fun.

It's perhaps not as thoughtful as a hand chosen gift, but sometimes for a sixteen year old, money is best!


Hopefully this has inspired some ideas for your gift!

For more 16th Birthday gift ideas, here are pages specifically for girls and for boys.


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    • Vacation Trip profile image

      Susan 4 years ago from India

      Great tips for a 16 year old. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you for sharing. Voted up.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      my girl is 18th. She loves handset, notebooks and bagpacks. Wonderful tips