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18 Tips to Saving Money during the Christmas Holiday

Updated on January 11, 2013

The holidays are right around the corner and you are probably already wondering how much money you are going to spend this season. Well, instead of thinking how much money you will spend how about you think of ways you can save money.

Start early

The list starts off with start early, do not wait until the last minute. You can save tons of money by buying your gifts throughout the year, when you find gifts your family would love on clearance or on sale. Also, it will save you a lot of time because you will not have to go out within the holiday rush.

Decide and divide

Before you go out into the stores have a budget in mind for each person. Then when out in the stores stick to the budget and never go over! If that means you have to put cash in an envelope and take only that to the store to make sure you will not use your credit cards, do so. There is no shame in setting your limits. That is the first step to having a non-stressful season and you will not have to worry about paying for your gadgets in the New Year.

Sort your list

While you are seeing who you still need to buy for, maybe there is people who will benefit from the same gift i.e. young children. You may be able to save on those gifts or at least, be able to pick up the items from the same store. I know it will help many people out because it is less time you will be spending having to go back to that store because Bobby Joe wanted an item there and you just now got to Bobby Joe’s wish list.

You can never be too organized, especially, if it allows you to save your time and hard earned cash. Not to mention you will be able to spend more time at home doing other holiday activities.

Cross yourself off

This one may be hard for people who cannot get enough of shopping. You treat yourself to items all year long, so this holiday season cross your needs off the list. Isn’t Christmas about giving than receiving? So follow that little thing and you will be surprised at how much you save and that savings can go towards being debt free when the New Year rolls around.

Check for coupons

Before heading out to the crazy stores take some time to review over the things you will be purchasing. Then check online and in catalogs if there are any good coupons to use because they will save you some money and you will be able to purchase either more items or again save that for the New Year. Some websites you should be hopping on every now and then when shopping is and they have bargains and coupons, so you will never miss a good deal.

Shop online

Shop online instead of heading out to the stores because you may not know this, but many companies have better deals on their websites than they do in their stores. Plus, sites like offers you free shipping over any purchase of $25 and more. Yes, you may only be saving a little bit here and a little bit there, but by the end of the season you will see that you saved more than you would have if you went from store to store.

Get rebates/rewards

Have a rewards credit card? Maybe you belong to the stores rewards program? Do not forget to utilize them! They will come in handy when getting cash back. Yes, you will not see the money right away, but at least you will know you are getting money back in the near future.

If you plan on doing your shopping online, have no fear there are reward programs out there for you! is one of the widely known rebate program out in the virtual world. All you have to do is shop through them and you can save anywhere from 3% to 6% on your entire purchase. However, they do pay your quarterly, so you may not be seeing your money for a short while, but when you get the check in the mail it will be like free money.

Shop inside and outside of the box

Sometimes thinking outside of the box can be fun, creative, and inexpensive. Many people usually ask for “Personal care items” such as, lotions, body wash, shampoos, conditioner, etc. Either you can pick them up from their favorite stores such as, Bath and Body Works, Victoria Secret, or if you do not know what fragrant they like pick them a gift card!

Realize used is not always bad.

Take a trip to pawn shops, auctions, and even thrift stores. You can find rare, hand-crafted, vintage goodies that can appeal to those people who love the one-of-a-kind treasures. Not the mention, these places are usually inexpensive, so it will help you save some money while finding some awesome gifts for your loved ones.

Build gift baskets

Gift baskets can be a fun gift for people of all ages. Making your own will cost you way less than if you decided to purchase on in the store. Plus, there is so many themes you can have for your gift baskets. It can be fun shopping around for different things for the different baskets.

Play the numbers

Secret Santa is another fun activity you can do to help break up who you need to buy for. This usually only pertains to your extended family, which is a good thing because many people do not meet up with them very often and it can be hard to pick what they may like.

Get gift cards

You can never ever go wrong with gifting gift cards! Gift cards are what many people now a days prefer. It gives them the freedom to purchase what they want or need and it will also save you a headache of trying to figure out what they may want and need.

Did you know you can also design your own gift cards at Hop on over there and check it out for yourself.

Buy an older model

Another way to save some serious cash is not to buy this year’s model. For instance, the Nintendo DS’s they come out with new models every six months it seems and they always have the new model come out right before the holiday season. Instead of paying another $100-$150 for the new and improved model go ahead and purchase last year’s model because then you will be able to spend the $100-$150 and purchase them games for their new gadget.

Offer a service

The best gifts do not cost much at all. You can show your loved ones that you care and offer them your services. This can be quite fun, especially if you are always on the move and want to spend time with your loved ones and be able to have a great time.

Teach a skill

Another free gift pertains to the people who are highly knowledgeable in certain fields. For many individuals they can offer lessons of what skill they know a lot about. Especially, to the people who are eager to learn. Plus, not only are you able to talk about what you are good about, but you are allowing someone to learn for free instead of paying for a class.

Make something

A more personal gift is to make something whether it is a scrapbook, calendar, or other crafty things. These will always be cherished no matter what because it came from the heart. Plus, it is a good way to get rid of some old pictures you have laying around the house and make it into a beautiful creation of some sort.

Keep receipts

Always keep receipts not only because prices change a lot during the holiday season, but also because it will help you if you need to return a product.

Stick with the same decor

Stick with the same decorations that you had up last year. No need to go out and buy new ones because you think yours are out of date. If you need to purchase new decorations you should wait until after the holidays because that is when stores will start clearancing them out and you can get the things you want for a fraction of the cost.


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    • Janellegems profile image

      Janellegems 5 years ago from United States

      Excellent ideas to save money during the holidays. I usually always start early and look for bargains throughout the year instead of waiting a month or two before the holidays.