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20 Helpful "How To" Guides for Christmas Decorating

Updated on June 1, 2010

This is the time of year when most of us start to think about decorating our homes for the holidays. Some of us go all out each year with indoor and outdoor decorations that cover the entire home. Others just get a simple tree and add a few ornaments to bring some of the holiday spirit into the home. Do you like the way that you usually decorate for Christmas? Or would you prefer to find a new way of decorating this year? If you're looking for some helpful hints then one of these twenty great How To Guides from around the web should be useful in inspiring you to decorate well for Christmas.

5 How To Guides About Outdoor Christmas Lights

1. How to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights. The basic thing that people want to know about outdoor Christmas lights is how to hang simple strings of lights on their houses. This guide comes from a home improvement site so you know that the tips are totally practical.

2. How to String Outdoor Christmas Lights. If you're looking for a really simple step-by-step guide to putting up outdoor Christmas lights at your house then this is a really good place to start your reading. It's very easy to follow.

3. How to Decorate your House with Christmas Lights. This is an interesting guide that gives you basic information about hanging your Christmas lights but also provides you with a wealth of other information about different types of lights and even the history of Christmas lights.

4. How to Array of Outdoor Lighting Tips. These are tips for lighting pathways, hanging lights and more. A lot of great tips are included here so surely you'll get some good decorating ideas from this one.

5. How to Stay Safe when Hanging Outdoor Christmas Lights. If you're going to do the job yourself then you need to know how to protect yourself from the dangers that can arise when you're hanging up outdoor holiday lights.

5 How To Guides About Christmas Trees

1. How to Put Lights on a Christmas Tree: From Basic To Advanced. I recently wrote this hub for the site and really hope that it's helpful for people. I used to have a tough time getting lights onto my tree in a nice way but then I discovered a multi-socket extension cord and learned that getting lights on the tree can actually be easy!

2. How to String Popcorn on a Christmas Tree. This is a favorite holiday tradition for many people. If you've never tried it then now is a great year to start!

3. How to Make Christmas Ornaments from Toys. If you really want to get crafty this Christmas then you can take the old toys that are hanging around your house and turn them into Christmas ornaments to hang on your tree!

4. How to Make Glitter Pine Cone Ornaments. Another fun (and super cheap) craft project that adds pizzazz to your Christmas tree. This one is especially great if you have kids.

5. How to Add Lights to Outdoor Christmas Trees. Most people decorate indoor Christmas trees but some people actually plant a live tree outdoors and want to know how to light that. The tips in this article are useful.

5 How To Guides About Indoor Christmas Decorations

1. How to Make a Christmas Wreath. I think that wreaths are one of the best Christmas decorations for inside the home (as well as for hanging on the front door). They're easy to make and a great fun holiday project for all ages.

2. How to Find Cheap Indoor Christmas Decorations. Working on a budget this year? This how to guide will help you decorate the inside of your home without extending yourself beyond the confines of your piggy bank.

3. How to Choose Luxury Christmas Decorations. Don't want to look cheap this year when people come to your home for the holidays? This guide gives you great types of choosing really luxe decorations that make the inside of your home absolutely stunning.

4. Ultimate How To Guide for Indoor Christmas Decorating. There are many more links here to articles that will help you with decorating the inside of your home for the holidays!

5. 101 Ideas for Christmas Decorations. Okay so this isn't strictly a "how to" guide but surely it falls under the category of "how to get inspired to decorate your home for Christmas" since it has so many great simple ideas.

5 Miscellaneous How To Guides for Christmas

1. How to Decorate for Christmas on a Budget. We all have to learn about saving money when we decorate. This is a hub from another author and although it's about two years old the advice it offers is still very relevant.

2. How to Fix LED Christmas Lights. These are really popular lights and they're bound to break sometimes so this guide can be really helpful as you start to do your holiday decorating.

3. How to Use Candles to Make Your Home Warmer. I think that one of the best ways to decorate for Christmas is to add more candles to your home. This guide shows you different ways of doing that.

4. How to Decorate the Halls from Porch to Treetop. This comprehensive guide gives you a visual look at all of the different types of items that you might have an interest in buying to decorate your home this year. I think it's really inspiring!

5. How to Create an Inventory of Your Christmas Decorations. Make it easier to shop for decorations and to do next year's Christmas decorating by creating an inventory of your decorations on your home computer.


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  • profile image

    catherene 8 years ago

    how much do u think i should pay for a good christmas wreath

  • Dublin Belle profile image

    Dublin Belle 8 years ago from Kinsealy in Dublin, Ireland

    Some great tips in advance of the festive season. Thanks.

  • profile image

    Nan 8 years ago

    Excellent article, and lots of ideas for Christmas decorating. I love to decorate for Christmas. I keep my decoration up after Christmas!

  • Cheri Schultz profile image

    Cheri Schultz 8 years ago from Midwest

    Thank you for these great ideas. I went surfing through alot of these links.