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10 Places To Go in Your 20's

Updated on June 30, 2017

1. Lake Como, Italy

This is a beautiful city in Northern Italy. With unique architecture and a beautiful lake to accompany; there are lists of activities to complete. A bright side of this city is it has less tourists than majority of the cities in Italy, such as Milan or Rome. There are lots of activities to do such as boating, exploring, eating as much pizza as possible, canyoneering, hiking and admiring George Clooney's mansion on the lake.

2. Limassol, Cyprus

These is one of the most unique places I have ever been to because there is a fusion between Turkish and Greek culture. Limassol is located in the southern side of the island, therefore is technically a part of Greece. There are many stunning churches, beaches and exploring to be done.

3. Paris, France

This city is a must, even though there tends to be more tourist. I recommend looking for markets or moving away from destinations that are very touristy. In my personal opinion, the best time to see the Eiffel tower is in the evening. If you have a picnic near the area and then climb the tower to see the sun sight and Paris at night is truly breathtaking. There is also normally light shows on the tower at night.

4. Strasbourg, France

I did not except to love this city as much as I did. I would definitely go spend more time here. The city borders France and Germany and the people, food and city is defiantly affected by this. There are stunning canals and beautiful light shows at the Cathedral. During my time there there was a Holi celebration and I was standing in a plaza and before I knew it, thousands of people were throwing powder paint.

5. The Swiss Alps

I believe this location is pretty self explanatory, with breath taking views, hikes. The people are wonderful and speak so many different languages and dialects. There are also stores in the mountains that are self serve, and the costumer is trusted to leave the proper money for what they buy.

6. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a very fun city but a bit more touristy. The food and alcohol is affordable and the landscape is very interesting. Old Prague/City has a much lower elevation than other parts of Prague. One of my favourite desserts there were chimneystacks, which were cinnamon buns with holes in them and ice cream and fruit inside. The Lennon Wall is also a must see.

7. Cambodia/Thaliand

So I know this is not a specific city but these two countries surprised me in the best way with the activities and food they had to offer. I did a kayaking trip in Thailand and ate some of the best fruit and food of my life in both of the countries. I also saw more wildlife then every before while kayaking beside jungles. Cambodia has a lot to offer for beaches but also history and architecture.

8. Barcelona, Spain

This has been my all-time favourite city. The culture, the food, the city and the ocean all wrapped up in a energized city. There is anything and everything to do in this city wether it is drinking Sangria at 12pm or visiting some of the worlds most famous architecture or biking along the ocean. One of the best nights of my life was after a long and wonderful night at 'Opium' and walking out to the beach and watching the sunrise.

9. Geneva, Switzerland

Although this city may hurt your pocket a bit, it is extremely worth it to explore the streets of Geneva and enjoy the lake as well as the immense wealth present in this country. While you are eating a $30 salad you can enjoy the view of the near by mountains. The nightlife in this city is indescribable, if you have the money to enjoy it, 'Java' and 'Bypass' are always worth the 6am walk home and the dent in the wallet.

10. Olbia, Sardinia, Italy

This was one of my favourite beach destinations. Although, the downside is renting a car is almost a necessity. There are many beaches to explore and I often found myself with my own private beach on the stunning water. The nightlife in this city is surprisingly upbeat and there are few tourists around you.

© 2017 Samantha Dunn


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      Jeff 6 months ago

      Nice insight. Good to know it's from personal experience.