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Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios 2009

Updated on September 22, 2009

Halloween Horror Nights 2009


If you want to enjoy a big Halloween celebration with abundant thrills and chills, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando is the place to be. Halloween Horror Nights is an annual after-hours theme park event at Universal Orlando Resort. It is the country's largest and most elaborate Halloween celebration. This event has got amazing reviews and is called "The Country's Best Halloween Event" by Amusement Today. Halloween Horror Nights is the ultimate Halloween experience. in its 19th year, Halloween Horror Nights draws thousands of horror fans annually from around the globe to this one-of-a-kind event.

In 2008, the Halloween Horror Nights event takes place on select nights at universal studios Florida: Dates of this event is given below:

September 25-26

October 1-4, 8-11, 15-18, 21-25, 28-31

There are more Scare Zones, Scare Actors and 8 haunted houses and many new live shows.

Admission to Halloween Horror Nights requires a ticket separate from normal theme park admission. Ticket prices to Horror Nights event are about $70 per adult. This event is too intense for young children. There are all kinds of deals and specials that you can find online to get cheaper tickets. If you are florida resident, you can get upto $30 off of ticket prices. You can also find various packages if you want to combine the horror nights show tickets with the admission into one of Universal's amusement theme parks.

2008 Halloween Horror nights had some of the best attractions listed below:


Reflections of fear Halloween
Reflections of fear Halloween

Reflections of Fear

Eight horror houses to terrify you:

Noted Psychiatrist Dr. Mary Agana believed that if a subject was constantly forced to experience what they feared the most, then over time they would become numb to the idea of actually fearing it. Unfortunately for us, Dr. Mary's fear is that of death and the only way for her to cure herself is to watch the light leave your eyes as your soul leaves your body.

Scary Tales Halloween Horror Nights
Scary Tales Halloween Horror Nights

Scary Tales: Once Upon A Nightmare

Find yourself "Once Upon a Nightmare" as you wind your way across a landscape filled with cherished fairy tales as they have never been told before. The Evil Queen's scribes have written new chapters on terror where princesses don't get saved, children don't find their way out of the wood and there is no escape from the rabbit hole.

Asylum in Wonderland
Asylum in Wonderland

Asylum in Wonderland

Stepping through the Looking Glass, you find yourself in the depths of Wonderland, journeying through the nightmare that Alice couldn't escape. The wonderful figures you once believed to inhabit this fantastical place have been peering into the Looking Glass themselves and have come face to face with Bloody Mary.

Fractured Tales
Fractured Tales

Fractured Tales

Enter your favorite fairy tales and find out what happens when Grimm goes wrong. Witness these stories through the lens of their reality. Look closely and you will find the terrible truths that lie just below the sweet appearance of these classic tales. You will learn a thing or two about yourself, but by then it may be too late.

The Skoolhouse

Mr. Renshaw's class has always been good. Mr. Renshaw's class has never broken the rules. Mr. Renshaw's class has always been perfect little angels. All of that changes when the kids from the Skoolhouse "cut" class. The children of the quaint town of Carey, Ohio are out to teach everyone that their version of Trick or Treat may be the difference between your life and death.

Dead Exposure

Charlie McPherson, a noted tabloid photographer, has always wanted something more in life than photographing celebrities at their worst. One night, Charlie gets his wish when the city he resides in becomes overrun with flesh-eating Zombies. Trapped in his downtown loft with bloodthirsty Zombies just outside, Charlie captures the last horror-filled moments of his life on film and you are with him every step of the way.


Post-apocalyptic Scotland breeds madness as the Reaper virus ravages the populace, leaving those left behind after the plague to survive by any means necessary. Do you have what it takes to make it out alive? - Based on the blockbuster Universal Pictures release.

The Hallow

Where do the traditions we observe each Halloween come from? It is said that every Halloween within the blackest parts of the forest, Samhain, The Lord of the Underworld, lives again and the souls of the damned beckon you. For if you journey deep enough, you will see that Samhain's traditions are trapped within The Hallow.

You can also see horror shows like Rocky Horror Picture Show - A Tribute, Brian Brushwood magic show, Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure.

Halloween Horror Nights 2008 Bloody Mary Video

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    • profile image

      advcutter 8 years ago

      a huge disappointing evening the money we had to pay for the addmission and express pass for 4 was almost 1000.00 includes hotel. the park was taken control over by teenagers that were completely out of control drugged out on something. the haunted houses did not compare from other years. I dont want to sound like a old person i'm in my mid-30's and know how to have fun even with the younger crowd but this will be the last year my family will attend. a complete RIP OFF THE PARK SHOULD KNOW BETTER. charging a great deal of money for Bullshit with the economy in the state it is in. the park was packed with out of control kids and the secruity just stayed their distance when a fight broke out and lasted for 10 minutes and my family had to watch. That acutally was the most entertainment of the night.

    • seanraj profile image

      seanraj 9 years ago from United States of America

      Thanks for your comment, clint. Good to know. Guess they are making it more familiy friendly... but its no fun.

    • profile image

      clint 9 years ago

      Sorry, I went a couple years ago and had a great time so I brought some friends down this year. I was very disappointed, production seemed cheap, fewer scare zones ( no zombies walking around with chainsaws or anything scary. nothing jumping out at you in fog zones. fewer fog zones even ) even fewer rides available. could be rated for 1st graders. Will not be going back.

    • reagu profile image

      reagu 9 years ago from Los Angeles

      Great article. I like the movie Doomsday. But I don't relate it to Halloween.