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Get Gifts inspired by Charity Organizations like Unicef & Oxfam for Your Friends and Family

Updated on August 17, 2012

Giving Out Gifts and Love at the Same Time

It is more blessed in giving than receiving. While we are receiving gifts from your friends and family, why not spread the love to people in need? You can do both at the same time by buying  gifts from charity organizations.

Spread the Message of Love to Your Friends and Family

We receive special gifts every now and then on special occasions, while some people living on the same earth are fighting for their daily neccessity. Having education, full meal and medicine is already a big gift for them.

When we are thinking of what to get for our family and friends as gift, why don't we get something for the people who really need some warm gifts? Charity organizations like Unicef and Oxfam do provide such opportunities for you to spread the love.

Be a Role Model for Kids

It is a great way to educate little ones in understanding the concept of giving and helping others. While many kids are longing for the latest toys from local toyshop, why not get a Christmas gift from charity and explain to them what would happen behind the scene. 

Oxfam Unwrapped and UNICEF Inspired Gifts

Oxfam and Unicef are two leading charity organizations that provide opportunities for you to give out inspirational gifts showing how blessed you and your family and friends are, compared to some people in third world countries.

The concept is like this. You pick a type of gift for people in need, for example, "1 month of clean water for a whole village", which is associated with a nominal price. What you do is then donate that amount of money, and you can opt for printing the gift out as a card or send it as e-card to your family and friends.

At the same time, you can choose fair trade products next to the card and have the charity send it directly to your receiver. You can also put personal messages on the card itself and explain the meaning of the card.


Other Charity Organizations

Oxfam and Unicef provide a very convenience service for you to get gifts for both people in need and your friends and family at the same time. If you have other charities that you would specially support, you can always donate a sum of money and have the receipt as the gift for your receiver, along side with a card.

Remember, giving is more blessed than receiving. Start the campaign and give positive influence to people around you.


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