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Halloween Costumes & Ideas for Kids: Smart Tips for Smart Parents

Updated on March 14, 2011

With just a little creativity, you can absolutely come up with something smart for your kids to wear this Halloween without spending too much from your pocket.

The countdown to this year's Halloween has just begun and you can probably feel it here or there - and almost everywhere. Now almost everyone is already gearing up for what to show off at the most awaited Halloween Party or even the simple trick-or-treat.

So moms and dads, have you already found the perfect costume for your kids this Halloween?

If you haven't yet, then you should better start preparing for one. Here below are some simple and very practical tips for getting yourselves or your kids a surprisingly smart costume for this year's Halloween without spending too much from your pocket!


Dig in your treasure chest.

One smart idea to save on spending for costumes would be to check out your closets and chest of drawers for some good old treasure of clothes and accessories you no longer use. You can gather them up, mix and match, put them all together and start creating something unique for your kids to wear.

By using creativity, you'll never know your chic Halloween costume may come from your very own closet.
By using creativity, you'll never know your chic Halloween costume may come from your very own closet.

For instance, a pair of old skinny jeans and a western shirt, a pair of boots, and a scarf or bandanna topped with a cowboy hat can make an interesting cowboy or cowgirl costume. And a pair of old overalls paired with a flannel shirt can also make another sets of costumes such as the following:

  • if you let your kids to wear it with a tool belt, a construction worker's hat, and carry some play tools then it can make a construction worker's costume.
  • or if you let them wear a straw hat with it, carry some plastic farming tools and farm animal toys, then it can also turn into a farmer's costume.

So with just a little effort and a little creativity, be sure you can come up with something smart to wear from your "dig in-no sewing" project without spending anything from your pocket. Old clothes and accessories that are waiting to be rediscovered - once put together can absolutely become fast, easy and smart Halloween costume for your kids. Its just a matter of being resourceful and creative!

By making your own kids Halloween costume, you can save so much on your budget.
By making your own kids Halloween costume, you can save so much on your budget.

Stitch or sew.

Another way to save money on your budget is to use your sewing machine. This is one smart idea for making your own costume and saving a great deal on your budget. If you know how to sew, then you probably won't have any difficulty in finding a variety of used clothing that you no longer use. Find some pieces of scratch - even old bundles of used curtains, table cloths, and old sofa covers that you keep at home. All these pieces of cloths can turn into something special and interesting - such as a long flowing skirt or puffy blouses which when accessorized with gold beads, shawls and belts can make some gypsy costumes. Old white curtains when sewn in to look like wrap white strips can make an ideal mummy costume, too. So when you just use your wildest imagination, you can absolutely start sewing your pieces of scratch together into something you fancy for your child to wear.

Accessories can turn a simple Halloween outfit into something more chic and unique.
Accessories can turn a simple Halloween outfit into something more chic and unique.


Never underestimate the power of accessories. Belts, hats, caps, beads of all sizes, shawls, sunglasses, even buttons, when used creatively to match with your different outfits can all make a wonderfully smart and unique costumes that no one could ever imagine. So don't forget to always put on some accessories on your own homemade costumes and they won't even look like they came from pieces of scratch.

Hand-crafted kiddy Halloween costumes.
Hand-crafted kiddy Halloween costumes.

Look for smart, crafty ideas.

Now if you really feel that you don't have much of that creativity, then try to find some help from your favorite craft books and websites on the net. Try exploring the net for some really great ideas in making homemade Halloween costumes for kids. Most craft books give detailed illustrations as well as patterns for making your own costumes at home.

More so, you can also try researching online for some websites that illustrate the same customized patterns and some step-by-step guides on how to make your own Halloween costumes.

Shopping smartly online can make your Halloween costume search fast and easy.
Shopping smartly online can make your Halloween costume search fast and easy.

Shop Smartly Online

If you're really running out of ideas and you don't have that much of a time to seek and find for some old hidden treasures in your treasure chest and turn them into something useful, then here's one of the easiest ways to catch up with the last-minute Halloween costume --- look for some cheap ones online! Nowadays, there really are lots of online stores and shopping websites which sell varieties of costumes at very frightening low, low prices. So why don't you try and check them out. Perhaps some of your favorite shopping sites online may also give you great deals or discounted prices with free shipping. Surely, if you just give yourself a little time to at least search on the net, you can absolutely find great deals in buying ready-to-wear holiday costumes without sacrificing your budget for some other things.

Remember, celebrating Halloween like any other holiday doesn't have to be expensive and costly.  And just like any other holiday, Halloween should be a time for kids as well as parents to have lots of fun celebrating with families and friends.  So celebrate the season smartly without spending too much on a one-day-to-wear outfit so you and your kids can have a really memorable Halloween time to remember.

Happy Halloween!

Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Kids


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    • Loren's Gem profile imageAUTHOR

      Loren's Gem 

      7 years ago from Istanbul, Turkey

      Thanks europewalker! I'm glad you liked reading it. :-)

    • europewalker profile image


      7 years ago

      Great informative hub!


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