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40th Birthday Gifts for Women - Wife Mom Sister Girlfriend

Updated on March 20, 2014
- 40th Birthday Gifts for women - Wife, Mom, Sister, Girl Frends, by Rosie2010, clipart By: Iyo -
- 40th Birthday Gifts for women - Wife, Mom, Sister, Girl Frends, by Rosie2010, clipart By: Iyo -

Sorry to disappoint you, but women don't ever get to be 40. There is no such a thing as 40th birthday for women. You might as well shoot us. And don't even mention 40 is the new 30, unless you have a death wish. Women can be very sensitive and often prone to anxiety attacks. You never can tell what they're gonna do at the mere mention of the word "age," let alone "40th birthday." Never ask a woman how old she is. It is considered rude to ask. By whom? By women, of course. Plus, you'd never get the correct answer, so why bother risking your life?

But if.. and that is a big "if," women had a 40th birthday, don't give her a coffee mug or t-shirt that says "When You're Over-the-Hill You Pick Up Speed," or "It took me 40 years to get this good." Those are guy's stuff. Women don't like to be reminded, let alone make fun of, their age. Not that women don't have a sense of humor. On course, we do. We just don't like it if the joke's on us. Ok? And we hate birthdays!

Again, if.. and that is a big "if," women had a 40th birthday, here are some wonderful 40th birthday gifts for women - awesome gifts for Wife, Mom, Sister, Girlfriend and Girl Friends.

"Beaches" a great movie about friendship - 2012 40th Birthday Gifts for Wife Mom Sister Girlfriend
"Beaches" a great movie about friendship - 2012 40th Birthday Gifts for Wife Mom Sister Girlfriend

40th Birthday Gifts for Sister and BFF (Best Friends Forever)

I have three sisters. All of them have had their 40th birthday. Obviously, they are much younger than I. Believe me, it was rather embarrassing that when they celebrated their 40th birthday, they were all smiles. The question "Do women fake it?" comes to mind.

Here are some lovely 40th birthday gift ideas for sisters and best friends forever.

  1. Make-over - If your sister or friend has her own hair stylist AND she looks good, take her to her own hair stylist and have a new hairdo. If her hair looks questionable, take her to your hair stylist instead. This is a great birthday gift idea, specially on her 40th birthday.
  2. Manicure and Pedicure - I treated my sisters to manicure and pedicure and they love it. I want one, if and when I ever get to be 40. Sitting there and letting someone do your nails is absolutely wonderful.
  3. Movie Night - You can take your sister or friend to the latest romantic movie or comedy whichever she likes, or you can have a girl friends small party and rent a couple of movies. Women love sad movies. For some reason, we enjoy crying our eyes out.
  4. Dinner - A movie and a dinner would be ideal. But just taking her to her favorite restaurant will be great, too. Your sister or friend will love to have their favorite dessert. Just make sure the word "birthday" is not mentioned in the restaurant, or the stuff will suddenly appear singing "Happy Birthday," and this might cause your sister or friend to sob on the spot.
  5. Buy her a drink or two or three - If your sister or friend likes to drink once in while, this will be a real treat. If your sister or friend loves to drink, this will be a wonderful birthday gift idea. If your sister or friend has a drinking problem, take her to a coffee shop.

2012 40th Birthday Gifts for Mom
2012 40th Birthday Gifts for Mom

40th Birthday Gifts for Mom

Kids, listen here. It's Mom's birthday. Never mind how old. A birthday is a birthday. The very best birthday gift for Mom is peace and quiet. Can you do that? You may also give her a big hug and lots of kisses. Mom loves hugs and kisses. Mom also love those lovely birthday cards you make and all gifts you make yourself. Mom is easy to please. You know why? Because Mom loves you and anything you make and give to her, she will love and treasure it forever.

Tell Mom she can take a nice bubble bath, and promise to behave and not make your baby brother cry.

Ask Dad to take you and Mom out to a picnic, or the movies, or to mini golf. Mom loves to be with her family.

No, sweetie, you don't make a birthday cake for Mom. Ask Dad to buy a birthday cake and you can stick the candles on top. Let Dad light the candles. And yes, you can sing "Happy Birthday" as loud as you can.

And tell Mom you love her. She already knows you do, but Mom always love to hear you say you love her.

A single red rose means "I love you" - 2012 40th Birthday Gifts for Wife
A single red rose means "I love you" - 2012 40th Birthday Gifts for Wife

40th Birthday Gifts for Wife

Take her to Paris. Paris, France.. that is. Paris is the most romantic city in the world. It has an unparalleled aura about it that even words fail to describe. Paris is enthralling and captivating, the "city of lights" exudes the charm of romance like no other. Best known for excellent wines and desserts, Paris is just perfect for romance. The perfect gift for your wife's 40th birthday.

If Paris is out of the question, these 40th birthday gift ideas for your wife, are just as wonderful.

  1. Jewelry. Jewelry. Jewelry. - You can never go wrong with jewelry. Women love jewelries.
  2. Flowers - Jewelry and a dozen long-stem red roses, will make your wife love more. You might even get lucky that night.
  3. Dining and Dancing - When was the last time you took her out dancing. Never mind that you hate dancing. It's not your 40th birthday, it's hers. Dinner and Dancing is very romantic for women. If you combine jewelry, flowers, and dinner and dancing, I assure you, you will get lucky that night.

And don't forget to say "You look more beautiful than the first time I laid eyes on you." Then take her in your arms, and whisper in her ear "I love you. I will always love you. Always."

That will definitely seal the deal.. twice. Lucky you. And it's not even your birthday.

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  • Rosie2010 profile imageAUTHOR

    Rosie Rose 

    6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

    Hiya birthdaywishesquo, thanks for dropping by.

    Welcome to Hubpages, and I wish you all the best.

    Have a nice day,


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    Jeremy Rawlings 

    6 years ago

    Some fine insights from a woman's point of view.


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