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Updated on January 1, 2011


I never dedicate hubs, but I am making it an exception. It meant so much to me to receive mail and messages from friends encouraging me to keep hubbing into the New Year. Personally, I know I share some of my life on here, and always try to offer the same hope, strength, light and magic to you all that keeps me going through the tough times. These past few weeks have been tough for me and it has been you all that have kept me going through your stories, your words, your humor, your encouragement, and your hubs. This one is for you. With a special mention to my little sister, Dawn, who isn’t on hub pages but sent me a text message close to midnight last night wishing me love and a happy new year with a special not e that she was looking forward to my next hub. It’s for all of you that keep me going through the dark times, ever searching for the light.

Brightest Blessings, Erin

Into the New Year 2011

I waited for you in darkness

Wondering how I would feel when you arrived

You washed over me like a warm wave and I hardly noticed

Until I heard the fireworks outside

In shadows 2010 slipped quietly away

No fanfare, some haunting

A quiet slideshow of its highlights

Looking back the choices quite daunting

But now in the New Year

I’m expected to face

With a new coat of armor

Sword, shield and mace

A new brand of dignity

A new smile and move ahead

No time for feeling,

Just fight for life now instead

Find your place, find some peace

Move out of the fog

The shadows don’t really exist

Forget the 2010 prologue

It’s a New Year, ring the bells

Sound the horn, bang the drum

What is your theme?

The time’s already begun!

At first thought what came to me

Was CLARITY at first morning light

To see through the fog

And sort through my life

Then later this morning

After a nice soothing sleep

I wish for HEALING, but not just for me

We all need this one, to have and to keep

I know there is one more theme

On the tip of my tongue

You see, I need more than one

As I am no longer young

The world is now so complicated

And I’m sitting on the border

Lost in my own confusion, fear and pain

Searching for some order

As a south wind blows gently

Its warmer today

And all the promises of a New Year will soon

Be coming our way!


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    • Erin LeFey profile image

      Erin LeFey 7 years ago from Maryland

      Epi, it is truly an honor to me that I have left you speechless. I know how you so easily find words for everyone at every season and every turn. I'm humbled. Namaste'

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 7 years ago are just simply a lovely lovely writer - no other words to say just at the moment - I'm speechless!

    • Erin LeFey profile image

      Erin LeFey 7 years ago from Maryland

      My sweet sister Penny, my goddaughter just emailed me today and said - "Erin, We're butterflies and I feel a brilliant change coming up for us!" - I thought of that as soon as you said it gave you butterflies!

      I love that it gave you hope, love and happiness. I have faith in the spirit of the universe that we'll all feel things shifting in a wonderful direction. Happy New Year Sweet Penny!

    • pennyofheaven profile image

      pennyofheaven 7 years ago from New Zealand

      Very inspiring and uplifting. What a wonderful new year we all have in store for us. Reading our hub gives me butterflies. The images they invoked in me are full of hope love and happiness! The joy of living is a wonderful thing when I read your words. Thank you my dearest!

    • Erin LeFey profile image

      Erin LeFey 7 years ago from Maryland

      With friends and family like you, how could I possibly go wrong? With such strong circling wagons, we should all feel safe and loved...Know each of you that I cherish you for all the love, friendship, encouragement and support and I am here for you as well.

      Now, lets break up this little hug fest my fairy self seems to have started and get on with the business of hubbing!

      Bubbles and Kisses all around! Huzzah!

    • acaetnna profile image

      acaetnna 7 years ago from Guildford

      What a wonderful hub, such a truly beautiful poem. I just feel in my heart that 2011 will be a brilliant year for your Erin. You will come out of the shadows and into the sunlight. Take care and I wish you much love and happiness in 2011.

    • profile image

      Necey 7 years ago

      You are the best sister and friend one could ever hope for.. I wish you love, peace and beauty as you experience every moment of life. All my love, necey

    • profile image

      Mom 7 years ago

      You are awesome!! We love you for who you are, never change! We are always here for you!!

    • b. Malin profile image

      b. Malin 7 years ago

      Very well done, very emotional and to the heart...leave yesterday and 2010 behind...2011 is a new beginning to start fresh, and with a free mind...use it to the fullest and never look back. Thanks for sharing. A Happy, Healthy New Year to you my dear Hubber friend. LOL.

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

      This is so beautiful, dear friend. I believe you can do the best in 2011. I hope you always success in this year. Just never give up and keep writing. Thanks for writing this. I'll support you from the back. Rating up. Happy New Year!

      Love and peace!

    • Erin LeFey profile image

      Erin LeFey 7 years ago from Maryland

      vietnamvet68, ghomefitness, and Rich,

      thanks for all stopping by so soon after the festivities of the New Year! Know I wish you all the same wonderful blessings into the new year with your lives, your families, and of course I always look forward to your hubs! Sometimes I only have time to print them out for when I'm waiting on some appointment and always try to come back to comment, but please know I am reading! Namaste' my friends, see you soon!

    • richtwf profile image

      richtwf 7 years ago

      A wonderful poem Erin and may you have a beautiful New Year!

      God bless you and your family and wish you every success in your writing.

      Peace to you.

    • ghomefitness profile image

      ghomefitness 7 years ago from Chicago,IL

      Beautiful hub and dedication! Have a great 2011 :)

    • vietnamvet68 profile image

      vietnamvet68 7 years ago from New York State

      A beautiful Poem you have written. May your New Year be joyous and delightful all year long. God Bless

      Voted UP and beautiful