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2011 Halloween Adults Costumes

Updated on October 1, 2011

Rovio Angry Birds Adult Costume - Red

Adult Halloween Costumes - Women

Halloween is a fun time for kids and adults. Everyone can dress up in their favorite Halloween costume and party with friends.

There are pumpkins to carve, pumpkin pie to enjoy, trick or treating to do and parties to attend.

You can dress up as your favorite movie character, as a scary witch or vampire or just as a cutie pie princess.

Adults enjoy getting in on the fun as well. It is a chance to have a break from the drudgery of work every day. Halloween lets us take on a different character and enjoy mingling and partying with friends who are in the spirit.

Transformers 3 Adult Costume

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Movie Costume

Become a fun loving and loyal Autobot in your Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Movie - Bumblebee 3D Theatrical W/Vacuform Adult Costume on Halloween night.

This costume includes a detailed helmet with light up eyes, a robotic printed jumpsuit with zipper, hip piece, 3 dimensional chest piece, right gauntler, left gauntlet with attached cannon for this realistic looking replica.

Captain America Movie - Adult Costume

The First Avenger

In this high quality Captain America Prestige Adult Costume you will be loyal to nothing but the dream.

The costume includes a patriotic style, screen-printed jumpsuit with zipper back, attached chest and arm straps, 3D utility belt and character hood with Captain America's signature A.

To top off this costume you will want to add the gloves that go with it.

This is a fun Halloween costume.

Adult Halloween Party Ideas

First you want to create a spooky atmosphere with your decorations, the music, the drinks and treats, and all the decorations. Everyone will be decked out in their spooky or sexy Halloween costume and you want the rest of the atmosphere to fit right in and make it an eerie evening for all.

Here are a few Halloween drinks that are just made for Halloween:

Blood Rum Punch

The dark red color of this punch gives it a bloody feel that is perfect for a Halloween party. Even though this punch has a long list of ingredients it is really pretty simple to put together. To add more spook to the drink decorate the punch bowl with some Halloween stuff like vampire teeth or some creepy spiders.


· 1 750ml bottle rum
· 1/2 bottle red wine
· 6 oz. fresh lime juice
· 6 oz. triple sec liqueur
· 6 oz. simple syrup
· 2 limes sliced in thin wheels
· 2 red oranges sliced in thin wheels

Allow to chill in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours prior to serving.

The Devil's Handshake

The Devil's Handshake has a semi-sweet, tart taste made from a mix of fruits and tequila.


· 1 1/2 parts Tequila
· 3/4 parts lime juice
· 1/2 part simple syrup
· 1 part pineapple juice
· 1 tsp sweet ginger puree
· 1/4 part egg white
· Lime wedge for garnish

Dry shake vigorously, ice and shake again
Strain onto fresh ice in a highball glass
Garnish with a lime wedge

This will yield one drink.

Halloween Party Invitations

You want to have a spooky invitation that is really fitting for the occasion. If you are not in to creating your own invitations then look online. There are many websites have invitations that can be pre-printed and shipped to you.

If you care to make your own invitations here is an idea of some verbiage:

"Ghost, witches and monsters invited and so are you! Join us if you dare."

Party Decorations

You want your house or party location to look spooky. Illuminate with candlelight which will provide spooky shadows for the occasion. If you are using your home then put some orange flickering lights in the windows in order to set the tone before your guests even enter spookville.

Some haunted organ music will provide the perfect background for your haunted Halloween Party.


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