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2011 in Review

Updated on December 18, 2011
Carlos Slim Helú, 2011 richest man in the world via
Carlos Slim Helú, 2011 richest man in the world via | Source

2011 in review was full of hectic activities and incidents. We, as human beings, witnessed a variety of chaotic, miraculous, outstanding, hazardous, unusual and more than super-human phenomena around the whole year. Not to talk of politics, economic scenarios and technology alone, 2011 reviews were replete with extra political, judicial, disordered and unexpected conflicts. Technological achievements were significant, but still global hunger has not been defeated or effectively addressed.


2011 had both good news and a surprise in the sense that Osama Bin Laden was killed by American Forces, and at the same time United States of America declared to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan.


In 2011, the population increased with an unexpected ratio. According to the reports, they say it was 6,928,198,253 (July 2011 EST.)[1] and the recorded top populous countries are China, having more than 1,336.72, followed by India, having more than 1,189.17 and then the United States, having more than 313.23 (in millions).


The production process in 2011 was dramatically greater than before as Gross World Product (GWP) grew 4.9% during the year which increased about 20% that of 2009. Yet, the American economy is reeling, the Eurozone is beset with problems, and Japan has been struggling too following two disasters, the tsunami and nuclear meltdown. As a result, the general outlook in the short term is dire despite the numbers. Perhaps explains why the 99% are in such a foul mood. Perhaps those numbers only meant something for the 1%.


2011 witnessed many political changes all around the world. Most significant of which affected the Middle East countries which faced an Arab Spring - a protest movement clamoring for change and more freedom. Many long-lasting dictators in the region were either thrown out by the revolutionary forces, particularly in Egypt and Libya, or find themselves besieged and under pressure to reform, such as Syria and Yemen. The U.S. is in campaign mode already and the Republicans thick into their primary battles as they choose who will represent their party in next year's presidential election.

Science & Technology

2011 was a milestone for technological achievements. A 2011 technology review was conducted by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in which they have set a top 10 list of technological developments that may have a greater impact on human lives.


Among most dominant personalities in the world, we were deprived of an icon in the field of technology, Steve Jobs. On another front, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee of Liberia and Tawakel Karman of Yemen won the Nobel peace prize in this year for their continuous and steady non-violent struggle for women’s rights.

Richest Man in the World

The top richest personalities of the world include Carlos Slim Helú, a Mexican billionaire having net worth of $74 Billion, Bill's gates, the owner of Microsoft, having net worth of $56 Billion, and Warren Buffet, having net worth of $39 Billion.


Sports has been a source of obsession and excitement the whole year. Whether it is football, tennis, American football, badminton, hockey, cricket, wrestling or any other sport, 2011 held many interesting developments in the field of sports. Kabaddi, a South-Asian game, has been taken onto a worldwide platform. As for football, Uruguay bested perennial favorites Brazil and Argentina to grab hold of the Copa America. Meanwhile, the Japanese women's football team grabbed hold of the Women's World Cup after an emotional win over powerhouse U.S. The victory meant a lot to the Japanese people who were at the time trying to recover from the tsunami and nuclear accident in Fukushima.

On the whole, this was an interesting year, enriched with exciting activities, chaos in politics, revolutions, ousting of dictators, sporting achievement and a global economic crisis.


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