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Updated on April 2, 2011


Every mother deserves the best, including Mother Earth, for this as the approach of that day, May 8 this year, in which we celebrate our beloved mothers because they do not give anything in respect of Mother Nature, "Mom "all of us?



If you want to break the heart of your mother, go with the flowers on the safe side. However, many flowers are imported from other regions / states sometimes even at the international level and this requires extra resources in terms of fuel for transportation, refrigeration and other treatments often needed to keep them fresh. So if you decide to give at least make sure the flowers are grown locally or even better by you in your little garden in the balcony. Or you could celebrate May 8 giving the opportunity for a pack of Fairtrade Rose Certificate as proof of community in Kenya which will be sold in supermarkets promoting Coop, Conad area (Emilia) and Bennett. This year will be particularly important in supporting producers in a difficult economic time because of the blockade of flights caused by the cloud of the Icelandic volcano which prevented the transport of flowers during the last week. With the restoration of air traffic, the roses reach their destination right to the week before Mother's Day. In particular, in Coop supermarkets, will be presented in a new, special packaging produced on site, thus offering further opportunities for African workers. The plantations where they work organizations operating in the circuit Fairtrade (Oserian and Ravine) were chosen for the cultivation techniques used for compliance with the standard SA 8000.




The gifts that shine are very popular with mothers, but the jewelry industry is a major cause of environmental destruction. In fact, it takes up to 5 tons of water and 20 tons of mining waste to create a simple gold ring! You could always consider the purchase of recycled eco-jewels such as those made with salt dough, or even to eat with the pasta (stars or razor). While to make them more tasty surprise you give your sweet mom-made jewelry to you with so many colors and soft candies. But if your mom is, like, especially "alternative" and technology, then bet on some piece of the collection of geek-jewelry, unique designs created by reusing old PC components.While a mother that wants to be always tip but not giving up his green-style: clock Patch biodegradable paper created by the historic Swiss brand ALTANUS has always been sensitive to environmental issues. Patch is ultra-light with its 11 grams of weight, biodegradable paper strap that fits on your wrist like a second skin, is made in a form of reading lights. Not only that, Patch, with features time, date and timer, is available in 10 original fluorescent colors, and, not least, is sold at the reduced price of 24 Euro!



For the mother who can not leave the house if he did not put at least one drop of her favorite perfume, a better idea would be to replace the 'essence that for years but now uses cocktail of toxic chemicals, with delicious organic fragrances, tested and certified free of substances harmful to the environment and for his own health.




As for perfumes is the same thing, many products for women's cosmetics are full of highly dangerous chemicals both man and nature. If you already know to be safe to give your mom cosmetic products for face and body then better focus on eco-lipsticks, red, sensual, but without phthalates, face creams derived from natural products or saw the approach of ' a good summer and strictly eco sunscreen.In these days then IOMIAMO was launched, the new cosmetics line certified organic label products with waste agricultural products of Slow Food, Alternative Trade and proposes new calendar made with fair trade shea butter, olive oil, honey, coconut oil and olive oil from certified Fairtrade cooperative in Burkina Faso, Peru, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, Palestine.



For Mother's Day full of romance, a candle is a perfect thought. But did you know that most candles are made from byproducts of crude oil? A burning candle releases benzene, styrene, acetone and other harmful substances. The wicks on the candles can also contain some lead! Also, scented candles can contain more synthetic chemicals. So perhaps it is best to choose eco-candles unscented and made with soy or beeswax then made with all natural essential oils, or you could try your hand in the production of candles made do-it-yourself recycling the wax of your candle already in use.



For a mother always "elegant" even when it's time to sleep you could give a nice pajamas or a nightgown course in certified organic cotton or bamboo fiber and soft at the same time very sensual. But if you are at the moment of "green", a beautiful picnic basket full of organic produce in nature could be what your mom wanted but would never dare ask


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    • daffodil2010 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      we will celebrate it for the first time this year :)

    • onceuponatime66 profile image

      Jackie Paulson 

      7 years ago from USA IL

      My daughter is 17 and I doubt she will do anything for me for Mother's day this year. But my two sisters and I will have a delightful brunch. :)

    • Lita C. Malicdem profile image

      Lita C. Malicdem 

      7 years ago from Philippines

      This is a unique idea- remembering us, Earthling Mothers and at the same time paying tribute to Mother Earth with these eco-friendly suggestions of Mother's Day gifts. I use candles most of the time- and I choose scented ones. Now I'll think twice before I buy again. Love this! Thank you!

    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 

      7 years ago from Massachusetts

      Great Mother's Day hub, thanks for all the gift ideas !

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Very thoughtful.


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