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2011's Best Christmas Gifts for Bookworms

Updated on November 26, 2011

Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers

Everyone has a bookworm or two in their life; the kind of person who would always rather have their nose buried in the pages of some lofty tome. Whether your particular book lover has transitioned to an e-reader or is staunchly true to the paper format, there are many great Christmas gifts that can complement their bookish hobbies and interests. This list will cover some of the great basics, although feel free to customize them further based on what you know about your bookworm. For example, consider what genre they love most, and if they love a certain series in particular. Knowing what a reader likes and using that in your gift is what will take a good gift and make it great.

I do recommend against giving any particular books, unless specifically asked for. The trouble with bookworms is that they seem to have read everything! So, avoid giving repeats and instead consider some of the ideas below.


Bookworms love Moleskine. It must be a scientific fact, carefully measured and studied somewhere. Don't worry, no actual moles lost their skins to furbish these journals. Book lovers will revel in a portable place to jot down any notes or thoughts they have, or even keep a diary or write a book of their own!

Themed Jewelry

If your bookworm happens to be female (or a more open-minded male,) jewelry that reflects their favorite book series can be a great gift. There's plenty out there, especially for the more popular series. Harry Potter fans can find almost anything, from House brooches to replicas of Ravenclaw's Diadem. Twilight fans have a similarly wide selection to choose from, and can broadcast their undying love for the series as the final movie is released. Other popular book series include the Hunger Games, A Song of Ice and Fire, the Hunger Games, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and the Inheritance Cycle. All of these have some lovely memorabilia on the market for them. All you have to do is find the piece that you feel your bookworm would appreciate most!

Gift Cards

I advised against buying specific books, but allowing your bookworm to buy his or her own can be one of the best gifts they receive this Christmas. Amazon is the largest bookseller on the web, is available anywhere, and offers both e-books and the regular paper format. When it comes to book-buying, they're hard to beat. You can order the gift cards to be delivered digitally, or through the mail with a nice card.

Another good gift card option is a Starbucks card. There's nothing like curling up with a book and your favorite blend of coffee or tea. Most book lovers will love a few free cups for Christmas.


Another way to customize your gift is to send your bookworm a personalized bookmark. It may seem like a surprising industry, but there's a perfect bookmark out there for everyone. Need a bookmark that can hold a highlighter? Amazon's got you covered. How about a bookmark that can record how long you or a child has been reading? Beautiful Harry Potter bookmarks as your book lover makes their way through the classic series?

Bookmarks are essential to any reader, but they don't all have to be a boring slip of laminated paper. Give your bookworm an extra, personal little touch to remember you by every time they open or close a book.

A Book Light

Whether your bookworm reads regular ink or the e-ink of a Kindle, there are times when light conditions just won't foster a happy reading experience. Now your bookworm can read during long car rides, or simply enjoy relaxing in a darkened room. Book lights can clip right onto the cover of a book or the top of an e-reader to provide a portable light source anywhere you go. They come in many different styles of brightness and size, to suit every reader.

A Book Stand

Book stands are great for when a bookworm needs two free hands. They are especially handy when cooking, to prop up a cookbook, or while studying and taking notes. This stand folds up conveniently and can hold all but the largest of books. For $2.00, it's hard to imagine buying something more useful.

The Kindle Fire

For someone looking to spend a little more on their bookworm, the Kindle Fire is the must have item this Christmas. The Fire not only provides an easy e-reader interface in vibrant color, but it also has internet access and free cloud storage on Amazon's impressive servers. The Kindle Fire makes it possible for a book lover to carry all of his or her favorite titles in an ultra-light, portable tablet. Even better, save your college bookworm the slog of carrying around heavy textbooks - many are now available in an ebook format! If your recipient already owns a Kindle, the Fire is a great upgrade. If not, why not bring them into the digital era of books? I can guarantee that even the most staunch advocates of bound books will find something to love with the Kindle Fire.

Kindle Covers

If your bookworm already has a Kindle, give them a useful cover to protect their device and also add a stylish element to it. Covers can be simple, leather bindings or contain pages for easy notes while reading. The latter can be wonderful for students, as electronic textbooks become more and more popular. Covers prevent scratches, dings, and shock damage while also providing some of the comforting feel of a traditional book.

These are the basics to buying a gift for a bookworm. With these in mind, set about learning what makes your book lover tick, and personalize your Christmas present for him or her. They will be grateful for the time and thought you put into even the smallest gift, so get out there and get shopping!


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    • molometer profile image

      molometer 5 years ago

      Some useful gift ideas here for avid bookworms. Well presented and interesting hub.

    • Gofygure profile image

      Gofygure 5 years ago from Kutztown, PA

      Thanks. :) I only write gift hubs about stuff that I personally love. A lot of this stuff is on my Christmas list, too!

    • profile image

      Bmd 5 years ago

      Uhm, I am a die hard Harry Potter fan and I cannot find a single replica of ravenclaws diadem... :( If you know of a site you can purchase it from please let me know.

    • Mark Tulin profile image

      Mark Tulin 2 years ago from Santa Barbara, California

      Useful hub. I live with a bookworm and I know several. Great gift ideas.

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