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2013 Valentine's Day Gifts For Women

Updated on June 19, 2013

Valentine's Day is coming up fast, do you know what you will be giving your sweetheart? There are quite a few ways to show the one you love just how much you care.


Roses are a traditional gift for men to give the women in their life. Did you know that there are meanings behind the different colors of roses? White roses symbolize purity or innocence – these roses make a great gift for a son to his mother. Yellow roses symbolize friendship and happiness, these roses are perfect for a mother, a friend, or a new girlfriend. Pink roses are for romantic love and work well for a long term girlfriend or someone that is a serious romantic interest. Red roses symbolize true love, they are just right for giving to a long term girlfriend, wife, or fiancee.

The traditional meanings behind the colors of roses can make the occasion even more special if the gift giver explains the meaning to the recipient. Taking the time to tell why they chose one color over another will be very romantic!


Chocolates are another traditional gift. You don't need to buy plain chocolates, though. There are many different types of chocolate in many different forms. A multitude of flavors can be found from orange to crème de menthe. Try creating your own gift box of chocolates with the favorite flavors your special someone loves. You can find chocolate flavored coffees, liqueurs, and more.


While roses and chocolates have been the mainstay of gifts for women on Valentine's Day there are quite a few other gifts that will make that special someone swoon.

Stuffed animals-

Many adult women still love stuffed animals especially when they have a special meaning behind them or are holding another gift. Try placing a necklace on a white or red teddy bear and watch her eyes light up!


Some women would prefer a more adult approach to a gift. Wine in their favorite flavor might just make their day.

Wild Flowers -

Roses are great, but what if your lady doesn't like roses? Many online flower delivery companies offer other flowers including wildflowers. Try to pick the type that reminds you most of her or you can choose a flower that symbolizes something special that will make her think of you.

Gift Cards-

Gift cards are great for most occasions. Be careful when choosing one for the love of your life as you don't want her to think you were trying to get out of thinking of a gift for her. When choosing a gift card for the lady you love try picking something that you can both do together or something that is a pampering event just for her. Think in the line of restaurant gift cards, spa gift certificates, and more.


In today's world we need to stay connected. If you can afford it many women would absolutely love to receive a Kindle or a new mobile phone. If you decide to go with a Kindle, include a gift code from Amazon so she can stock up her device!


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