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Great and Classy 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Updated on February 15, 2012

21st Birthday Presents

I've always held that someone's 21st birthday is unique in that, along with a few other choice dates, it is a birthday marked by ideas and events rather than presents. Rather than only focus on gifts (I'll mention those too) the main thrust of this article will be exploring ideas that will help shape the 21st birthday into a long-lasting memory.

This article will focus on taking the bull by it's horns, willingly or not, into a thrilling, cost-effective experienced that is enjoyed by everyone involved -- and not solely at the expense of the celebrated. But where the pressure is on everyone involved (and obviously, the fun too!)

21st Birthday Ideas

Indoor Skydiving

Perhaps the most prosaic of my choices, but when compared to over entries that are part of the high-energy "wooo" experiences, it remains my favorite.

My attraction to indoor skydiving stems from the fact that it combines both exhilaration, a climatic buildup (a brief training class, equipment training and flight) and safety. It is an experience which promises complete temporary detachment from everyday life. Prices can vary greatly, but there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to book deals that offer family friendly prices. Cost per person will amount, on average, around $50 per person.

Despite indoor skydiving being little known, a large number of companies now offer these services. But finding one near you may be an option. All in all, it is undoubtedly better to make it a day trip.

Organize A Go Karting Race

Feel like reviving old competitive tendencies or creating entirely new ones? Why not organize your own go-karting challenge for friends and family?

The cost however can be a little restrictive, but if you're willing to spend a small fortune on the big day, you can't really go wrong. Expect to pay upwards of $10 per person per half an hour of racing, and additional costs if someone decides to break something. Another thing to remember is that there is a minimum age (usually around 8 -- or based on height) which may exclude younger children from racing along with the adults.

Some tracks even allow small tournaments to be held, but needless to say, reservations must be made well in advance.

21st Birthday Presents

For Him

The Mr. Beer Premium Edition Home, may just be the perfect humorous reminder of what a real coming of age actually means. It means brewing your own beer with impunity! This is the figurative king of manly 21st birthday ideas.

What I like about this idea is the fact that brewing beer with this product not only means a ready supply of customized liquefied bread, it also means that friends and family are in on the deal too.

Mr. Beer offers some great advantages:

  • Brewing with Mr. Beer is simply a matter of adding water.
  • Great beer that costs a fraction of what it normally would.
  • Brewing turnaround time is roughly two weeks.
  • You can brew again and again with its re-usable kit.
  • Makes an excellent gift

For Her

I'm painfully aware that I've betrayed the fact that I'm a guy throughout this article, but this is the nail in the coffin. Now, being a guy, this is something of a partisan gift. But the fact remains that Love in White consistently tops my perfume chart, and I can safely say that every girl I've met adores it. The one problem is that it is quite expensive, so I'd order samples before buying (though I find it hard to believe you'll scoff at this one).

Amazon consumer ratings reinforce my belief (a perfect 5 star score) and because I'm a little out of my depth with sensual descriptions, here are a couple of more indicative statements made by reviewers:

It's more like subtle scent, if you like strong scent, it's not for you.

I'm really happy with this perfume. Very different but it smells expensive and very classy!!!! If you can afford it, buy it!!

I can see why Michelle Obama wears Love in white by Creed. It's the best perfume I've smelled in a long time.


This concludes my list of 21st gift ideas, I hope you enjoyed it! I know there is a high probability that you didn't find what you were looking for due to the subjective nature of my selections, I merely aimed to spark some ideas. 

Thank you very much for reading my article! For any criticisms or suggestions please use the comment capsule located below this text.



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