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25 Fun Slumber Party Ideas

Updated on July 7, 2015
What girl doesn't love a slumber party with friends?
What girl doesn't love a slumber party with friends? | Source

Slumber party. Whose idea was it to call it that, anyway? It seems like an oxymoron, if you ask me! How can one possibly slumber and party at the same time? You really can’t. Well, I suppose some can slumber while the others party at the slumberer’s expense, but that’s a whole different story.

So if you don’t really sleep at a slumber party, what do you do? You certainly wouldn’t want any guests to be bored as they would never want to sleep over again!

In order to keep your guests busy and not slumbering, I have compiled this list of 25 of my favorite slumber party ideas from my party hosting days!

Movie night!
Movie night! | Source

1. Movie marathon: Pop some popcorn and get comfy in your jammies while playing all of your friends’ favorite flicks. Twilight, anyone?

2. Makeover: Make each other look beautiful, and take pictures! Try looking at pictures of celebrities and do a celebrity look-alike makeover!

3. Hand massages: These are wonderful right before everyone crashes; hand massages will lull everyone into a relaxed, sleepy state.

4. Manhunt: Like hide-and-seek, but on a larger scale, take this game outside and use the neighborhood. Don’t forget to set boundaries though!

5. Laser tag: Someone is bound to have this game, if not, buy a few before the party because this is a blast!

6. Facials: Break out the face masks and cucumber slices, because your guests are in for a real treat!

7. Paint nails: Nobody likes the chipped nail polish look, so try to use this time to beautify the nails! If it’s flip-flop weather, don’t neglect the toes.

8. Video games: Everyone likes video games. If you have a kinect or a wii, this is a great way to involve everyone in the gaming while staying active.

9. Make silly videos: Share them on youtube and whatever social networking sites you use, if any.

10. Have a “horrible makeover” contest: The complete opposite of a normal makeover, have a contest after giving the most hideous makeovers possible!

11. Glow swimming: Dollar stores sell lots of glow sticks for cheap, so pick up a bunch, crack them on, toss them into a pool and wear them as jewelry.

12. Snack away: You can’t go wrong with snacks; in fact, there should be snacks open at all times during any slumber party.

13. Arts and crafts: Get crafty, some of the coolest things I ever made were at slumber parties!

14. Tell secrets: Okay, so they won’t really be secrets anymore, but it feels good to get some out!

15. Tell scary stories: Whether you have real stories from living in a haunted house, or just some good made-up ones, tell these to send shivers down the spines of your guests, and listen to theirs as well!

16. Backyard camping: Camping anywhere is fun, even if just in the backyard.

17. Picnic under the stars: Pack up something for dinner or a bunch of tasty snacks and head up to the neighborhood park for a picnic under the stars!

18. Bake things: Anything. And eat it all.

19. Make a pretend radio show: If you have a karaoke machine, elect one person to sing a song when you “radio DJ’s” decide to play one.

20. Dance contest: It never hurts to record it, either!

21. Take pictures: Well, this is inevitable.

22. Board games: These are normally a last-resort kinda thing, so if you notice people starting to get bored, and have tried everything else, break out a few fun board games! Make up silly rules like “loser takes a spoonful of hot sauce.”

23. Prank calls: "Is this Amanda Hugginkiss?"

24. Truth or dare: This is a timeless game. Truth can be boring, so feel free to make this game just a “dare or consequence” kind of game. Be sure to write a bunch of consequences on pieces of paper to be drawn from a hat.

25. Pizza: Duh!

Taking funny pictures or videos are a must!
Taking funny pictures or videos are a must! | Source

Party All Night Long!

The majority of these activities can be accomplished during a single slumber party, and I challenge you to do them all! You might be extremely tired the next day, but that will just be the evidence that your slumber party was awesome!

Now it's time to party all night long! Have fun and remember, no boys allowed!

What's your favorite slumber party activity?

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      Jocelyn 13 months ago

      These are great ideas