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29th Feb has arrived again: Significant for these folks?

Updated on February 22, 2016

Seeing the date Feb 29th on a calendar can definitely spark a conversation and when I see it, the first thing I think is: "I wonder who's birthday is it today?".

Over the years, I've also notice that that date always starts off a great conversation; with varying degrees of input and opinions.

Did you know that a person born on February 29 is called a "leapling"?

If seeking a conversation starter about this date, then these births and deaths that occurred on this day, can assist you with that.

Being born on this day

As this date usually only exists every 4years (I say usually because not every 4th year is a leap year - more on this later) and so those born on this day, they either don't/can't celebrate for three years or do so on the February 28 and/or March 1.

Recognising birthdays is one thing and being a twin so you share your birthday is another.

Then there's even some mum's that give birth on their birthdays; which gives cause for a double celebration similar to twins!

But spare a thought for those born on the 29th Feb, who have siblings and ALL share their birthday celebrations on this day.

And no, I'm not talking triplets.


You read correctly.

There are siblings who were all born on this day, with 4years between them!

Triplets? | Source

Who are these siblings?

Louise Estes from the USA gave birth on this day to:

  • Her son Xavier on Feb 29, 2004.
  • Another son Remington on Feb 29, 2008


  • her daughter Jade on Feb 29 2012

I'm unsure whether her and husband David, who have two other children, are expecting again this leap year.

World record?

Now do you think the Estes have hit a world record?


The Henriksen family from Norway held this world feat first!

Karin Henriksen gave birth to:

  • her daughter Heidi on Feb 29th 1960
  • her son Olav arrived on Feb 29th 1964


  • another son named Leif-Martin on Feb 29th 1968.

Now what are the odds of giving birth on the 29 Feb - three times - and not being the only one?

BUT even more so...

...what are the odds of giving birth to the same genders in both families?

Mrs Henriksen gave birth to two boys and one girl AND Mrs Estes gave birth to two boys and one girl!

These births and similarities are definite conservations starters whether it is a leap year or not me thinks,

Talking of birthdays...

Birthday cake
Birthday cake | Source
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Seymour Aubrey Papert
Seymour Aubrey Papert
Seymour Aubrey Papert | Source

Seymour Aubrey Papert was born 1928 and is one of the pioneers of artificial intelligence, who with his other co-inventors created the Logo programming language.

"Logo" derives from the Greek language logos meaning word or 'thought' and is not an acronym as found with most programming languages such as COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language)

You probably are looking at the finished results of a Logo programme and not know it.

Think 3D.

You may not recognise some 3D shapes or graphics as originating from the Logo language but many are. An example of the finished result of a Logo program is shown below.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
The Logo program produced this above graphic
The Logo program produced this above graphic
The Logo program produced this above graphic | Source

Ricardo Leyva Muñoz Ramírez

He was born in El Paso, Texas in 1960.

How and why was he better known as the "Night Stalker" by the news media until his capture ?

Was it the influence of his older cousin, Miguel Ramirez who often boasted of his gruesome exploits when he was a U.S. Army Green Beret combat veteran to the then 12yr old Ricardo later known as Richard?

or was it his father's violent temper and ultimate fatal crime of killing his mum by shooting her in the face, in his presence, during a domestic argument on May 4, 1973?

or his older sister Ruth's husband, Roberto who showed Richard how to be a "peeping Tom" by taking him when he went on his nocturnal peeping?

Only he can say if these events influenced him to be who he was but as he never expressed any remorse for his crimes and died of complications from B-cell lymphoma while awaiting execution on California's death row June 7, 2013, I doubt the answers to those questions will never be.

Anthony Robbins

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Anthony Robbins
Anthony Robbins
Anthony Robbins | Source

Anthony Robbins

Have you read an Anthony Robbins book?

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Tony Robbins

Finishing reading Unlimited Power, many years ago, I knew I had to credit this man for the start of my self help journey.

Anthony J. Mahavoric, perhaps better known to you as Anthony or Tony Robbins is a motivational speaker and author who was born 1960 to John and Nikki in California. He got his surname at aged 12yrs when one of his mother's husbands named Jim, legally adopted him.

Anthony Robbins began his career as we know it today, at aged 17yrs when he began promoting seminars for Jim Rohn and as they say the rest is history.

Like many famous people, he has had his own personal ups and downs in life.


  • He became a dad to Jairek Robbins with Liz Acosta in 1984.
  • He adopted Tyler, Jollie, Joshua who are the three children of Rebecca Biggerstaff/Jenkins who he was married to for 14 years. It ended with a divorce, that due to many discussions on assets division, dragged on for three years
  • In 2001 he got married to Bonnie Humphrey


  • In 2000, he paid $650,900 in damages (amount decided based upon a percentage of profits from a series of Tony Robbins' seminars link to the damages) to financial seminar guru Wade Cook, who had sued him for copyright infringement and plagiarism. The case centred around the allegation that Mr Robbins had used proprietary terms in his seminars and from Cook's book 'Wall Street Money Machine'.
  • In chapter 10 of his book Unlimited Power, 'Energy: the Fuel of Excellence', (which is dedicated to a discussion of health and energy) was in May 1995, the centre of a critical review by The National Council Against Health Fraud. They found that there were factual inaccuracies in the chapter that could ultimately mislead the reader.


  • Robbins hasn't forgotten his humble roots. The Anthony Robbins Foundation feeds more than four million people around the holidays each year through its international "Basket Brigade", it has also helped over 800 correctional facilities and halfway houses with books, tapes, and lesson plans to assist participants to break their incarcerated patterns. Its Homeless program division is accomplishing it's mission by support the homeless.
  • He also owns the Namale Resort and Spa in Fiji, a five-star resort that offers luxury villas, spa cuisine, massages, hydrotherapy and scuba diving trips to the nearby coral reefs.

For a man who left home aged 17yrs and has certainly influenced a lot of people positively since then, including me, definitely gets my salute.

JA Rule

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JA Rule
JA Rule
JA Rule | Source

Jeffrey Atkins was born in New York 1976 and is better known by his stage name Ja Rule. He got his name from his initials and by taking on the name "Rule" that his friend gave him. He is an American rapper and actor.


  • In 1998 he made his radio debut as a featured artist on Jay-Z's single "Can I Get A...," and in 1999 he released his debut album, Venni Vetti Vecci and its single "Holla Holla".
  • Ja Rule has earned four Grammy nominations, and six top ten albums,
  • Turning to acting. In 2000 he made his film debut in Turn It Up then Scary Movie 3 in 2003 and Assault on Precinct 13 in 2005.


  • A two year sentence was given in 2010 when he pled guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon.
  • Then in 2011, he was sentenced to 28 months behind bars for tax evasion which was served concurrently with his other sentence.


  • Ja Rule married his high school sweetheart Aisha Murray in 2001 who has been by his side through thick and thin.
  • They have 3 children: Brittney born 1995, Jeffrey Jr. born 2000 and Jordan born 2004
  • They say the secret to their long-lasting marriage is ‘friendship.’ and says his prison ordeal brought his family closer.

And here's to many more years together too Ja Rule!

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Melvin Purvis
Melvin Purvis
Melvin Purvis | Source


Melvin Horace Purvis II was born Oct 1903, the 5th of 12 children.

He was an American law enforcement official and became a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent in 1927.

He has captured more public enemies than any other agent in FBI history.

His most famous capture of John Dillinger bought him fame and he also took the lead with tracking down Baby Face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd,

Shortly after Dillinger's death in 1934, Purvis resigned from the FBI and took up a law practice.

On February 29, 1960, while at his home in South Carolina, Purvis died aged 56yrs from a gunshot wound to the head fired from the pistol given to him by his FBI colleagues as a leaving present. A later investigation suggested that Purvis may have shot himself accidentally while trying to extract a tracer bullet jammed in the pistol.

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Davy Jones
Davy Jones
Davy Jones | Source


David Thomas Jones was born in December 1945 in Lancashire, England and was a singer, guitarist, and actor.

He made his first television acting debut on 6 March 1961 in a popular English soap opera called Coronation Street.

Emigrating to America, he later became famous for being a member of the four-man pop rock group called the Monkees from 1966 to 1971, and co-starred in the TV series of the same name.

In 1996 Davy Jones reunited with the other Monkee members to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the band.

Jones was married three times.

  • Wife number one was Dixie Linda Haines who he married in December 1968, and had two daughters. Talia Elizabeth, born 1968 and Sarah Lee born 1971. The marriage ended in 1975.
  • Wife number two was Anita Pollinger who he married in 1981 and also had two daughters with her. Jessica Lillian born 1981 and Annabel Charlotte born 1988. That marriage ended in 1996.
  • Wife number three was Jessica Pachecoon who he married 2009.

On the morning of 29 February 2012, he complained of chest pains and difficulty with breathing. Rushing him to hospital he was pronounced dead of a severe heart attack due to coronary artery disease.

Those Monkee songs will live on and I think there are so many to choose from to have a specific favourite.


The Monkees

Have you purchased a Monkee album?

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Violet Jane Hodges was born Kent, England

Who was she and why have I included her?

Because she was born in September 1899 and is one of the few British supercentenarian who achieved this status by gaining the record of being the oldest person in the United Kingdom.

This title was awarded to her almost a year before her death at the age of 112 years

or 41,087 days old

or 112 years, 5 months, 27 days to be exact.

Her sisters Bertha and Marjorie lived to the ages of 106 and 99 respectively.

She was married to Harry Wood for 62 years until his death at the age of 92.

She even drove a car until she was 80 years old,

You can hear her tell her story and more in this 3min 38sec YouTube vid:

Violet Woods at 110 years old

Click thumbnail to view full-size
29th Feb
29th Feb
29th Feb | Source

Years that are divisible by 100, but not by 400, do not contain a leap day.

Check this fact out and see for yourself.

Look at the years 1700, 1800, and 1900. You'll see that they did not contain a leap day and yet the years 1600 and 2000 did.

Looking forward, you'll see that the years 2100, 2200, and 2300 will not contain a leap day neither will 2400.

One more for you...

In the Chinese calendar, 29th Feb only occurs in years of the Monkey, Dragon, and Rat.

Know someone

Do you know someone who has a birthday on 29th Feb?

See results

PS: If 29th Feb is your birthday too, then have a brilliant time this year and make sure that you enjoy your celebrations :)


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