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3 Reasons Why Moving Out Calls for a Celebration

Updated on April 24, 2013
Moving out? This calls for a celebration!
Moving out? This calls for a celebration! | Source

Moving out? Shout it out for the entire world to know. Just because moving out sounds the same as moving on, doesn’t mean they invoke the same emotions. There’s really nothing to be sad about it. You gained friends in the neighborhood and now you are about to add some more on your list. Still can’t shake that sad feeling off? Here are 5 more reasons to cheer you up:

Fresh start

Don’t you just love new beginnings? Things do always look and feel good when they’re new. Well this is simply the perfect time to let the creative you come out. Remember the first time you moved in on your new home? You arranged and rearranged your furniture, bought lovely draperies, paintings to adorn your wall; do them all again! It may not be the first time but who cares; go on and be excited about it. You want to paint your walls red, go on; no one can tell you not to (except your partner). Were you known as grumpy old Sally on your old neighborhood? Smile at everyone on this new home. With the fresh start comes the new you!

Love the fresh start.
Love the fresh start. | Source

Time to unload

Have you been carrying too much baggage? The physical world you live in says a lot about your emotional state. Do you keep clutters from the past you can’t seem to have the strength to let go? Now is your perfect alibi to leave them all behind. Let Mr. Garbage Man find some use on them. You won’t just save space on your new home; you symbolically let go of the unnecessary stuff as well. Things like the old shirt your ex-boyfriend left on your closet, the sea shells you picked on each beach you went to, and the list goes on.

Time to throw away excess baggage.
Time to throw away excess baggage. | Source

Inventory time

The last time I moved out, I realized I’ve been buying and keeping a lot of books I never got the chance to read! I can put up a library already! But of course, who wants to go to the library of only novels on it. So I promised to buy good reads and non-fiction books from then on (with the end in mind of putting up a library someday). See how a simple thing as moving out can spark an ambition? One nice thing about inventories of your possessions is that it reminds you of how much or how little investment you have so far. Have you been working for a decade but you don’t even have a laptop to show for it?

Chillax on your moving out day. Have fun!
Chillax on your moving out day. Have fun! | Source

The preparations, including the moving announcements, the actual moving out, and finally the settling down may sap the life out of you; but keep it light. Let your body feel the weight while keeping your spirits up. Have fun!


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    • shielamaeparreno profile image

      Shiela Mae Parreno 5 years ago from Davao City, Philippines

      Thanks manthy!

    • manthy profile image

      Mark 5 years ago from Alabama,USA

      Good hub --- moving out is part of life so you might as well celebrate it.

      Best wishes