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31 Phobias: #2 the Fear of Being Watched

Updated on November 1, 2017
Is someone watching you?
Is someone watching you? | Source


And the People who like to Watch - Voyeurism

The "Peeping Tom"

Is someone watching you?

It can be a very scary thought, the idea of somebody actually watching you; your every move; everywhere you go and anybody you talk to. It's enough to make some people to never want to leave their home again. Being alone isn't quite as easy (and personal) as it use to be. From micro cams to mini listening devices to hackers actually hacking into personal computers and watching their victims through their very own web cam. There are easy-to-follow programs and applications (usually at a very high cost) that can help these cyber-criminals tap into your cell phones and even your land-line telephones.


Facts about Voyeurism

Observing Others

Voyeurism is Quite Common

Do you have a little voyeurism in you?

According to Wikipedia, when it came to voyeurism, they claimed that one study proved that "instances of it can be found in the Bible". Voyeurism is nothing new, it's been around for quite a long time.

Television shows such as "Big Brother" & "Survivor", is a type of voyeurism. However, in these televised situations the person(s) know they are being watched. But in more serious cases of voyeurism, the observed has no idea they are being watched. Even while performing their more private & sometimes most intimate moments (ex: showering, using the toilet, lovemaking, &c.)

 The term "Peeping Tom" originates from the Lady Godiva legend
The term "Peeping Tom" originates from the Lady Godiva legend | Source

Facts on Voyeurism

Is Voyeurism a Disease?

Voyeurism is a Psychosexual Disorder

So yes, voyeurism is a disease

To put it simply, voyeurism is psychosexual disorder that gives the person some sort of sexual gratification by watching others. Especially observing those in their most private & intimate moments. Most voyeurs find pleasure by video taping their victims, even while their victims are doing their normal, everyday errands. In extreme cases, a voyeur will watch their victims family, including the wife, husband and even their children.

Types of Voyeurism

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Whenever the word "voyeur"is heard, right away people begin to think that somebody must be going around the neighborhood peeping in peoples windows. This is where the term "Peeping Tom" originated from. However, this isn't always the case.

I'm not saying that this doesn't happen, I'm just saying that more times than not a voyeur has one specific individual in mind.

Peeping in windows isn't the only method a voyeur can use. Unfortunately, due to modern day technology, voyeurs can now tap into your cell phones and listen in on your conversations. Voyeurs can hear conversations that involve financial transactions, addresses to friends & family and even take note on locations where you may be alone.

Then there's the web cam. I'm sure you've heard stories about people hacking into computers and watching people doing normal, everyday things around the house. Personally, I find this totally outrageous - but at the same time, totally preventable.

Most web cam models can be an instant target for voyeurs, however, most of these web cam girls are college educated and know how to prevent voyeurs and possible stalkers from getting to close to them.

Nowadays, most people have laptops that are equipped with web cams. These web cams are located at the top of the video screen simply for convenience. The web cam located at the top and makes it simpler for the viewers to see each other. However, most people fail to turn off their computer and leaving the laptop open. This is not only good for dust and other particles to get into your keyboard, but it also makes it possible for hackers to turn on your web cam without your knowledge. Most web cams on laptops will turn on a red light indicating that the web cam is in operation. Hackers can now turn on your web cam without having the red light indicator notifying you that it's in use.

Then there's the desktop computer. Remember those? Yeah, they're still around and in good proper use. The web cams that are usually used with desktop computers, literally have web cams attached to the top of the computer screen. To prevent a hacker trying to take a peek at you, simply cover it with a hat.
Problem solved.


When Voyeurism becomes Extreme

Stalking is a Serious Offense

After a while, when the voyeur gets to a point where nothing else seems important to them, they may start stalking their victim. This can be quite bothersome & dangerous if these situations go unreported to the proper authorities. Most "voyeurs-turned-stalkers" are usually married men, but there are married women that can carry out the same psychosexual disorder behavior as well. And these stalkers can/will get so infatuated and obsessed with this person, that they are willing to lose everything they possess in order to be as close to that person as possible at all times. This includes money, their job, their home and even their family.

The President of the United States of America

President Barack Hussein Obama
President Barack Hussein Obama | Source

The United States Government

Who's watching who? Who's watching you?

The US Government is Watching You

Of Course They Are

And why shouldn't they? I'm against the United States spying on its own citizens, but on the other hand I can't really blame them. There are thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants that constantly cross the United States border, and not just through Mexico either. Canada has now been a major entry point for illegal immigrants to cross into the United States.

Illegal immigrants are a problem for the American people "blue collar worker", however it's such a positive "cash flow" for the United States. That's why they're not taking it as serious as they should.

Think about all the unclaimed Social Security money that will NEVER get collected because the person was an illegal immigrant and NEVER intended on collecting his Social Security...we're talking million$.

So yes, the United States government is watching its citizens and its borders more than the American public seems to think.

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