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365 Holidays, Festivals and Celebrations

Updated on June 18, 2009

365 Days of Holidays, Festivals and Celebrations

How many times have you heard someone say, "If only today were a holiday."....., " I wish there was a holiday every day"......." Why isn't there a holiday for" ?

There are holidays and festivals for every possible cause, religion, country and festival. Not all holidays are "public". Not all holidays are observed. BUT, there are holidays 365 days a year. Somewhere in the world, there is a holiday for you! Need a break? Take a holiday (if only in your mind). Right here, right now. You don't need to pack a bag unless you decide to take part in the holiday in person.

Never heard of "National Good Teen Day"? Wondering who is thinking on "World Thinking Day"? For many of the holidays, simply click the name and it will take you away, to learn a bit about the holiday. (Stop by often. I will be adding more links to the holidays every week!) But don't forget to come back! There are another 364 days of holidays waiting right here.

If you are intrigued, take a detour and plan your next holiday around a holiday somewhere else in the world.

Right here at Squidoo, every day is a holiday. CELEBRATE!

Photo courtesy of: TingChang


1. Global Family Day

2. Port Arthur Day (Australia)

3. Festival of Sleep Day

4. World Braille Day & Myanmar/(Burma) Independence Day

5. 12th Night

6. 3 Kings Day

7. Victory Day over the Genocidal Regime ( Cambodia)

8. Tamkarhit -Ashura (Senegal) & Women's Day Greece

9. Peace Agreement Day (Sudan)

10. Duruthu Full Moon Poya Day (Sri Lanka)

11. Independence Day (Morocco) & National Unity Day (Nepal)

12. Japan- Coming of Age Day

13. Old New Year's Eve (Russia)

14. Orthodox New Year

15. Malawi - John Chilembwe Day & Humanitarian Day

16. National Good Teen Day 

17. Liberation Day (Poland)

18. Winnie the Pooh Day

19. National Popcorn Day (US) & Timket (epiphany) Ethiopia

20. World Religion Day

21. Lady of Altagracia Day (Dominican Republic)

22. International Day of Radiant Peace

23. National Pie Day (US)

24. National Compliment Day

25. 101 Dalmations Birthday

26. Australia Day- Republic Day (India)

27. Chocolate Cake Day (US)

28. Serendipity Day (US)

29. Thomas Paine Day

30. Kings Birthday (Jordan)

31. Inspire your Heart with the Arts Day

Photo courtesy of: crabchick


1. St. Brigid's Day (Montserrat)

2. Imbolid (Wiccan)

3. Bean Throwing Festival ( Setsubun Japan)

4. Independence Day (Sri Lanka)

5. International Pancake Day

6. Waitangi Day (New Zealand)

7. Independence Day (Granada )

8. Thaipusan (Malaysia)

9. Tu B'Shvat (Jewish)

10. Plimsoll Day

11. Youth Day (Camaroon) & Independence Anniversary (Vatican City)

12. Extraterritrial Culture Day (New Mexico)

13. Dump your significant jerk day

14. National Have a Heart Day

15. National Day (Serbia)

16. Independence Day (Lithuania)

17. World Human Spirit Day

18, Independence Day (Gambia)

19. International Friendship Day 

20. UN World Day for Social Justice

21. Martyr's Day (Bangladesh)

22. World Thinking Day

23. Iwo Jima Day & Fashching (Austria and Germany)

24. Independence Day (Esotonia)

25. National Day (Kuwait)

26. National Chili Day

27. Independence Day (Dominican Republic)

28. National Tooth Fairy Day

Photo courtesy of: Mykl Roventine


1. World Book Day & Beer Day (Iceland)

2. Independence Day (Texas)

3. Peace Corps Day

4. Hug a GI Day

5. St. Pirans Day

6. Michalangelo's Birthday

7. Martyr's Day Malawi

8. UN Day for Women's Rights & Intn'l Peace/Int' (Working) Woman's Day

9. St. Francis of Rome Feast Day

10. Harriet Tubman Day

11. Holi (Hindu- India)

12. Fiestas de las Fallas (Spain) & Alfred Hitchcock Day

13. a> 1764

14. Pilgrimage to the Dragon Pagoda (Rangoon , Burma)

15. Ides of March

16. Canberra Day (Australia)

17. National Day (Ireland)

18. Awkward Moments Day

19. Swallows Return to San Juan Capistrano Day

20. Vernal Equinox

21. Independence Day (Greece)

22. Emancipation Day (Puerto Rico)

23. National Puppy Day

24. St. Gabriel Feast Day

25. Independence Day (Greece)

26. Independence Day (Bangladesh)

27.Photography Day

28. Teacher's Day (Czech Republic)

29.Youth Day (Taiwan)

30. Vincent Van Gogh's Birthday

31. Culture Day: Pohnpei Micronesia

Photo courtesy of: Frank in Guinea

Now that I have your interest!

See a holiday of interest? Think it would be fun to celebrate the holiday in person? Check out these books to help you plan your trip.


1. National Day of Hope

2. World Autism Awareness Day

3. National Chocolate Mousse Day

4. Independence Day (Senegal)

5. National Tomb Sweeping Day (Taiwan)

6. Fete of the Little Boats (France)

7. UN World Health Day

8. Birthday of Buddha

9. Martyr's Day (Tunisia)

10. Encourage a young writer day

11. Schmeckfest: German Food Festival

12. Look up at the Sky Day

13. Scrabble Day

14. New Year  (Cambodia and Laos)

15. Leonardo Da Vinci's Birthday

16. National Stress Awareness Day

17. Women's Day (Gabon)

18. International Juggler's Day

19. Garlic Day

20. National Pineapple upside down cake day

21. Yom HaShoah/Holocaust Memorial Day (Israel)

22. Earth Day

23. William Shakespeare's BirthdayBorn in 1564. 

24. Birthday of the Sun - (China)

25. World Malaria Day

26. Hug an Australian Day

27. Freedom Day (South Africa)

28. Hero's Day- (Barbados)

29. World Dance Day

30. National Oatmeal Cookie Day

Photo courtesy of: Gaetan Lee


1. Calamity Jane's Birthday 1852 & Beltane Celtic Festival

2. Education Day- (Indonesia)

3. Hug Your Cat Day

4. International Firefighters Day

5. Cinco De Mayo

6. International No Diet Day

7. International Tuba Day

8. Have a Coke Day

9. Buddha Day

10. Trust your Intuition Day

11. Eat What you want day

12. International Nurses Day

13. I just called to say, "I Love You" Day

14. Birthday of Marshmallow Fluff

15. National Teacher's Day- (South Korea)

16. National Sea Monkey Day

17. Kid's Helping Kid's Day

18. International Museum Day

19. Peace Day

20. Blue Jeans Birthday 1873, Levi Strauss+ Jacob Davis patent

21. Sheep Festival (Camaroon)

22. National Day (Yemen)

23. International Jazz Day

24. Culture Day: Enlightenment Day  ( Bulgaria)

25. Prayer for Peace Memorial Day

26. Dracula's Birthday 1897 & Sorry Day (Australia)

27. Mother's Day- (Bolivia)

28. International Day of UN Peacekeepers

29. Ancestor Honor Day

30. St. Joan of Arc Feast Day

31. World No Tobacco Day

Photograph courtesy of: thegoinggreenboutique


1. Oscar the Grouch's Birthday

2. National Rocky Road Day

3. Tattoo's Birthday in 208 BC

4. Socrate's Birthday 469 BC

5. Hot Air Balloon Day- First Flight 1783

6. National Yo-Yo Day

7. National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

8. Abused Women and Children Awareness Day

9. Donald Duck's Birthday

10. Public Zoo Day

11.  Great Barrier Reef Discovery Day 

12. Valentine's Day (Dia dos Namorados) Brazil

13. International Children's Day

14. Freedom Day- Malawi

15. Go Fly a Kite Day (BF flew kite first time in 1752)

16. International Day of the African Child

17. Lily Festival Japan

18. International Picnic Day

19. Garfields Birthday

20. World Juggling Day

21. Summer Solstice

22. National Chocolate Eclair Day

23. Mid-Summers Eve

24. National Forgiveness Day

25. LEON Day - LEON is NOEL spelled backwards. It means six months until Christmas.

26. International Day against Drug Abuse and Trafficking

27. Mixed Race Day- Brazil

28. Birthday of the God of War (Kuan Kung) Taiwan

29. International Gay and Lesbian Parade Day

30. Burning of 3 Fires - France

Photo courtesy of: Steve Weaver

3 More months of ideas...I can see the wheels turning!

Holidays? Who needs them?

Are you happy to know there are holidays for every day of the year?


1. Canada Day

2. Madonna di Provenzano Festival  - Italy

3. Festival of Cerridwen ( Greece)* Celtic Festival

4. Tom Sawyer Fence Painting Day ( our Independence Day)

5. Tynwald Day- Isle of Man

6. Festival of Buddha's Eyetooth begins Sri Lanka

7. Ice Cream Cone Day

8. Lindenfest- Rhineland, Germany

9. Independence Day - Argentina

10. Independence Day- Bahamas

11. Vegetarian Day

12. National Pecan Pie

13. O-bon Festival of Soul's Japan

14. Bastille DayFrance

15. Be a Dork Day

16. International Juggling Day

17. Independence Day- Norway

18. Nelson Mandela's Birthday

19. New Friends Day

20. Independence Day -Columbia

21. National crème Brulee Day

22. Feast Day St. Mary Magdalene - International

23. National Day (Egypt)

24. Fiesta de Santiago (Peru)

25. Yalong Cultural Festival Tibet

26. Independence Day - Liberia and Maldives

27. Bugs Bunny's Birthday

28. Hamburger Day

29. Maitresse Silverine (Vodou) Festival - Haiti

30. National Cheesecake Day

31. Harry Potter's Birthday

Photo courtesy of: sashafatcat


1. Fiesta Day- Nicaragua & Homowo: Hooting at Hunger Ghana

2. Virgin of the Angels Day- Costa Rica

3.International Forgiveness Day

4. Independence Day- Jamaica

5.National Children's Day Tuvalu:

6. Halfway point of the Summer (12:08 PM EDT)

7. Feast of 'Aut-Yeb, Personification of Female Joy  Egypt

8. Independence Day- Bhutan

9. Book Lovers Day & International Day of the World's Indigenous People


11. Montserrat Annual Pilgrimage - Montserrat

12. Chinese Valentine's Day

13. Left Hander's Day

14. La Torta dei Fieschi*  Italy

15. Our Lady of the Monte Festival - Portugal

16. Independence Day - Gabon and Cyprus

17. Feast of the Hungry Ghosts China

18. Women's Voting Rights Day

19. Apple Spas - Russia

20. National Homeless Animals Day

21. Christopher Robin's Birthday

22. Be an Angel Day- to encourage acts of kindness

23. International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and Its Abolition

24. Independence Day - Ukraine

25. Independence Day - Uruguay

26. Make Your Own Luck Day

27. Mother Theresa's Birthday 1910

28. Dream Day

29. Mary Poppins Birthday

30. Frankenstein's Day in honor of Mary Shelley 1797

31. White Rose Day - Australia in honor of Princess Diana - Independence Day Malaysia

Photo courtesy of: Foxtongue


1. Pink Cadillac Day * when Elvis bought for his mother! 1956

2. Onam Festival India

3. Independence Day Qatar

4. Krishna Janmaashtami(Hinduism)

5. Cheese Pizza Day ? Babe Ruth Hit Homerun #1

6. Independence Day Swaziland

7. First Parkash - for Sikkism

8. International Literacy Day

9. Teddy Bear Day

10. Hot Dog Day

11. Rastafarian New Years Day

12. Chocolate Milkshake Day

13. Scooby Doo First day the cartoon debuted

14. National Cream Filled Donut Day

15. International Day of Democracy

16. Independence Day- Mexico

17. Apple Dumpling Day

18. Independence Day Chile

19. International Talk like a Pirate Day

20. National Punch Day

21. International Day of Peace

22. Hobbit Day

23. Shubun No Hi autumnal equinox day Japan

24. World's longest kiss recorded - 17 days, 10.5 hours, September 24, 1984

25. Kamarampaka Day Rwanda

26. European Day of Languages Fight Procrastination Day

27. World Tourism Day

28. Confucious Birthday

29. **St. Michael and All Angels ( Michaelmas,)

30. Safety pin invented

Photo courtesy of annetteghallowell

Independence Day!

Take a trip to experience Independence day somewhere else. In every month there is an Independence Day celebrated somewhere in the world. Experiencing an Independence Day celebration in a different country is a great way to gain true cultural understanding.

The excitement is building. Your next holiday is near!


OCTOBER (National Dessert Month)

1. World Vegetarian Day

2. Charlie Brown and Snoopy's Birthday

3. Child Health Day

4. Balloons around the world day

5. World Teacher's Day

6. *Mad Hatter Day

7. World Smile Day

8. Bring your teddy bear to work day

9. National Dessert Day

10. World Mental Health Day

11. Coming out Day

12. Discovery Day in Bahamas

13. World Egg Day

14. Bald is Beautiful Day

15. National Poetry Day

16. World Food Day & Dictionary Day

17. Deepavali India/Singapore/Malaysia

18. Boost your brain day

19. Mother Theresa Day Albania

20. Kenyatta Day- Kenya

21. Cirio de Nazare (Brazil)

22. Make a difference day

23. Chulalongkorn Day Thailand

24. United Nations Day

25. National Denim Day & World Pasta Day

26. National Day - Austria & Chung Yeung Festival (Hong Kong)

27. National Tell a Story Day (Scotland and England)

28.National Chocolate Day

29. Republic Day - Turkey

30. Mischief Night

31. National Unicef Day

Photo courtesy of: David Sifry


1. Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

2. All Souls Day

3. Housewives Day

4. Candy Day

5.Bonfire Night: Guy Fawkes Day Great Britain, New Zealand, Canada,

6. National Men Make Dinner Day

7. Independence Day Ecuador

8. Thanksgiving Day in Liberia

9. World Freedom Day

10.Festival of Spiritual Indulgence (U.S.)

11. Guru Nonaks Birthday India

12. National Sundae Day

13. World Kindness Day

14. Loosen Up Lighten Up Day

15. Shichi-Go-San Japan

16. International Day for Tolerance

17. World Peace Day

18. Mickey Mouse's Birthday 1928

19. Mickey Mouse's Birthday

20. Dia da Consciencia Negra - Brazil

21. World Hello Day

22. Stop the violence day

23. Niiname-Sai: Grain Festival (Japan)

24. Women's Merrymaking Day

25. *Mangé Yam: fête de la moisson - Haiti

26. Cake Day

27.Zibelemarit: Onion Market Day Switzerland

28. National French Toast Day

29. Square Dance Day

30. St. Andrews Day- Haiti, Scotland, U.K.

Photo courtesy of: Son of Groucho


1. World Aid's Day

2. International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

3.Independence Day (Singapore)

4.Kamolol Day(Thanksgiving) -Marshall Islands

5. King's Birthday (Thailand)

6. Saint Nicholas Day

7. Cotton Candy Day

8. Brownie Day

9. National Pastry Day

10. Human Rights Day

11. International Mountain Day

12. Independence Day- Switzerland

13. Cocoa Day

14. Monkey Day

15. Halcyon Days beginning  is all about being happy and finding peace in you

16. Beethoven's Birthday 1770

17. Saturnalia (start of the festival honoring Roman god Saturn)

18. Fiesta of the Virgin Lady of the Lonely/ Mexico

19. St. Nicholas Day (Ukraine)

20. International Human Solidarity Day

21. Winter Solstice

22. National Haiku Poetry Day

23. National Pfeffernuesse Day

24. *Stedry den (Christmas Eve) Czech Republic National Eggnog Day

25. Christmas Day & (RM) Mickeys Christmas Party

26. Boxing Day & Jukanoo Festival (Bahamas)

27. *Chanukah: Festival of Lights  Israel

28. National Chocolate Day

29. Broadway Day

30. Relaxation Day

31. National Champagne Day

Photo courtesy of: southtyrolean

Don't stop now. The year is almost over. Start the celebration!

"Surely there are more holidays!", you say?

Most definitely! Here are some more great holiday lenses made by my fellow Rocket Mom's!


I know there are many more holidays out there as well as worldwide holidays I have not put on the list. Some holidays may be in the same month but change days each year. I have done my best to give you the right days. If you know of a date that is wrong, please let me know and I will change it!

Stay a bit longer and say, "hi". What is your favorite holiday? Have I missed yours?

Thanks for stopping by for a quick holiday!

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      Cool lens. Make me think of the book Everyday a Holiday.

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      Every day is a day worth celebrating.

      Thanks for sharing


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      Wow-sa! I guess holidays are like aging -- it's all in your mind. Any day can be a holiday.

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      These days I wish I'm on holiday every day... :) Blessed by an angel!

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