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3 Table Setting Ideas for Baby Shower Girl Themes

Updated on August 26, 2013

Table Setting Ideas


If you are looking for 3 table setting ideas for a baby shower for girls, here are 3 that I have found on this website at If you like what you observe on my blog, and then you defiantly will love of what is on there.

Having a baby shower is really fun especially have fun planning, putting up the decorations, and when everything comes together. Here are some ideas for table settings.

The 3 Table Settings

Baby Shower DIY Wishing Tree Kit- This adorable table setting is made out of recycled heavyweight paper, which will assemble easy. It comes with acorns, birds, flowers, and butterflies that you decorate the tree with. It also comes with wishing ribbons of 40 and 20 pieces together that goes onto the base of the tree. The colors are pastel of white, grey, and pink.

Pink Baby Shower Party Kit- The table setting is really amazing with the colors of black, pink, and white. The theme is polka dotted. There are pictures of bibs, rattles, baby stroller and more. You can also place cake pops in one spot that says “cake spots.” This kit also comes with inventions, banners, water bottle labels, signs and much more.

Personalized Baby Shower Kit- This table setting is favor boxes that you give out to your guests. It is a really cute idea instead of standing around and handing them out, they can just go over to the table and pick them their selves. The favor cake box is blues, with ribbons on it. You can get 1 between 7 tiers if you choose to; it just depends on how many guests that will be coming to your baby shower. You can also get it in different styles and colors like pink and brown.

Would you use these for table settings for your baby shower?

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