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Birthday Wishes for Bestfriends

Updated on June 15, 2020
Samip Katwal profile image

Birthdays are always special! You get overjoyous when its your best friend's birthday. Wishing them different way matter to every bestfriend

Funny Birthday Wishes

1) Hello Best friend! I will annoy you always because you and I started our friendship annoying each other. Annoying you will always be my favorite thing to do! Not even your birthday can spare you from this! Its my favorite person’s birthday and I am allowed to do my favorite thing! By the way did you check your timeline already? Thank me later!

2) Oh! That is why I always have a question on my mind! Why does this same day every year always get too hot? Because you were born that day and I can only handle your hotness because I am too cool! And your birthday is always colorful when you are with me! So don’t dare to cut cake without me! I am bringing the cake by the way. Happy Birthday Best Friend

3) You said we can’t do things at a different time because we are best friends. But you are such a bloody liar! Now stop brainstorming. You came to this world before me! So you betrayed, but you can make up with a trip for your birthday! I have booked tickets already. By the way, we are leaving today on your birthday! Pack your bags. Oh! Yeah Happy Birthday Best Friend

4) I wonder what would you do without me? You can’t even tie a shoe lace on your own! And you were planning to throw a birthday party on your own! Don’t dare to try that stunt. Come to my house sharp at 12 , don’t try to spoil my birthday party for my best friend. By the way, Happy Birthday Best Friend

5) Its already 1! Wake up you sleepyhead! When will you reply to your well wishers? I have been doing it for a hour now! I need some rest. You don’t even remember its your birthday! Happy Birthday Best Friend. Don’t disturb me, I have a grand party to manage. What are you looking at? I have replied all your birthday wishes. Go get some sleep Birthday Boy!

6) How I wish someday I will not have to manage things on own, and I will have my to be sister-in-law by my side to arrange, manage things for your birthday but that day will never come till you learn to flirt on your own! Stop asking me to text messages, learn texting girls on own. You are now not a teenager anymore, you are an adult. Happy Birthday Best Friend!

Emotional Birthday Wishes

1) When no one believed, you were there to say keep pushing my boy, you will hit big someday! And there I felt I could do impossible with you by my side. You are a guide, mentor to me. You are my brother, whom I can count on for anything. I got a best friend and a brother in you. Can’t be more grateful than this! Long Live Our Brotherhood !

2) Every person wishes for a best friend who is more of a brother/sister to him/her. And I feel more than blessed to have you by my side, at my highs and lows. I can’t thank you enough for being there by my side like a shadow. Love you Brother, Long Live Our Brotherhood !

3) Staying away from family had made me feel lonely at times. But, your presence here has made it homely, brother. Happy Birthday Brother, Long Live Our Brotherhood !

4) It has been yet another birthday of yours that I have missed. I am gonna come soon. I miss smashing your head in cakes brother. I miss our birthday celebrations. Happy Birthday Brother!

5) Amid all these workload, regardless of how tired you are, You always manage time to call me and ask me how did my day go. You look upon me like an elder brother does. Happy Birthday Brother! You are a brother that one could ever ask for.

© 2020 Samip Katwal


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