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4 Games For Halloween

Updated on October 28, 2014

All Hallows Eve is upon and that means three things: Free Candy, Sexy Costumes, and it's time play some scary games. Gather your friends together, turn out the lights, set the mood, and get ready to scream with these games that will leave you scarred for life or just terrified. Ether way have a frightfully good time.

1: Five Nights at Freddy's

Jump scares abound as you spend 5 nights working at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, a company so cheap their animatronics are left on to prevent their servos from locking up. In order to survive this crappy low paying job you'll have to manage the limited amount of power they give you each night to keep the animatronics from shoving you into a costume. Nervously switch between cameras trying as you attempt to figure out where each of the animatronics are at. When they get to close to your room slam the door in their face, but keeping the door closed consumes energy.

As silly and simple as the concept may seem, the game is abound by jump scares, unsettling distortions, and for those easily frightened it's a great experience.

2: Eyes

Where Five Nights at Freddy's excels at jump scares, Eyes excels at setting up and maintain a creepy tension filled atmosphere as you navigate through a recently abandoned 3 story house with an evil spirit roaming it's halls. Your goal is simple, to collect bags of treasure, and avoid the apparition as it roams the property. If the apparition catches you, then it's game over.

Play Online Here

3: Dread Out

You've probably seen horror movies where the main character has a phone as their only resource left in their desperate struggle for survival. Dread Out is the video game equivalent of that. In the town you've managed to get yourself stuck in you'll run into monsters and ghosts of various shapes. A well rounded experience that contains plenty of jump scares and a level of paranoia inducing fear that makes it a blast to play.

4: One Late Night

A jewel in the rough, One Late Night is the shortest horror game on this list, but it is not without charm. You've probably heard ghosts story, tales of unfortunate things that happen to people with worse luck than me while they work late at night at their office. One Late Night take all those stories and rolls it into one scary simulator. Things will be sent flying, voices will haunt you, and your friend may dabbled in the occult unleashing an entity that will stalk you through the halls attempting to make you disappear, probably forever. Gameplay mechanics are kind of rough around the edges and you're better off starting from scratch than trying to reload a game, yet it's a fun experience that shouldn't be passed up. It's also free.


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