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4 Great Tech Gift Ideas for Back to School

Updated on July 15, 2015

If you’re shopping for a back to school gift for an older kid, including tweens and teens from middle school through college-age, it’s only natural to consider technology-oriented items. Young people in these age groups use technology in every aspect of their lives, including school, home and social. A few ideas they’re sure to love include:


1. Flash Drive recommends flash drives as must-have school items for all kids who are "old enough that they are writing papers for school." Tweens and teens are sure to love the brightly colored options available from Lexar, which come in a variety of sizes (and price points based on size) to meet the needs of students of any grade level.


2. Wireless Speaker Light

According to, "school-age kids love listening to ... music" and that love extends throughout the teen years and beyond for many. Young people also love to personalize their personal space in interesting ways. If you are shopping for a high school or college student with a passion for music and personalization, consider giving PLAYBULB Color as a back-to-school gift. This fun and unique idea combines a color-changing light bulb with a wireless Bluetooth speaker. Teens will love being able to change the ambient color in their bedroom or dorm room while listening to their favorite tunes via this unique tech gadget.


3. Portable Battery Charger

Technology is an integral part of life for modern students, both in and out of the classroom. According to AMD's 2014 Back-to-School Technology usage survey of college-bound students, "more than half of today's students carry at least two devices with them at all times." A 2015 survey revealed that more than half of American children get their first cell phone by age seven. Along with all that technology comes a need for power, and that's what makes portable battery chargers, such as the Ventev Powercell line, such great back-to-school gift for all grade levels. Options are available in a variety of strengths.


4. Wireless Keyboard

According to, a portable, wireless keyboard from Logitech is a great back-to-school gift for tech savvy students. This gadget is appropriate for any student old enough to use a computer or mobile device and is a particularly good choice for active tweens and teens from middle school through college. Logitech's multi-device K480 model works with laptops, tablets and keyboards across Apple, Windows and Android operating systems.

Note: The author received review items of the products discussed in this article. The recommendations provided here are based solely on independent research and review of available options.


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