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4th of July 2010 and 2011 - Podcast With a Little Girl In Brookyn, New York

Updated on July 4, 2011

4th of July 2010 in same exact spot.

We took this on July 4th of 2010 when we were into the podcasting scene. Podcast With A Little Girl is my daughter's podcast and she seems to love the camera. We have been podcasting since 2005 and most of those were audios. We then got right into video marketing on You Tube.

This was along Brooklyn's Belt Parkway, the 5th most dangerous highway in the nation and nick named "The Belt Parking Lot" for obvious reasons. The Belt Parkway circles New York City.

She seems to love the camera, that I was hoping the next year (today), we would be doing a 2011 version and we did. although she did not see to be that enthusastic about this one. Hopefully, we can do a 2012 version.

I have other videos that I will include as we take them. See the map below for where we were when we shot these videos:

A markervarrazano bridge, new york -
Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, New York, NY, USA
get directions

My daughter 4th of July 2011 in Brooklyn NY

In today's video shoot of a Podcast With A Little Girl, a year after the previous video, she was wearing multiple color hair that we bought her at Claires. We get everything at Claire's and that seems to be the little girl hangout. We buy nail polish, pocketbooks, lady gaga stuff, ICarly souvenirs and Justin Bieber memorabilia. My daughter especially loves the flavored lipsticks, but her favorite products are those multi colors hair clips.

Perhaps on our next video podcast, we will ahve her wear all that stuff.

In this video, she has tattoos (the fake ones), two patriotic (red white and blue) hair bows and she is in her bathing suit (worn underneath). Also, look closely at her stuffed hamster called Slinky.

She is also shooting a music video and is promoting Little Kitty. What a combination for a podcast!

How Many Colors Is Little Girl Wearing?

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