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4th of July at Pier Resturant Tiki Bar

Updated on July 6, 2015

Fourth of July passed this weekend and if you are single or wanted to celebrate it with someone special a good place to go to is Pier Resturant and Tiki Bar at Rye Playland.

Pier Resturant and Tiki Bar is located in Rye, NY. It is on the Playland Boardwalk. It opened up a couple of years ago. You could sit inside the resturant if you want or you could sit outside and eat. The bar is also big and there is both a lower and upper level. The upper level is where people eat and hang out by the bar. People could also eat and hang out on the lower level but the lower level is where all of the dancing and the band is.

This weekend there was a buffet which costs $25.00. Everyone gets up to get their food first and then at the end the waitress or waiter comes around with the check. Drinks are seperate from the price of the buffet but you could still order them there if you want. Some people decide to get a drink later on at the bar because most of the prices at the Tiki Bar are pretty expensive. Drinks there are usually $13.00 and up. The buffet was outside on the side of the resturant. The food that was there consisted of; hot dogs, cheeseburgers, pulled pork, wings, ribs, corn, coleslaw, potato salad and pasta. The earlier you came the better. Sugar rush which is a well known band came on at 8:00pm. They played Pink's "Raise Your Glass," but most of the night they played older songs. Then around 9:00pm the fireworks at Playland took off and everyone who was at the Tiki Bar saw them.

The fireworks were big and bright and everyone who attended claimed that the show was done wonderfully.

After the fireworks were over people went back to dancing. As the night went on more and more people came. Some people came early for the buffet and ended up staying for the fireworks and other people came later on for the music and the fireworks. Everyone who went enjoyed themselves.

At one point of the night the band had everyone wave their hands in the air and take a picture. The picutre was taken to go up on Facebook. That never happens but since this was a special event they decided to do it.

Everyone who went was dressed up. Whenever you go to the Tiki Bar you should dress up since most people who go there dress up. For girls it is okay to wear jeans or capris and a nice top. Skirts and Dresses look great too. As for guys a nice button down with jeans or anything that is fashionable will do. Do not wear sneakers or concernt T-shirts.

If you are single and like either guido's or preppy guy's then this is the place to be. A lot of young kids hang out here mainly between the ages of 21-30. Of course older people hang out here as well. It is a mixed crowd. A lot of people like to go there in the summer on a nice night when they want to go out and be outdoors.

It is a great place to go if you are single. It is also a good place to bring a date if you want. No matter what your status is it is a fun and an upbeat place. It is pretty how it overlooks the water. The food and drinks may be overpriced but in the end it is all worth it.

There is music every Friday and Saturday night in the summer. It openes in May and closes in September. It is also open during the week for lunch and dinner.

Pier Resturant Tiki Bar held a Fourth of July event on July 3rd and 4th. It was a great place for singles to go with their friends because a lot of people go there and it was a great chance to meet someone new. It was also nice going to see the fireworkds with someone special there. There were fireworks, a buffet and dancing. The music went off at 12:00am and everyone who went had a great time.


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