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4th of July thankyou

Updated on July 2, 2010

4th of July Birth of our Great Nation

 Aloha Everyone, I wanted to take time today to offer up a BIG THANK YOU to our TROOPS that are out there today fighting for Our Great Nation. A BIG THANK YOU to the families of our troops that are out ther in harms way. A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO the families who have lost a member of your family to insure what this Great Nation stands for.

Our nation was born on July 4th, 1776 when we fought for our Independence from Britian and our Democracy was born. Many American families have suffered from a loss of a loved one to insure what our Great Nation stands for.

It is sad though to see this sufferring as we allow business in this Great Nation to be as they call it TO BIG TO FAIL. These so called Big Businesses that we had to bail out with tax payers money, are the same businesses that have taken advantage of the American people for years and years. Yet we stand by and watch a business like Circut City, which helped us save money fail. This is hard to understand. Why would we bail out one and not the other. This does not sound like a Democracy the way our Forefathers set it up to be. Who are we to save one while we let the other die.

I Love Michael Moore. He is very real about everythng he under takes doing. He believes in not only telling you like it is, but also showing you how it is. He did a peice on the insurance companies and how they are taking serious advantages of the AMERICAN PEOPLE. SICKO, if you have not seen it you must.

Before I was injured and unable to pretty much anything, in my busy, active life, I would have hardly paid much attention to this. Sadly this is what we have come to as UNITED STATES of AMERICA citizens. We are just to busy with our day to day lives to stop and smell the roses. Well if we don't slow down there will not be roses to smell. It is going to be a pile of you know what. It is already piling up.

The experts in the begining of the bail outs of these TO BIG TO FAIL BUSINESSES, warned that this was not the way to do this. We spent tons and tons of money to put a bandaide where we should have cut off the limb. Take a look at the economy, the stock market has fallen to extreme lows again, do we have the money to bail it back out again.

It is time AMERICA for the PEOPLE to take back their rightful place in this DEMOCRACY. Make it what it was meant to be, the AMERICAN PEOPLE running the government, not the government running the AMERICAN PEOPLE. What are our troops putting their lives on the line for anyway. We have an AWESOME PRESIDENT. President Obama can and will do all that he can for the AMERICAN PEOPLE. He was handed a pile of that stuff and it will take more than two terms as President. WE can all make sure that we put another President in office after President Obama that will do what is right for us.

Lets all wake up and get this GREAT NATION back in shape where our TROOPS in harms way can come home to the GREAT NATION they were fighting for.

Our TROOPS make us proud, Lets make our TROOPS proud of us.

Happy 4th of July Everyone,

Bruce Moring


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