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How would a 4th of July Party be with the founding fathers?

Updated on August 3, 2013

What a party this would be

4th of July is fast approaching and that got me thinking about some the founding fathers of this great nation of ours. Suppose we could go back in time and attend a 4th of July barbeque with them or bring them back to celebrate in the present? Which of these men would you like to talk to at the party? Would they get along with each other?

Sometimes history doesn’t let us see the human side of our great leaders. We learn of their great accomplishments and forget that they were personalities with good and bad points just like us.

Let’s take a closer look at these great men.

James Madison
James Madison
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin
Patrick Henry
Patrick Henry

If you have a love for music some of these founding fathers share your passion.

James Madison liked the piano and the flute.

Benjamin Franklin played several musical instruments, including the violin, harp, and guitar. He even played the armonica it was a spinning glass you made music with my wetting your fingers. Benjamin Franklin even had a quartet.

Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson both liked to play the fiddle.

Patrick Henry also liked to sing. His preference was for bawdy Scottish ballads. How would you like hearing these great men playing some tunes at the party? I bet they would sound great.

All of these guys might be a little intimidating to converse with at a party. They were all well-educated and continued learning throughout their lives. One thing is for sure they were so well read they could talk about practically anything (anything relating to their time that is). I am sure Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson would have loved finding out about the internet because they liked tinkering and they loved reading.

Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson
John Adams
John Adams
James Madison
James Madison

The guys you would want to talk to about books were:

Thomas Jefferson was the biggest book lover in this group. He said he could not live without books. He loved books about architecture, philosophy, sciences. In his lifetime he built 3 large libraries. He would hide books around his home, so he could pick one up whenever he was detained.

Another of these men who have a great love for books was Benjamin Franklin. He had a printing business and he founded the first American Public Library in Philadelphia.

John Adams as we learned in the book John Adams by David McCullough Adams had an inexhaustible love of books and scholarly reflection. He read Cicero, Tacitus, and others of his Roman heroes in Latin, and Plato and Thucydides in the original Greek, which he considered the supreme language. But in his need to fathom the "labyrinth" of human nature, as he said, he was drawn to Shakespeare and Swift, and likely to carry Cervantes or a volume of English poetry with him on his journeys. "You will never be alone with a poet in your pocket," he would tell his son Johnny.

James Madison also loved reading.

Samuel Adams
Samuel Adams

Who could bring the beer?

The most obvious of this group would be Samuel Adams. He worked with his Dad who had a brewery and Samuel was at one time a malter. The beer Samuel Adams was named for him.

Benjamin Franklin was quoted as saying, “In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is Freedom, in water there is bacteria.” This man enjoyed his spirits.

It was rumored that at one time John Hancock smuggled wine.

John Adams began his day with a draft of hard cider.

Roger Sherman
Roger Sherman
John Jay
John Jay

If you needed legal advice this would be the group to ask.

Thomas Jefferson was at one time a lawyer, so was John Jay, Roger Sherman, and James Wilson.

Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton
Gouverneur Morris
Gouverneur Morris

Who are the flirts of this group?

Benjamin Franklin really enjoyed the company of the ladies. After his wife died and he became Ambassador to France he enjoyed flirting with the Parisian ladies. After Thomas Jefferson’s wife died Thomas liked the freedom of the Parisian women and the European women just like Benjamin.

Alexander Hamilton was one of the best looking guys in this group and Henry Cabot Lodge described him as “very attractive.” He was charming and he at one time had an affair with a married woman whom he later married. They ended up having 8 kids together.

Gouverneur Morris was a playboy in his day and he didn’t marry until he was 58.

Who would be the dancers of this group?

Thomas Jefferson especially in his younger days liked to dance.

Patrick Henry a fellow Virginian along with Thomas Jefferson also loved to get out there and dance.

Who are the ones who might intimidate you with all the talents they possessed?

Sometimes at a party you hear about someone who has accomplished so much that you feel a little pale in comparison to them. Out of our founding fathers, all of whom were extremely talented in their own ways, which could be called the Renaissance men of their day? Benjamin Franklin heads this list. He was interested in so many things. He was humorous, he was a bookworm who worked in a printing company, he was curious about science. He invented swim fins, bifocals, and he worked with electricity. Thomas Jefferson was also the Renaissance man of his day. He was fluent in 5 languages, he wrote 16,000 letters in his life; he was a lawyer, a scientist, a philosopher, an author, an architect, an inventor, and a statesman. Wow you could get tired just reading all he accomplished.

Who would you talk to if you loved animals?

James Madison had a pet parrot thanks to his wife Dolly Madison and they had some sheep, but they were used to landscape the White House.

John Adams had a horse and some dogs as his pets.

Benjamin Franklin had a dog.

Jefferson received two bear cubs as a gift from Lewis and Clark. He also had a mockingbird and two dogs. All his pets seemed to come as gifts.

Samuel Adams owned a dog.

John Hancock
John Hancock

We have all attended a party where there might be someone there who was a bit arrogant. Which of the founding fathers had that label?

Alexander Hamilton had many good qualities he was intelligent, hardworking, honest, and charismatic, but he also was known for his arrogance and uncompromising nature.

John Hancock he was the first to sign The Declaration of Independence. Look at his bold signature. It showed his confidence. He liked people, but he was reserved around them. He was honorable, but he was also labeled cocky and conceited.

All of these founding fathers had big personalities, but which ones should stay away from each other at the party?

John Adams could be opinionated and he resented Benjamin Franklin’s lavish parties, so I don’t know if they should be seated next to each other.

Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were on again off again friends. There could be a tension there. John didn’t approve of how Jefferson spent money.

Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson really didn’t see eye to eye on things. Hamilton was a Federalist and Jefferson was a Democrat-Republican.

The guys who would get along with each other?

Benjamin Franklin would probably get along well with Thomas Jefferson because they both like to invent things. They both are book lovers. They both had lived in Paris and had many things to talk about.

John Adams would get along best with James Madison both of them loved horses, and reading.

Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry were both super patriotic and passionate in their beliefs. Another of the founding fathers that would have gotten on well with the both of them would have been John Jay. He was very patriotic also.

John Hancock would get along well with Jefferson because they both are a little reserved and shy. John bottled up his feelings and even though he was considered conceited he really liked people. He also liked to stay busy. Jefferson stayed busy also. Each day he would write in his journal about the weather and the cloud patterns. He would work in his garden or on his house which never seemed to get completed.

James Wilson
James Wilson

The guys who might be trouble

John Adams could be a little obnoxious and he is very opinionated, so he could be a risk.

Alexander Hamilton could be arrogant and he when he set his mind to something he did it. He died because he wouldn’t take back the things he said about Aaron Burr so he dueled with him and lost his life.

James Wilson was a lawyer. He got into trouble later in his life with heavy gambling and profiteering. Not one to give financial advice.

All of the founding fathers would have been great to hang out with to celebrate the 4th of July. They all had a great knowledge of books, politics, and all were well educated which would make for lively conversation. Most all of them enjoyed music, dancing, conversing and games. Most of all they all loved this great country of ours. They could show us how important it is to enjoy our freedom and how special the day July 4th really is. They would do it with charm and wit. It would be a party like no other with these men attending.

Happy 4th of July everyone!


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