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5 Easy Halloween Decoration Ideas

Updated on October 11, 2016

Halloween is a festive holiday for children and adults alike. If you’re hosting a party, expecting a gaggle of trick-or-treaters, or just want to get in the spooky spirit of the season, here are some easy ideas for decorating your house inside and out.


1. Door wreath: There are many ways to quickly and easily make your own wreath with items from the craft store. Wrap a foam wreath form in orange and black ribbon or gauze, or spray paint a wicker wreath black and embellish it with cutout ghosts and a white tulle bow. Pick your favorite Halloween symbol and let your imagination lead you! There’s no simpler way to dress up the entrance of your home for the holiday.

2. Mason jar votives: Design your own lighted jars to use inside or to outline the path to your door outside on Halloween night. Some ideas include wrapping each jar in strips of gauze and gluing on googly eyes for a mummy jar, covering them with orange tissue paper and adding black paper eyes and mouths to make a pumpkin jar, or covering them with white tissue paper as a background for black paper witch, cat, or spider silhouettes. Drop in a battery-operated votive for instant ambiance!

3. Ghosts: Haunt your house with easy, friendly ghosts. A flock of tiny tissue ghosts can be hung from a ceiling or dangled in between the posts on a banister going up the stairs—simply wad up one white tissue, put it in the center of another tissue, and use thread to tie the “neck” of the ghost tightly. Use a felt-tipped marker to draw on eyes and mouth.

4. Faux graveyard: Transform your front yard into a cemetery with some cardboard, paint, and wire hangers. Cut out headstone shapes from the cardboard, paint them grey, and use straightened lengths of wire hanger as stakes to keep them upright in the ground. Make your graveyard as simple or elaborate as you like, with punny names or witty epitaphs on each one. Whether the mood is silly or spooky is up to you!

5. Pumpkins: No Halloween display would be fully complete without pumpkins! But jack o’ lanterns aren’t your only option. A bowlful of mini pumpkins in white and orange make a wonderful centerpiece. (Bonus: This centerpiece can be transformed into a perfect Thanksgiving decoration in November by adding a few ears of multicolored Indian corn.) Or arrange a row of heirloom pumpkins with unusual coloring or long twisted stems along a windowsill, a console table, or your porch.

These ideas only scratch the surface of the fun things you can do to dress up your home for Halloween. A few simple touches can add an element of Halloween fun to the entire month. Happy Haunting!


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