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5 Festive (and Inexpensive!) Halloween Home Accessories

Updated on August 18, 2013

Halloween decorating is on the rise, with just over half of American households decking out their homes for the frightful night in 2012 according to the National Retail Federation. The average price tag for such eerie embellishments is about $80 per year.

But scaring up some Halloween decor doesn't have to bust the budget. Here are 5 easy, cute, fun ... and did I mention ... inexpensive ideas to adorn your Halloween haunt this year.

Black felt cut into "Happy Halloween" can be used on nearly any surface. Here it's layered with a burlap runner.
Black felt cut into "Happy Halloween" can be used on nearly any surface. Here it's layered with a burlap runner.

#1 Halloween Runner

With about $2 worth of felt from a fabric store, you can make a custom runner for your table or sideboard.

Measure the length of the surface and add 24 inches for overhang. Decide on a width for your runner; anywhere from 10 to 14 inches is standard. Cut a piece of black craft felt to your dimensions.

Find the center point of the fabric and mark it with white chalk. Freehand “Happy Halloween” onto the fabric using white chalk, keeping the letters connected together. (Note: The center is between the A and L in Halloween.) Carefully cut away the excess fabric, leaving only the letters.

#2 Ribbon Votives

Cover straight-sided clear votive cups with off-cuts of grosgrain ribbon in a variety of Halloween hues, securing with double-sided tape. Add rick-rack or themed embellishments with hot glue.

#3 Dressed Up Candle

Wrap a clear cylindrical vase with two or three layers of orange tulle (about $4 a spool at fabric and craft stores). Tack the tulle to itself with orange thread.

Cinch the tulle in the middle with a remnant of sequin trim. (Substitute black trim of any kind, such as feathers, satin ribbon, leather, etc.) Secure the trim to itself with hot glue.

#4 Scrap Votives

Wrap votive cups in different, but coordinating, remnants of scrapbooking paper in Halloween colors. Use fancy-edged shears for more interest.

Secure with double-sided tape. Add thin ribbons and tie in a bow.

#5 Perfect Kitchen Candle

In a tall candle holder, layer a one-pound package of dry black beans and a package of dry red lentils (about $2.50 each). Insert a white pillar candle. If desired, add a black ribbon and Halloween embellishment around the outside of the candle holder.


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