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5 Good Gifts for Mom

Updated on November 16, 2010

My mom is 75 and hard to buy a gift for. Mom has everything she could possibly want and has told me not to fill up her house with trinkets. So, I went on a search to find unique gift ideas for my mom that she will use and appreciate. I wanted to get my mom gifts I knew she cannot buy at the local store but are not so expensive that it breaks the bank. Also, I wanted to get her gifts she would look forward to again and again. Hence, the gifts had to be consumable for this criterion to be met. My mom gift idea searches started with me thinking back to items she has enjoyed in the past and make them a regular gift staple. I also wanted gifts my mom knew required some effort on my part to get. This way, mom knows I actually thought about her long before the birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Mother’s Day and when other special occasions came around. Based on knowing my mom and the gifts she likes, here are my top 5 gift ideas:

 Idaho Spud Chocolate Bars

Thinking back to when I was a child, my mom often commented about how delicious Idaho Spud Chocolate bars are. My mom used to literally drive to Idaho and frequent numerous stores to stock up. Idaho Spud Chocolate Bars have a marshmallow type center which is dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with coconut flakes. Each Idaho Spud Chocolate bar is wrapped in an old fashioned wrapper that hasn’t changed all these years thus providing my mom with the added memory benefit. Every time my mom opens up Idaho Spud Chocolate bars, you can see her eyes light up and her mouth water. So, the old, faithful chocolate bar is always on the top of my gift buying list. I usually buy the Idaho Spud Chocolate bars from eBay. However doing a search on Google using the key words “Idaho Spud Chocolate Bar” will yield plenty of choices of where to buy your gift stash for mom. I will warn you, you may need to hide your stash of Idaho Spud Chocolate bars as you may find yourself dipping in here and there. This is especially true if you have a family. If my wife or kids find out I have “Spuds”, the case I just bought for Mom ends up being gone before I have a chance to give them to her. That has happened to me at least four times now.

 Marketspice Teas from Seattle

My mom loves getting tea as a gift. She especially enjoys Marketspice teas from Seattle. All the teas I have tried are fresh, rich in flavour and of top quality. Unless you live in Seattle, you can’t buy Marketspice Teas off the shelf either so it makes a wonderful unique gift for mom. Marketspice teas have a large variety to try. My mom’s personal favourites are the Earl Grey tea, the Huckleberry tea and the Peach and Ginger tea. As I get Marketspice tea shipped in, I usually buy $100.00 at a time to save on the shipping. Then, I spread the Marketspice tea gift to mom throughout the year. Mom tells me she feels like she is in heaven when she pours a cup of Marketspice tea and unwraps an Idaho Spud Chocolate bar. You can buy Marketspice tea online from Amazon.

 Kona Coffee with Macadamia Nuts

Yes, I can buy Kona coffee from my local store, but I go that extra mile and get it right from Hawaii. This way, mom knows her gift took some effort to get. My mom just loves it when I go out of my way to get her a gift versus running to the local store to buy it. She says it adds to the thought and planning behind the gift. There are many vendors to buy your Kona Coffee online right from Hawaii. My two favourite vendors are:

·          Koa: Koa Coffee is an online vendor from Captain Cook, Hawaii. You are literally buying direct from the farmer. Their coffee is expensive but of extreme high quality. I suppose you get what you pay for. Koa will also ship Macadamia Nuts to you as well. Koa Coffee offers a monthly Coffee Club too if you want a regular treat being delivered farm fresh right to your door. If you give your mom this gift, you are sure to get a big “Mahalo!”

·         Macadamia Nut Farm: I discovered these folks when I visited Oahu. They may, in my opinion, produce the best Macadamia Nut Kona coffee ever! You also have plenty of Macadamia Nut choices. Macadamia nuts can be bought salted, unsalted, chocolate covered and the like. Again, you are getting your product right from the farm so you know how fresh and delicious it is going to be.


Mexican Vanilla

If your mom is anything like mine, baking goodies is one of her favourite pastimes. So, getting your mom a gift of Mexican Vanilla will surely feed her passion to bake with the best ingredients. Mexican Vanilla is the best you can buy in my opinion and hard to get. I have had the best luck buying Mexican Vanilla at eBay. However, you can do a Google search on “Mexican Vanilla” and see what you come up with.

Noni Pain Reliever Rub from Kauai

My mom has Arthritis and she is always trying to find ways to relieve the throbbing pain without having to dose up on Aspirins. So, a few years back, I was looking for something that would (at least temporarily) alleviate her suffering. I decided to try Noni pain reliever and according to my mom, this stuff really helps! So, I always include a bottle in with her gift packages throughout the year. The best place I found to buy Noni Pain Reliever is from these folks.

So, there you have it. Remember, if you want to give your mom unique gifts like these you need to plan ahead. What I do is complete two large orders per year so I can save on the shipping and always have my unique gifts on hand. My mom sure enjoys her gifts and never tires of them. I hope your mom will enjoy them too!

If you have some unique gift ideas for mom, I would love to hear about it in the comments section. I am always adding to my gift arsenal!


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