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Updated on August 29, 2012


Birthday parties are so much fun, and there are so many children's birthday party ideas to choose from. According to, themed birthday parties are back in style in a big way!

Celebrating your child's birthday should be a happy event which reflects their individual personality and interests. Sure, you may think it's a lot of work. But when you know you have created a party your child will always remember, and your guests exclaim, "This is the best party, ever!" you will realize that all that work and planning was totally worth it!

A themed birthday party not only gives your party a special feel - it also helps make the preparations a whole lot easier! When you go shopping, you know exactly what you need to buy. Choosing a theme is simple. Just choose the theme based on your child's interests.

Your decorations, food, games, prizes, craft activities and "loot" should all conform to your theme of choice. You can also use colors from your theme (for instance, pink and white streamers for a princess party).

You can have a lot of fun brainstorming different ideas about how to incorporate a theme into the different aspects of a birthday party. This will definitely get your creative juices flowing! After you choose your theme, you should sit and discuss with your child what you can do to make the party a success.

Following, are 5 of the most popular ideas for kid's birthday parties. While some of these ideas may be more appealing for either boys or girls, there are also those that are great for both. Of course the best place to get the ball rolling for any themed birthday party is with a fun personalized party invitation!

Reptile Party:

Little boys (and yes, some girls) love creepy crawlies, which includes lizards, snakes, turtles, crocodiles and alligators. Choose a color scheme based on the typical colors of these critters such as green, red and yellow. You can buy crepe paper streamers, balloons and disposable plates, cups and napkins with this color theme at the dollar store.

While you're at the dollar store, why not pick up packages of small plastic toy reptiles? Position stuffed reptiles around the party space for further themed decoration. Finally, create an eerie swamp atmosphere by putting up green Christmas lights and hanging up glow-in-the-dark lizards.

Purchase a whole bunch of gummy snakes in different colors, and fill up bowls with them. You can also make green Jell-O with gummy worms inside. Cupcakes are a birthday favorite. You can simply go to Google Images and type in "reptile themed cupcakes" to find a whole bunch of great ideas.

Set up a crafts table with green, brown, red and yellow Model Magic modeling compound and google eyes. Let guests construct cool google-eye snakes (snakes are really easy to make)! Allow the Model Magic to air-dry while the party is going on. Be sure to tell parents that Model Magic takes a while to air-dry completely. If you prefer, you can use construction paper, glue, and empty egg cartons as craft materials.

When the kids are done crafting, work off excess energy by playing Crocodile Tag. The children designated as "crocodiles" have to catch the other children, who then become "crocodiles" if they are caught. Make it more exciting by designating safe areas that are "boats" in the croc-infested waters. Next, have a reptile egg hunt. Simply place toy reptiles inside plastic Easter eggs and hide them throughout the area for the kids to find.

Hula Girl Party:

A hula girl party appeals to girls of all ages no matter what time of year a birthday falls. A summer hula party takes advantage of warm temperatures to create a mock beach scene, whereas a winter hula party brings a little sunshine when the temperatures are falling and the snow is falling.

Incorporate the hula theme into all aspects of the party. Purchase a grass skirt for each young guest. Party supply stores sell inexpensive grass skirts that work well for the party. Hot glue a row of tropical silk flowers along the waistband of the grass skirts to make them more appealing. The skirts transform all of the guests into little hula dancers. Now they are ready to put on a show! Grass skirts also work well on the tables as a table skirt.

Flower leis are another staple at a hula party. Party supply stores often sell luau supplies all year round. Purchase a lei for each guest, and some extras for decorations.

Serve the guests food with a tropical theme. Fruit kabobs with tropical fruits such as pineapple, mango, bananas and chunks of coconut work well. Hollow out the coconut and pineapples to hold food or to use as tropical cups.

A cake covered in tropical flowers rounds out the hula party menu plan. A bag of tropically themed treats makes a cute party favor for the guests. Include sunglasses, floral hair clips, tropically scented lip balm, ocean inspired jewelry, and of course, miniature hula dolls. (Check out Oriental Trading Company. I use them for all of my daughter's parties)!

Mad Scientist Party:

Make simple lab coats out of plain white t-shirts cut up the middle - and buy some crazy safety goggles at the Dollar Store to go with them. Serve up a yummy eyeball theme cake, and drinks out of test-tubes and beakers. (If you freeze tonic water into ice-cubes, they will glow under a black light).

You might also want to freeze gummy worms into ice-cubes. Replace your regular light-bulbs with color light-bulbs, make signs that say RADIATION and BIOHAZARD, and put up sleek silver Mylar balloons.

Play "Bobbing for Eyeballs" by drawing eyeballs onto Ping-Pong balls. You can also play "Burst the Atom." Guests tie a balloon around their ankle and go around trying to burst each other's "atoms." Speaking of balloons, be sure to rub them onto all sorts of surfaces and see where they stick, while learning about static electricity.

Why not make molecules? Simply attach gumdrops with tooth-picks. Be sure to offer "sciency candy" such as Smarties, Atomic Warheads, and Pop Rocks. A great loot-bag gift for girl scientists? Why, a mood ring, of course! Little toy robots are cute for boys. And what about this cool prize I just spotted at the local dollar store? A "grow your brain" brain that you just add water to, and watch it grow!

Camp Out Camping Party:

A camp-out party in the backyard is lots of fun. Offer hardy fare, such as hot-dogs and beans, trail-mix (try to avoid nuts, unless you know there is no one allergic! You can make trail-mix out of chocolate bits, raisons, M & M's, banana chips, etc...), barbequed burgers, and corn on the cob. For desert, make S'mores and roasted marshmallows. Ice-cream is always appropriate, too!

Invite guests to "pan for gold." Simply paint stones with gold paint before the party, and hide the stones around the yard. Equip party-goers with their very own "gold mining equipment" purchased at the Dollar Store. Tell ghost stories (not too scary, for younger guests) and play flash-light tag after dark. Little stuffed bears and skunks make great take-home prizes.

Glamour Party:

You can either host this type of party in your own home or consider one of the many local salons(often found in malls) that host kids birthday parties. The girls can get their hair done in updo's, have make-up applied and get their nails painted. If you have this party at home, consider hiring a couple high school girls to help with the make-overs.

Be sure to have lots of fun and sparkly hair accessories, make-up and fingernail polishes. Buy lots of q-tips and make-up applicator sponges to avoid cross-contamination. Also, have curling irons to help with hair styling.

Consider some colorful boas, fun jewelry, cheap sparkly handbags, wigs, clip-in pink hair pieces (available at most party stores) and even temporary tattoos. Either have the girls bring one of their own dresses or borrow some fun dresses and high heeled shoes from your adult friends, or go to a local Salvation Army to get some dress-up clothes.

Set-up a runway strip with rope lights and streamers. Now, after the girl's are all glammed up, they can put on a fashion show. Play some music and have them strut their stuff to show off their new look. Be sure to snap lots of photos!

For the food, go with more upscale (but inexpensive) fare, such as pastas, salads, fruit, and sparkling juice in plastic champagne glasses. Make a cake that is shaped like a purse or a tube of lipstick to tie in with the overall theme. Or you can serve cupcakes in silver cupcake linings with the word "DIVA" spelled out in pink icing on white frosting, with lots of pink sugar.

BONUS (thought I'd toss this one in for free)!

Mod Monkey Party:

Every mom knows that Mod Monkey is the latest craze! A Mod Monkey party works for every age, from one on up. Be sure to purchase lots of bright blue and yellow supplies for your Mod Monkey party - or you can buy pink Mod Monkey party supplies for girls. Whip up some "monkey themed cupcakes" (check out Google Images), with bunches of bananas as your center-piece.

As a simple craft for younger kids, have them construct Fruit-Loop necklaces, monkey masks out of paper-plates, or a palm tree out of an empty paper-towel tube, glue, and green construction paper. For fun loot, you can offer miniature plush monkeys (to live under the Palm tree) and jungle stickers. Older girls might enjoy making hemp bracelets with beads.

Pin the Tail on the Monkey is always a good choice for a game, along with making "binoculars" out of empty toilet-tissue tubes. Before the party begins, tape up pictures of monkeys all over your yard. Now take the guests outside with their "high power binoculars" and see how many monkeys they can spot!


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    • pinkydoo profile image

      pinkydoo 5 years ago from New York

      I love the "cake snake!" There are some creative ideas here. I also love the "swamp" with the glow-in-the-dark reptiles, and the hula girl party idea. My daughter's birthday is in December, though!

    • MAGICFIVE profile image

      MAGICFIVE 5 years ago from New York

      Thanks! Yea, sometimes I'm not sure what the best title is! But I love planning birthday parties, it's so much fun....and the kids are always so thrilled!

    • purnimamoh1982 profile image

      purnimamoh1982 5 years ago

      You should have named your hub "five best ideas to organise a kids party". No doubt, they must be popular. Your hub is extremely well written with beautiful photographs. Voted up and followed.