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5 Romantic Valentines Day Ideas

Updated on August 1, 2013

Valentine's Day, which is celebrated on the 14th of February, happens to be a very special holiday where lovers across the world come together to celebrate something that is much greater than each one of them individually; their love for each other. This requires people to take into consideration how they should treat their loved ones on that special day and here's where Valentine's Day ideas often become an issue for most people.

The main reason why many people find romantic Valentines Day ideas to be such a big deal is because they tend to over-think instead of just following their heart and performing those simple acts of kindness which earned them their partner's affection when they first met.

Below are just some of the great romantic Valentines Day ideas that anyone can act upon this Valentines Day to make sure it's the most memorable one they have ever experienced.

5 Great Romantic Valentines Day Ideas

Keep it simple -

As earlier on said, many people find it hard to come up with great ideas for Valentine's Day because they over-think about where to go or even what to eat instead of just focusing on their partner and making them feel wanted and loved. You should try as much as possible to do the things that you're sure your partner likes, even if you think they are too simple e.g. if you partner likes to eat cakes, make an effort to bake him or her a cake or visit a bakery where both you and your partner can sample some of the cakes they bake. Remember it's better to keep it simple and honest rather than to make it extravagant and artificial.

Go for a picnic in the countryside -

This may come as a shocker to some but going on a picnic date in the countryside is a great way to spend quality time with your partner in a clean and peaceful environment. You can enjoy the fresh air, fly kites in the air together or just bask under a tree and talk openly with each other.

Stay at home -

Stay at home, enjoy some quality time together and turn off all the entertainment devices as well as other hand-held gadgets e.g. Phones, iPods, game devices...

This happens to be one of the best Valentines Day ideas, mainly because of two things; You get to spend quality time with each other in a familiar environment, hence you're both comfortable and you get to save on money which by the state of the economy can be used for other things. You only need to make sure that the TV set, mobile phones, iPads and other gadgets have been switched off and just spend the day talking with each other, cooking together or playing interactive games with each other e.g. scrabble and monopoly.

Go on a hot air balloon flight -

This one is a little more expensive but going on a hot air balloon flight is one of the most romantic Valentines Day ideas that you can implement. It takes you away from the normal hustles and bustles of normal day life as you soar above the Earth. There are no taxis in the sky nor sirens going off to interrupt anything. You and your partner can go on a hot air balloon flight, carrying a bottle of your favorite wine and enjoy the scenery as you hold on to each other and watch the world go by below.

Play a game to see how much you know about each other -

Of all the other ideas mentioned above,this could be the best romantic Valentines Day ideas. You will both get to see how much you really know about each other and this will help to strengthen your relationship. Not only will you be impressed at what your partner does know, but you're sure to learn things about one another, too.

One of the ways to go about this is for the both of you to individually write what you like (e.g. what you like eating or watching) as well as your individual hobbies on different pieces of paper then have those very same questions (without answers) written on a set of other pieces of paper which should then be placed in a bowl. You can then take turns picking pieces of paper from the bowl and asking each other the questions and if one gets it right, the other removes a part of their clothing - just to make it more exciting!

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    • joym7 profile image

      Joy 5 years ago from United States

      Great ideas. I have also created a hub but it is elaborating some financial tricks too.