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5 Romantic things to do this Valentine's Day

Updated on February 10, 2015

Pink Heart of Love

1. Plan the weekend away

If you are in a financial position, why don't you plan the weekend for a romantic break, or at least the day and night. Somewhere by the sea, your favorite beach destination or a secluded lodge out in the bush if you and your love love the wild life. Take them on a hike to a look out tower and arrange before hand a romantic lunch with champagne and red roses, petals on the floor. Make sure that you will have the look out tower for your self for a few hours. You don't want to be interrupted.

2. Arrange a Spa Day

Everyone loves a relaxing body, feet, head massage, facial, manicure and pedicure. Plan a romantic Spa Night or Day for the two of you together. Don't send him or her alone, it will be more romantic and fun together. It does not matter if you are the girl or guy, you both will enjoy and appreciate it the same.

3. Organize a "Dine for Two"

Everyone has their favorite restaurants. Phone them up and make a booking for only the two of you. Try to get an early evening booking, but please make sure that you don't take you love to the Wimpy or local pizza parlor even though that may be you favorite dining spot. That will not go well. Make it romantic, fancy dress with champagne, caviar etc etc.

4. Go out to a romantic movie

After your romantic early dinner, take a stroll to the movie house, make sure what movies are showing at the movie theater and choose the most romantic one. Fifty shades of Grey is having its debut this Valentine's Day, so you don't have an excuse that you can't find a romantic move. Do the whole thing, popcorn, slush puppy, smarties, everything your love enjoys, if they can eat so much. Don't forget to throw in a bunch of their favorite flowers for a lady. Enjoy the movie.

5. Order a bathroom full of their favourite flowers and chocolates

You know what her favorite flowers and chocolates are. Order a whole bathroom full and space them beautifully and romantic. Arrange a few scented candles all around the room to bathe it in a romantic light. Draw a hot bath with bubble bath and champagne with petals leading from the front door to the bathroom door. Put soft music on in the background to finish it off beautifully. When you arrive home from the movie, disappear into the bathroom and let her follow the petals and soft music. What a nice relaxing way to finish off a lovely romantic Valentine's Day.

If you have left some space for desert, you can nibble on the chocolates.

In general

It doesn't matter if she was a little bit catty with you because you left the toilet seat up or that he was upset with you because you bought those very expensive shoes. After any one or all of these spoils, you will be happy in love again. It will most probably cost you a pretty penny, but the reward will be much greater.

Seeing that it is modern times, if you feel it pressed on your heart to ask for you're love's hand in marriage, doesn't matter if you are the guy or girl, you can incorporate it gracefully in any one of these ideas, just keep the ring save. It will be so romantic and they will love you forever, seeing you don't leave the toilet seat up again or buy any more of those expensive shoes.

Give it a try and please leave some comments on how your special Valentines day was.


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      3 years ago

      Very useful information, espacially since I don't know what to do this valentines day


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