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5 Superstitions for Bringing in a New Year

Updated on January 3, 2014

In General

Most of us want prosperity, love and good fortune for a New Year. At least a year that is better than the one we are leaving behind.

And every culture, race, country and family has one set traditional way or a multiple of borrowed ways in which they cast off the old year and embrace the new one.

It is usually with a feeling of hope that most of us ring in the New Year. The sense that we have a chance to realize dreams, and start afresh!

Some of the most prevalent ways to bring in the New Year are as follows with number one being to count down a clock if one chooses to stay awake.

New York's time square is world famous for dropping the ball, which spent a few years resembling an apple, celebrating pride in the city.

Atlanta is becoming famous for dropping the peach and world over there are engagements and lover's kisses that top off the celebrations.

  • In church
  • With a kiss
  • Partying
  • Cleaning house
  • Eating pork
  • Wearing red or white
  • Cooking black eyed peas
  • First visitor through the door, male
  • Taking down the Christmas tree
  • Giving money
  • Fireworks

A Kiss
A Kiss | Source

Atlanta Peach Drop

The Atlanta peach drop started in 1989 mimicking the New York Times square ball drop. It is dropped at the famous historic Underground Atlanta shopping center in the heart of downtown Hotlanta.

The peach is exactly that, a replica of a peach which is the state's fruit. It is 800 pounds, and 8 feet wide by 8 feet tall.

It is dropped from a lighted tower, and takes 58 seconds to descend the 138 feet, from the top to the bottom. The peach is put in position to be lowered at exactly 11:59 to bring in the New Year on time.

In 2013 the peach was followed by a giant yellow MM, the chocolate candy.

Junkanoo parade
Junkanoo parade | Source

What's your favorite way of bringing in a New Year?

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The Big Apple's drop

The Time's Square Ball drop is iconic, known around the world and a great tourist attraction for New York city.

Millions of people watch it on television and hundreds of thousand throng the street days in advance to watch the ball drop completing the old year and bringing in the new.

Interesting tidbits, there are only two times in it's history that the ball was not dropped. Those were the two years, 1942 & 1943 of the war when power conservation, 'dimout', was at it's height. Although the ball was not dropped, people still gathered and honored a moment of silence.

The ball drop started in 1904, but it was not officially dropped until 1907 this was to honor the new New York Times headquarters' offices and although the ball has gone through various design and material transitions it is still one of the celebrated times of the year.

Concerts are held and space is at a premium if one wants to sit away from the jostling crowd and watch from a bird's eye view unimpeded.

Guido gardens chapel
Guido gardens chapel | Source
Greens | Source

Southern Superstitions

Most of the superstitions in the south are based around food having been perpetuated by poverty and slavery.

  • Black eyed peas represents humility before God, it's because they resemble coins and expand once they are soaked or cooked. There is also the story that they were the only thing readily available to the slaves, because of when they were harvested. Another tidbit the eating of black eyed peas is attributed to the Jews, who ate them at Rosh Hashanah.
  • Greens, because of the color of money
  • Pork, is eaten because they are progressive foragers, believed to symbolize progress.
  • First guest let in is male, preferably tall, dark and handsome.
  • Church attendance, loud noise to drive away evil spirits and worship to show lack of vanity and humility.

Cornbread is added to the meal because of it's golden color which also represents currency, gold.

black eyed peas, pork & greens
eating pork
parades, junkanoo / carnival
clean the house
wearing red
boiled fish & johnny cake
first guest male
calendar animal
eating long noodles
Guava duff
Guava duff | Source


Most people take the opportunity to make resolutions for the new year.

Resolutions vary but the top of the list for most people has to do with weight loss, health and the pursuit of dreams or correcting wrongs from the year before.

Although this is always a great idea and it starts with lots of enthusiasm most people will admit readily that by the end of the first few months most if not all resolutions have been set aside.

If you are going to stick with resolutions made at the beginning of the New year it is suggested that you write them down and map out a plan of action that keeps you on track and accountable for what you are trying to accomplish.

A vision board, diary, agenda or calendar are perfect ways of writing and noting your progress.

For instance we will us weight loss as an example.

  • Beginning weight
  • Ending weight
  • Start date
  • Ending date if needed
  • Starting size and measurements
  • Goal / Finish size and measurements to be maintained
  • Exercise routines, type and times
  • Nutritional plan, close to natural as possible
  • Rewards / incentives, (some people say not food but i disagree)

Other suggestions

  • start small, exercise for 15 to 20 mins, go walking for 15 to 20 min
  • cut back sugar an salt intake
  • replace white and wheat bread
  • reduce calories at meals and snacks
  • drink water exclusively

Always see your doctor first...


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      Thanks for stopping by poetryman6969, Blackeyed peas do sound good and are good for you.

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