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5 Under 25: The Cheapskates Ultimate Gift Guide To Mother's Day

Updated on April 22, 2018
cursedempath profile image

is a budget-conscious buyer and known finder of great items that won't break the bank.

It's that time again ya'll! It's time to gear up and get ready to celebrate the awesomeness that is Moms across the world.

Mother's Day is on the horizon, and it's time to get serious about showing our givers of life the love and adoration that they truly deserve.

But what if you are a bit strapped for cash this year? Can this even be done when you are kind of in a position where money is tight?

Of course it can, silly! Let's check out 5 awesome yet budget-friendly gifts that you can grab right now to make Mom feel like the Superstar that she truly is.

Ambrosia 8oz Soy Candle by KarmaLit


I know, it seems so simple right? But that is the great thing about Mothers: even a simple gesture will always mean the world to her.

This is a great product for a few reasons:

  • It is made with 100% all natural soy wax, so you already know that it is of a higher quality with emphasis on environmental friendliness.
  • Not too big, not too small. It's about 3 inches tall and 2.25 inches wide. A perfect size to place right on her nightstand or display shelf without taking up too much space.
  • Take a look at the design: very simple yet very pretty. It would really go nicely with any sort of decor or space surrounding it.
  • This candle doesn't play. It burns for about 40 hours before it will be required to be replaced.
  • The scent: this particular one has a hint of peach and citrus punch. How delicious is that? *Faints*
  • Oh and did I mention, each candle is hand-poured? Yep! These products are 100% handmade, and that beats factory produced any day.

Why I Love It: aside from the obvious, by purchasing this candle, you are also supporting a worthy cause, as KarmaLit donates a portion of each sale to which is a platform that helps fund teachers projects across the United States. So not only are you giving Mom a fabulous gift for Mother's Day, you are also helping teachers cover the costs associated with enhancing the learning experience that they otherwise wouldn't be able to offer. Purchasing an item that also benefits a charitable cause is what I am all about. Really, you are ultimately giving a gift to two here rather than one. Oh and it gets better; these candles are hand-poured individually from the artisans themselves. Now you are giving Mom an environmentally friendly candle that smells like a trip to the Bahamas and donating to worthy are even supporting a hand-made business that is *drum roll please* owned and operated by Women Entrepreneurs. Need I say more? Nope. Oh wait....

If that all wasn't the best part, want to know what is? You can grab this gem for only $20.00! There is no Mom on earth (probably) who wouldn't love a sweet, simple, yet rather high quality gift like this. And really, who can deny that a candle is just one of those things that will never go out of style, right?

If you have a few extra bucks that you can afford to part with, here:

Pomegranate Spa Complete Gift Set by Giftsational


First of all, can we all take a moment to note how absolutely gorgeous that this gift set is? I can't help but love the way that Giftsational has put this one together.

Not only do you get 6 functional products, but you also get a gorgeous wooden shelf that you can go ahead and add to your home decor once you are finished using the items that come in this set, which include:

  • 260ml shower gel
  • 260ml bubble bath
  • 180ml body lotion
  • 180ml body scrub
  • 4 x 15g bath fizzers
  • 1 pink shower puff

Basically, you get all of the essentials for a relaxing and rejuvenating home spa-like experience.

And did I mention that it smells like Pomegranate?

Oh it does indeed. You can never go wrong with Pomegranate. It's the scent to end all other scents and you would be hard pressed to find anyone who isn't all about that Pomegranate.

Why I Love It: This is a great bundle, especially when you consider the value of this item in comparison to the cost. You will notice immediately that each product is made using high quality ingredients as your skin will be left soft and silky the second that you apply it. A big thing that I particularly enjoyed was of course it's rich scent, but also how non-greasy and long lasting the effects were after application. For example, the body lotion goes on smooth and absorbs very quickly, leaving your skin feeling fresh, smooth, and moisturized for the duration of the day. Can't beat that!

You can grab this complete, high quality set for only $24.99 from Gift Treasures. Quite frankly, that is a steal for this lovely gift.

Mom will definitely thank you for it.

Willow Tree Memory Box by Susan Lordi


I can almost guarantee that there is no such thing as a bad gift from the Willow Tree Collection by Susan Lordi.

Want to nail Mom right in the feels? This is a good place to start.

Mothers are notoriously sentimental. Even us dry, sarcastic Moms will find ourselves a little teary-eyed over the Willow Tree Memory Box.

This item features the stone-carved sculpture that depicts the embrace of a Mother and Daughter that Willow Tree is famous for, atop of a hand-painted wooden box that measures 5.25”d x 3.5”w x 2”h.

It gets better. Brace yourselves.

Inside of this box includes a sentiment that reads: ”Protect and cherish; give wings to fly”.

Right. In. The. Feels.

Why I Love It: This is simply just a beautiful gift that any Mom would absolutely adore from her daughter, and for only $23.95, it most definitely wins the "Sentimental Value" Award indeed. I have been an avid collector of Willow Tree sculptures and figures since my own son was born, and the reason for this is because each sculpture encapsulates the emotion and/or moment that it is meant to portray perfectly. Susan Lordi designed her sculptures to appeal to almost anyone, which is why each figure is purposefully made "faceless". This is so that each will have a unique meaning to each individual who possesses one. They are sweet, simple, yet oh so powerful and as a Mom, I can truly tell you that a Willow Tree Memory Box will carry so much emotional value that your own Mom will treasure it for the rest of her life.

You can check it out here, as well as many other options that Willow Tree has to offer.

Boss Lady Gold Travel Mug by Sweetwater Decor


Is your Mom best known for her ability to do it all no matter what?

Worry not, I got one for this Mom-on-the-go as well!

What better way to let Mom know that she is definitely the Ruler of her Roost than giving her a practical yet stylish travel mug that offers a gentle reminder every time she gets down to business?

This 16oz tumbler is fully insulated to keep her coffee hot and ready as she runs her errands and juggles the daily demands that any Lady Boss can certainly relate to. It boasts a lovely gold lid and hand-written design that leaves no question as to who is running this circus, that's for sure.

If this sounds like your Mom, this might just be the gift that keeps on giving.

Why I Love It: Plain and simple? I am that Mom who is always on the go myself, and I can't tell you how often I am grabbing for the coffee. On the same note, I also wind up wasting a lot of coffee. Why? Because I tend to get so side tracked that I forget about the original coffee that I had made 15 minutes ago that is now cold and yuck. Now that I have my trusty Lady Boss travel mug, this is no longer much of an issue. And really, it just looks chic and sexy as Hell. Shouldn't all Moms own a travel mug that looks and feels just as Boss as they do? Exactly.

You can grab this on Amazon for only $19.99 which is a great price for such a stylish and functional gift item.

Check it out here

Gourmet Chocolate Cookie Gift Box by Barnetts Fine Biscotti


Finally, what would this list be without including the tried and true?

You are very unlikely to fail if you present your Mom with a Gourmet Chocolate Cookie gift box. I mean, let's be real about it: Mom has been hiding her chocolate stash since the time that a lot of us were in diapers. There is little reason to stop now right?

This is glorious, you guys. Included in this beautiful gift box are an assortment of 12 chocolate sandwich cookies in a variety of flavors.

These are made with premium ingredients that are of the highest quality including the very best chocolate toppings and an assortment of nuts.

Are you drooling? Because I am drooling. I won't even try to lie about it.

Another cool bonus to this product is that the folks over at Barnetts will even include a personalized message with your gift box. All you have to do is get in touch with them prior to the item being shipped. Awesome.

Why I Love It: I feel like the word "obviously" would almost do the trick here, but for the sake of transparency, I will expand on that. I love the beautiful box that these cookies are packaged in. I mean, how fancy is that box, right? I actually wound up re-using the box down the road when I was putting together a bridal gift for my cousin and you would be shocked at how many compliments this damn box actually got (bonus points that it still had the faint smell of the original cookies inside of it, so when you opened the lid it was like, aw yissss!). All that I really "changed" was that I added a large, hand-made silk bow and placed it over top of the original company label and voila! Magic.

What can really be said here? These cookies are almost too damn pretty to even eat, but best believe that you won't be able to resist. Once you start? You won't stop. They are freakin' delicious, you guys. I almost want to apologize in advance for the "indulgence guilt" but to be honest, I really can't do that. Why? Because it is totally worth it.

This bounty of win will not only have Mom once again hiding her goody stash, but it will not cause too much harm to your wallet either, as it will only cost you $23.99.

Barnetts offers a variety of products if this particular one isn't much to Mom's tastes (or in the event of a nut allergy). You can see it all here but I will warn you, the temptation to wind up with a pallet's worth of their stuff is strong.

All that I ask is that you don't shoot the messenger, deal? Cool.

The Grand Finale

There you have it! A short list of killer items to bring a smile to Mom's face this Mother's Day that won't totally break the bank.

I know that we all feel that our Moms deserve the whole world at the end of the day, but you don't have to beat yourself up if this is just not a financially feasible option.

The great thing about Mothers is that they appreciate the thought more than anything else, and no matter what you decide on, there is little doubt that she will wind up disappointed. So put some thought into it and find something that is tailored to her individuality.

And always remember: you can never go wrong with chocolate.

Did you like this list? Do you know others who might benefit from this list? Then go ahead and share it! Have a suggestion for a great product that you recommend? Leave it in the comments! I would love hear your thoughts.

Here's to wishing all Mommas a truly wonderful Mother's Day this year, and thank you for everything that you do! You truly do deserve the whole world, of that there is no question.

© 2018 Amber Slater


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    • cursedempath profile imageAUTHOR

      Amber Slater 

      2 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Hi Paula!

      I love your sense of humor, don't worry about that lol! I am very much the same way as you are. I try to make things myself, but unfortunately, my talent does not tend to go as far as I would like in certain aspects haha! So, when all else fails? Keep it cheap but full of love and care. My favorite on this list, admittedly, is the Willow Tree box. I am such a fan of this collection because I feel that you really can't go wrong. I have been a collector forever it seems.

      I would love to hear more about some of the things that you like to make! I bet that they are amazing :)

      Happy to hear from you, and thank you for reading and leaving your insight again!

    • fpherj48 profile image


      2 years ago from Carson City

      Hey!! I heard the name, "Cheapskate," and here I am!! Whether it's Mother's Day, birthdays, any Holiday or special occasion~~I'm a careful & creative shopper-gift-giver-practical-often time gift MAKER! I'm a firm believe in, "It's the Thought that counts!" Sadly, my own dear Mom is long departed, no mother-in-law either.....but I always send special greetings to the very "Special" mothers of my beloved grandchildren. Now, what better gift from a "Writer-Mother-in-law" than a card I create especially for each one of them, complete with my heartfelt opinion of what wonderful Moms I believe they are?? (and I really DO think that)

      I am truly blessed with the most fabulous daughters-in-law & I never let them forget how much I love and appreciate them. Want to know the truth? I couldn't GIVE them diamonds that would please them more than my sentiments!.....Besides.....I'M the one who's suppose to get the Diamonds!!! LMAO....(please try to appreciate my outrageous sense of humor?) Have a great Mother's Day! Paula


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