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5 Unique Gifts for Mom on Mother's Day

Updated on May 4, 2015

Every year Mother's Day comes around and you find yourself doing the same thing – giving her flowers and a card. You might even give her jewelry if you decide to splurge but really this stuff is embarrassingly basic. Stand out from your siblings this year by giving mom a unique gift that will have her remembering why you're her favorite.

1) A gift certificate for a family photo. This is a perfect gift to let your mother know how much you recognize her need to capture family memories through a special photo. A professional photo of the family will always be cherished and your mother will proudly display her photo for years to come. Throw in a photo frame for good measure.

2) A tablet. If your mom doesn't have a tablet already, you really should get her one. You likely won't need to purchase anything too fancy but a little technology can go along way and if she is not terribly savvy with the device, you will be able to spend some quality time teaching her. She will finally be occupied for hours playing Angry Birds.

3) Maid Service. Put some money toward hiring a maid for a few months, someone to come in once a week and clean house for dear mom. Who wouldn't love to be pampered with maid service? This of course is assuming your mother is not accustomed to having maid service. Your mom will know how much you care about her and how much you appreciate her doing all that housework for all those years you were growing up and messing up the entire house.

4) Make something. This might not be an option for everyone but if you know how to knit or crochet, get to work now. If you know how to build something, do it. If you have the time you can do something crafty like put together a collage of pictures. Get creative. Moms absolutely LOVE when their babies make them something because it comes from the heart; it's honest and genuine. You can't go wrong unless of course you lack any and all artistic skills, then you probably need to try something else.

5) Music collections, movies, TV shows, and books or book sets. Everyone knows that moms are always sacrificing for their kids and these types of items are almost never purchased even though deep down they would love to own them. Does your mom have a favorite singer or band? Find a collection or set you can buy for her. Movies that have sequels or TV series can be purchased in sets and if your mom has a favorite, that's your cue to purchase it for her. Books are typically a safe bet and if you want to entertain her this year, pick her up a copy of Surviving Puberty by Chad Bishoff. It will give both of you something to bond over. Other recommendations - Flying Paint Rollers From Heaven by Andy Myers and Judy Blume also has a new book coming out which you can pre-order but in the meantime you can buy her Fudge Box set.

The most important thing is remembering Mother's Day. You know your mom best but perhaps these ideas can be enough to help you start thinking about finding a unique gift that lets your mom know you took the time to add a personal touch.

Moms are typically the most important person in our lives. They do everything for us, and rarely do they get a “thank you.” Whatever you decide to get your mom, she will love it and she will love you for it.


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