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5 Great Electronic Games for Kids

Updated on November 24, 2012

Which Electronics Games for Kids are Good and Affordable? Here are 5 Great Choices

I love electronic games, and I've enjoyed my share over the years as have my kids. Before cellphones were more about apps and entertainment, before every home seemed to have at least one or two computers, there were the days of the old school game consoles. There were also a variety of electronic toys and devices. You'll still find some really worthwhile electronic games in the $20 and under range, and they are great as entertainment alternatives when you just don't have the money for the high tech stuff. Here are some recommendations from a family of 10!

Flash Cubes Games

Flash cubes games are modern interpretations of some older faves. Yahtzee, Scrabble, Boggle and Simon are among the choices. They are perfect for hands-on learners, and they challenge the normal approach to the known games.

Electronic Yahtzee Flash
Electronic Yahtzee Flash

Find each of the Flash Cubes games usually listed at less than $20. Excellent pricing for electronics game options that involve lots of strategy and either memory, number or letter skills.


Most Games and Electronics Games are Great Educational Tools

Perfect for teaching strategy and thinking skills, these games provide immediate feedback and facilitate independent activity.

Bop It Games

Bop It XT
Bop It XT

Bop It games are great for kids who are good with their reflexes. Manual learners thrive as do those with a sense of rhythm. Your kids will appreciate various versions, and they can play solo or competitively. My oldest son loves this game and strives to stay ahead of the bunch.


Find Various Bop It Electronic Game Versions

There are several may want something more difficult for an older child and less intricate for a younger player.

Loopz Electronics Games for Kids

Loopz Game
Loopz Game

Loopz involves moving hands rather than equipment. Your child can work on memory and reflexes with this interactive electronic game, enjoying solo or competitive play.


Handheld Hangman Electronics Games for Kids

Pocket Arcade Electronic Hangman Game
Pocket Arcade Electronic Hangman Game

Work on vocab and spelling skills with this solitaire game. There are lots of handheld electronics games that focus on a single concept while providing reinforcement of verbal or numeral skills.


More Handheld Electronic Games for Children

Tetris Electronics Games for Kids

Big Screen Tetris
Big Screen Tetris

Tetris games are great from a math perspective for emphasizing spatial skills. While it's more about quick reflexes and manual skills, the recognition of shapes and formations translates into better geometry understanding and intuitive experience with flips, rotations and grids.



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