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Romance Films for with your Lover

Updated on December 8, 2012

Valentines Day Ideas

Seeing as its Valentines Day soon and everyones going crazy with articles about Valentines Day gifts, Valentines Day cards and other Valentines Day Ideas, my ideas are strictly film based, I mean what is the one most likely thing the average couple are going to do in the evening? probably have a candle lit meal yes, but also they will be cuddling up to each other at the end of the night and watching the TV. It is cost effective, involves intimacy and emotion, but you are probably going to want to rent one in advance to avoid a last minute rush or there is nothing on the box!

I have searched hubpages and noticed theres only a few hubs relating to this topic, one has 10 asian films for Saint Valentine Day, and the other one has 20 Valentines Day films which include films like Forest Gump and Titanic which everyone has probably already seen lots of times before. They have also included lots of fairly modern cheesy romantic I thought I would just mention a few films that I have actually seen myself, and a variety of different styles from different years.  The films I am going to mention have a general storyline that relates away from romance, with the exception of one or two, but I assume a lot of people are looking for something with a storyline anyway.

Australia (2008)

The plot of this film begins in 1983 when Lady Sarah Ashley(Nicole Kidman) travels from England to Northern Australia to convince her husband to sell his unsteadily functioning cattle station. Her husband sends a freelance cattle drover(Hugh Jackman), who's nickname is 'Drover' to transport her to Faraway Downs which is the location of the ranch. On her arrival, we quickly learn her husband has been murdered, the towns government tells her that it is a Aboriginal senior King George who possesses mystic powers that killed her husband. However cattle manager Neil Fletcher is trying to possess control of Faraway Downs to complete Lesley 'King' Carney's cattle empire in the Northern Territory. Lady Sarah never conceived a child with her husband and becomes infatuated with a young boy 'Nullah'(Brandon Walters) who was born of Aboriginal mother and an anonymous white father. One of my most memorable moments of the movie is when Lady Sarah Ashley sings 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' to comfort the young boy when his mother drowns, he then proceeds to learn this on the harmonica, and its one of the first songs I then learnt on harmonica! it is a prevalent theme during the movie.

Last Tango in Paris(1972)

This is a fairly old film, but they say the oldies are goodies and this film is an Italian production directed by Bernardo Bertolucci. The story tells the life of an American Widower(Marlon Brando) named Paul who meets a young Parisian woman while they are both viewing an apartment they both wish to rent, they begin to have an anonymous sexual relationship in the apartment and Paul expresses that he does not want to reveal to each other their identities, not even names. This story line comes from Bertolucci's sexual fantasy he once dreamed of meeting a beautiful young and nameless woman in the streets and making love to her without ever knowing anything about her. The pair engage in an innocent, passionate relationship without any of the stresses that come with regular couples, Brando even reclines playing a harmonica in this film! flickr flickr

Don Juan DeMarco(1995)

From one Marlon Brando film to another, yet this one is 23 years later and includes actor Johnny Depp as John R. DeMarco who believes that he is the legendary Don Juan, greatest lover the world has ever known. He dresses in a black cape and domino mask and therefore receives psychiatric treatment from Dr Jack Mickler(Brando) to try and cure his delusion and locate the real reason behind his masquerade.The story trys to depict the original story by Lord Byron whilst also views flashbacks from the director Jeremy Leven's modern day short story 'DeMarco and the centerfold', one neurosis which cause John R to adopt Don Juan's identity is the fact he is in reality lonely and becomes infatuated with a centerfold who blows him off. I loved this movie mainly due to every man's desire to master the ability to capture a woman's attention and also Johnny Depp's ability to take on eccentric character's roles.

The Crow(1994)

I believe a lot of you may not consider this film a 'Valentine's Day' film, however it is one of my favourite films and does have a romantic theme, that being a couple who were planning to get married on Halloween until it is disrupt by angry landlords breaking in and raping and murdering Eric Draven's(Brandon Lee) fiance. Eric is a local musician and guitarist and also gets shot and falls from the apartment building window to his death when the landlords break in. A year later to that day, Eric awakes from his grave, clambering from the soil to avenge his girlfriends death. He revisits his old apartment where he discovers it is abandoned and memories of his murder come flooding back, he soon discovers that any wounds afflicted upon him heal rapidly, and a mysterious crow has been following him ever since he left the graveyard. The film proceeds to follow the story of Draven hunting down and killing the gang member's responsible for the crime and end's romantically when his fiance's ghost appears to reassure him she is safe and he is set free from the burden's of his loss.

Hitch (2005)

Finally I thought I would throw in at least one Romantic comedy of recent years, mainly because it includes Big Willie or Will Smith, and I'm sure a lot of people enjoy Will's ease with playing major roles. Anyway, the story line remind's me of something another Black man or Eddie Murphy would play, taking into account his charm and cocky nature with the ladies, however our main character Alex 'Hitch' Hichen's(Will Smith) role as a professional dating guru leads him to coaching other men to have the ideal behaviour when escorting the woman of their dreams on an outing. Whilst out and about on a evening at New York's clubbing scene, Alex spot's one women in distress as a desperate guy refuses to quit his weak chat-up lines and having noticed previously what drink she prefers, Alex follows on to interrupt and rescue her. After extensively using his game on Sarah Melas(Eva Mendes), Alex retrieves her telephone number, quickly falling for her knowing little about the fact she is journalist who is investigating the 'Big Apples' popular 'Love Doctor'.


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